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  1. Hi all. * Version 2.0 of the application is finished (I hope to continue improving it) ***** - Includes over 210 sounds and music. ***** - The sounds are divided into nine categories, *********** * Background Music *********** * Ambient Sounds *********** * Sounds of Animals *********** * Sounds Terror *********** * Human Sounds *********** * Sounds in buildings *********** * Sounds of Transportation *********** * Sounds of weapons *********** * Tracks. * ***** - It allows use in landscape ***** - You can play 5 simultaneous sounds by category ***** - It has the ability to turn on each repetition of sounds. * Greetings.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm a new member. I created a tool to acclimate roleplaying games and board games, mainly thinking about The call of Cthulhu. I designed it for android and is available in the Android Market for 85 cents. I think It's worth, has over 140 sounds and music and can play multiple sounds simultaneously (now 3 but the next version let me play 5). I have used it several times, and the players think is a good tool. Being the first version of the application I'm happy with the result. It certainly can be improved there and I'm working on it, adding more and better sounds The application link this: Cthulhu`s Sounds Greetings.
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