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    Played AD & D in my teens, until I moved to London. Not played for a very long time due to lack of time and players, but I'm a keen collector of games, including RQ 2nd and 3rd Edition, Stormbringer (couple of editions whose numbers escape me right now), Original Hawkmoon, As well as lots of GURPS books, FASA Trek, Star*Drive, Space Opera.... the list goes on
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    Working on World and Creature generation for BRP
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    London, UK
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    Mad as a box of frogs

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  1. Damn fumble table - I ended up playing D & D for 4 years because my GM managed to cut his own character in half when we were playtesting RQ combat - in the first round....
  2. Ah, but is it useful for a Pacific Rim Sim?
  3. One of the great joys of my life is when discussions like this get technical I hated the Byrne reboot - the art, the story, all of it - the origin was told far better in 'Birthright' (otherwise known as 'how to make a REALLY good Superman story') ... and if I found the right file, using Atgxtg's doubling progression, Earth is Siz: 620 (approx)
  4. I'd have to admit my collection is a little more wide ranging, though it does include several editions of CoC, RQ II & III, Stormbringer (including the Corum sourcebook ), Superworld Creature books from several systems including MRQ - Loads of GURPS worldbooks, Classic first edition AD & D, Golden Heroes, Star Frontier etc etc... (am I showing my age? lol) I've found the best place for them is 40cm wide shelving units from IKEA (Billy I think) - sturdy, no bowing, protects the more venerable books nicely To Dreadnought, I'd suggest CoC Japan and Malleus Monstrorum - both excellent additions to any collection
  5. True - Mustn't grumble lol All that database/spreadsheet stuff we did helped me get my new job too, methinks Ahem - sorry When we say 'Mass produced', Atgxtg means we applied sound scientific and mathematical principles (well, it was HIS math and science almost entirely - I just did the storage, coding and data entry )
  6. Don't feel bad Seneschal... I've worked with Atgxtg on a major project for the last year or so and I STILL get confused when he gets all Math-y
  7. I love the TV show and am in the process of reading the books - and I think the suitability of BRP is high, based on the lethality of combat in the game AND the show... off the top of my head I think its a good fit
  8. I think keeping schtum would be the best approach - discretion being the better part of valour... and of cowardice
  9. Ah, the Lensmen series - I have an old and rather battered copy of Gurps Lensmen, and its starkly* brilliant, in a pleasantly old-fashioned and nostalgic way... cool aliens too And regarding the Monkey King (and yes, I'm of an age where I have nostalgic feelings about the TV show 'Monkey' as well), I've been trying to find a good eBook copy of 'Journey to the West' online... my colleague at work is of chinese descent, and has been introducing me to aspects of chinese culture between work items... As an aside, NEVER mention the TV show 'Monkey' to a Chinese person ... it was made in Japan (oh, the earache I got for that one) * Anyone who has read a copy of GURPS Lensmen will know why I used that particular word
  10. I played in a similar game at a Con once... weirdly, as a soft southern shandy-drinking B*****d I ended up playing Lister, the bluff northerner in the group ended up as Kryten, and our extra player ended up as 'Bob the skutter' .... didn't do much but crawl around behind the players, leaving the occasional note saying 'Death to the Fleshy Oppressor'...
  11. Perhaps this is the wave of the future... remote gamers playing virtually... While a virtual group is way better than no group at all (and I do like the idea of having a global gaming group), I always enjoyed the face to face interaction of sitting round a table... that being said, I found and courted my wife on Facebook, so I can't criticise ...
  12. There IS such a thing as sticking too closely to the rules It reminds me of a discussion I once had at school (far too far in the distant past for me to think about): Me: (Noting my friend had a sticking plaster on his ear) How did you hurt your ear? Him: I bit it by accident Me: How did you manage that? Him: I stood on a chair
  13. Zomben, your story pretty much explains why my old DM, who was ever in search of a 'better' role-playing system (better than AD & D), only tried RQ ONCE... In his first combat, he apparently cut himself in half in the first round, so that was the end of that idea
  14. Yob-Soddoth probably... who's arrival is heralded by the chant 'YerWhatYerWhatYerWhatYerWhatYerWhatYerWhat' (with profound apologies to Sir Terry Pratchett) I seem to remember he was a priest of Yog-Sothoth or maybe Azathoth.... sadly my Lovecraft Encyclopedia is buried under a heap of other gaming materials and I'm too tired to find it right now... Big thank you to Daniel Harms for producing all three editions of that wonderful tome, btw
  15. Er...no... I don't think we could find a 'Save versus being crushed to death by a 1000 ton statue falling from 3000 feet'...Bend Bars/Lift Gates just didn't seem to cut it...it wasn't technically death magic, though it was just as effective... Plus I think even I found it so funny that I didn't protest.... and my PC was subsequently used as the God of Magic in a setting we developed afterwards
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