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    Author of 'BRP Rome', editor and co-author of 'Veni Vidi Vici'. Co-writer/designer of RuneQuest 2 (MRQ2). Co-developer of Mongoose's Elric of Melnibone magic system, co-writer of 'Magic of the Young Kingdoms' and contributor to 'Elric of Melnibone Companion'. Member of the Gwenthia Design Mechanism, and writer of the Gwenthian Magic System, 'Book of the Iqari' and 'Book of the She-eth'. Unofficial proofreader, historical editor and scenario idea contributor for other games; including several Mongoose and Alephtar books, Japanese RPGs, and a Hawkmoon Freeform...
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    Many and varied, but most of my campaigns are BRP/MRQ based. Currently playing in a Gloranthan Campaign set in Giraine, and a Savage Worlds fantasy campaign. Not running anything as working full time for Mongoose leaves me with little free time.
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    Boden, Sweden - just below the Arctic Circle!
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    A mad Englishman now living in Sweden, I'm a die-hard roleplayer who started with D&D in the early eighties, but soon diversified into Traveller and RQ when they eventually arrived in my local game shop in Colchester. I've played most systems up until about five years ago, when the proliferation of independent games overcame my free time!

    Also a lifelong student of various martial arts; I am a royal peer & knight in the SCA. More importantly I also study historical European fighting manuals from the middle ages and early Renascence in an attempt to diversify my weapon skills over and above my original unarmed combat training.

    Happily married, I now have two young children which significantly cuts into my belated writing time. My northerly location is now forcing me to learn cross-country skiing, and I still haven't got used to walking about on sea ice. But the Northern Lights are well worth the move!

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  1. As Raleel says, there is no such thing as Spirit Combat 'Size' when parrying. As it stands, a successful parry blocks all damage. You could come up with your own house rule to mimic attack-parry size based on the comparative Intensity of the spirits involved, but it would make spirits of Intensity 4 and above exceedingly dangerous to player characters.
  2. The Mythras Bundle launches Monday, 16 April at 2pm Eastern Standard time (GMT -4) at the Bundle of Holding site ( http://bundleofholding.com/presents/Mythras). The offer ends at 10pm Eastern Standard time Monday, May 7. Our nominated charity is the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( https://www.eff.org ). We’ve lined-up an exceptional bundle, designed to give you everything needed to immerse yourself in Mythras and and its settings. The bundle comes in a Starter Collection, which gives you the Core and Imperative rules, plus Classic Fantasy, for dunegoneering adventures; and the Bonus collection, which adds two of our Mythic Earth books, plus three Classic Fantasy adventure modules! The collections look like this: Starter Collection (US$14.95 - retail value $47) Mythras core rulebook ($15) Mythras Imperative (free) Classic Fantasy ($20) Three Mythras adventures A Gift From Shamash ($4) Xamoxis' Cleansing ($4) Madness & Other Colours ($4) Bonus Collection (threshold starts at $24.95 - retail value $52) Mythic Britain ($18) Mythic Britain Companion ($5) Mythic Rome ($14) Mythic Rome Maps (PWYW) Three Classic Fantasy adventures M1 The Terror of Ettinmarsh ($5) G1 These Violent Delights ($5) N1 Tomb of the Mad Wizard ($5) How it works is simple. The customer can pay any price (minimum $14.95) to get all the titles in the Starter Collection. If you pay more than the threshold(average) price, which is set at $24.95 to start, you also get all the bonus titles. When a title is added after launch, all customers who previously purchased the bundle automatically receive the newly added title, regardless of whether or not they paid higher than average. This is their reward for buying early. So if you’ve never tried Mythras before, or only tried some of the books, there’s never been a better time to start. Not only do you get at least 7 terrific PDFs at an unbeatable price, for just $10, you can expand your collection to include the acclaimed Mythic Britain and Mythic Rome titles, and three excellent Classic Fantasy adventures! Plus, you’re contributing to a very worthwhile cause at the same time. So don’t delay - get your bundle early, and tell your friends! Lawrence Whitaker The Design Mechanism http://thedesignmechanism.com
  3. It is there to provide an alternate option for GMs creating schools of Mysticism (depending on the power level or campaign setting), and to also sync with the Creature Abilities.
  4. I've been working on my own little project on these lines. You seem to have picked me to the post however...
  5. Looks like they digitised the information of the physical copy I have and placed it online for free!
  6. It is extremely difficult to find city maps of Republican Rome. The best one I possess is from a specialised archaeological journal covering the Augustan period (so after the Republic has fallen), and whilst the detail of the map itself is still sparse, the 275 page catalogue of entries which accompanies it contained some fascinating details. However, its pretty dry and dense for those not grounded in academic publications. For those who are interested and can afford such things, it is Supplement 50 available from the Journal of Roman Archaeology. (http://www.journalofromanarch.com/)
  7. When I'm at the top of my game I can reduce that to 5cm.
  8. There's also the fact that the foe can always ward unprotected or previously injured locations with their weapon or shield... and with the new Special Effect of Prepare Counter, the foe can sucker attackers who are too predictable.
  9. Its great until your 10th shot and need to replace your heat eroded barrel at the mere cost of $5 million.
  10. Its a straight conversion from Paolo's excellent BRP version to Mythras. So other than rules changes there's no new information... but it does come as a hardback and the pdf is fully indexed and hyperlinked.
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