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  1. Hi, Was wondering how you converted CON from D&D to BRP/RQ for Classic Fantasy?

    1. threedeesix



      Sorry, I did not see this come in.

      If its a player character, I simply give them the same CON.

      For a monster, I ignore the D&D Con, and give it a CON based on other similar CF/Mythras creatures. That way, conversions remain balanced with existing monsters.

      Hope that helped.


  2. Spooky! I've just turned 40, I just bought Classic Fantasy from the Chaosium site and first scenario i was planning to run is Keep on the Borderlands! Feeling a little hard done by that the book i paid $16 + for is actually incomplete! Anyway, Rod please do what ever it takes to get Vol 2 & 3 out there as i cant wait to buy them! Kind Regards Stacey
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