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  1. As Raleel says, there is no such thing as Spirit Combat 'Size' when parrying. As it stands, a successful parry blocks all damage. You could come up with your own house rule to mimic attack-parry size based on the comparative Intensity of the spirits involved, but it would make spirits of Intensity 4 and above exceedingly dangerous to player characters.
  2. The Mythras Bundle launches Monday, 16 April at 2pm Eastern Standard time (GMT -4) at the Bundle of Holding site ( http://bundleofholding.com/presents/Mythras). The offer ends at 10pm Eastern Standard time Monday, May 7. Our nominated charity is the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( https://www.eff.org ). We’ve lined-up an exceptional bundle, designed to give you everything needed to immerse yourself in Mythras and and its settings. The bundle comes in a Starter Collection, which gives you the Core and Imperative rules, plus Classic Fantasy, for dunegoneering adventures; and the
  3. It is there to provide an alternate option for GMs creating schools of Mysticism (depending on the power level or campaign setting), and to also sync with the Creature Abilities.
  4. I've been working on my own little project on these lines. You seem to have picked me to the post however...
  5. Looks like they digitised the information of the physical copy I have and placed it online for free!
  6. It is extremely difficult to find city maps of Republican Rome. The best one I possess is from a specialised archaeological journal covering the Augustan period (so after the Republic has fallen), and whilst the detail of the map itself is still sparse, the 275 page catalogue of entries which accompanies it contained some fascinating details. However, its pretty dry and dense for those not grounded in academic publications. For those who are interested and can afford such things, it is Supplement 50 available from the Journal of Roman Archaeology. (http://www.journalofromanarch.com/)
  7. When I'm at the top of my game I can reduce that to 5cm.
  8. There's also the fact that the foe can always ward unprotected or previously injured locations with their weapon or shield... and with the new Special Effect of Prepare Counter, the foe can sucker attackers who are too predictable.
  9. Its great until your 10th shot and need to replace your heat eroded barrel at the mere cost of $5 million.
  10. Its a straight conversion from Paolo's excellent BRP version to Mythras. So other than rules changes there's no new information... but it does come as a hardback and the pdf is fully indexed and hyperlinked.
  11. If you could somehow get your hands on a copy of RQ6:AiG, it contains all the converted Rune Spells and Battle/Spirit/Folk Magic from every official Gloranthan supplement. Which would save you an awful lot of work...
  12. Um, I did actually point that out in my post, and included two other examples concerning RQ3 which contradicted your original observation.
  13. Sorry to interject Jeff, but our version followed the Chaosium tradition and only said 'RuneQuest' on the front cover. The words '6th Edition' were placed at the bottom of the spine, unlike the Games Workshop versions which placed 'Third Edition' on the front cover, or even the AH box set which placed 'Delux Edition' on the front. I know everyone simply calls it RQ6 and understandably so, yet the cover title of our version was always RuneQuest, not RuneQuest 6.
  14. I would counter-argue that armour, even minimal armour was absolutely a result of economics and functionality, rather than an attempt to look awesome. For example, the trefoil, round and square pectorals of the Latins, Samnites, Volsci and others were used from Villanovan times to the mid Roman Republic. They were definitely functional, despite lacking full coverage. Beyond simple tradition they were limited in size for a multitude of reasons: Firstly, bronze armour at the time was expensive, so making a full size cuirass would have often been beyond the means of tribes and towns con
  15. No, it is a straight adaptation. Expanding the time period would expand the page count massively, and confuse the book's focus.
  16. Whilst the GM and his setting can foster certain directions for development, skill improvement in RQ6 is ultimately based on the focus of the players. Loz has just returned from our annual PeteCon over here, where he ran a RQ6 campaign set in Tudor England. Over the course of seven days we had just a single fight with weapons (the 2nd only involved lots of shouting and a thrown water jug) and the most outstanding skills used in play were Art, Glassblowing and Blacksmithing - which were all increased by the respective players, despite only three chances for skill improvement during the wee
  17. Well, you have to remember that TSGB was originally written for D&D, where lots and lots of killing is the done thing. Does a S&S campaign mean that you must kill everything in the most brutal efficient way possible? Well going by the Conan tales themselves, it actually is not. Conan is often captured - either by being disarmed or knocked unconscious - so if killing was the best option, he would have died very early into his career. Now you would rightly point out that Conan is the protagonist of a series of stories, so he cannot be killed when he loses. Yet the tales themselves p
  18. Mutated human. After several random rolls I ended up with thick reptilian skin, some sort of radiation resistance and could breathe fire once per day. Called myself Zillar...
  19. I played in an RQ6 Mutant campaign, I didn't run it. However, all we really did was create RQ6 characters from scratch with some more modern professional skills and used the Mutant source books as is. Anything which didn't translate smoothly, we created off the cuff. Oh, the RQ6 firearms rules were pretty heavily tapped too.
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