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  1. jean

    is This Fay Jee?

    Indeed, it could be Fay Jee burning its ennemies.
  2. I really like Blood over Gold. It's outside of Sartar or Prax, but it is near enough to be somewhat familiar.
  3. A side question. Once Harrek is dead, what will the group do with his white bear skin? Such a powerful artefact can certainly be put to good use to restore peace in Glorantha. Who will be strong enough to put on this mantle?
  4. I have a question about the re-release of WBRM. Will it use the Dragon Pass rules?
  5. In Mythras, you take the creature's CON+SIZ as basis In each location that is comparable to a human's arm the HP are ((basis / 5) - 1) (minimum 1) In each location that is comparable to a humans' leg (or head) the HP are (basis/5) in each location that is comparable to a human's abdomen the HP are (basis/5)+1 In each location that is comparable to a human's chest the HP are (basis5)+2 In BRP, you take the creature's (CON+SIZ)/2 as basis In each location that is comparable to a human's arm the HP are 0.25 * basis In each location that is comparable to a
  6. After thinking about it, I'd treat it like a dragon's breath. The chance to hit for the dragonewt is its score in draconic lore. A dodge -20 (it is an area attack after all) allows to avoid being in the cone and to remain standing, a jump allows to avoid the cone but the target ends prone. Jean
  7. For the record, on august 3rd 1914, Germany declared war to France
  8. I can help for Urge and Hubris Urge is a rating like the psi rating. When a psyker breaks a social taboo he has a chance to increase his urge rating. When a pskyker does penance he has a chance to decrease his urge rating. The Urge is the psyker's evil twin, his guilty soul. It is usually dormant, but is is awakened when the psyker fumbles a psionic power or when he uses it to replace a psi skill. The awakened Urge can try to steer the psyker toward actions that will increase the Urge potency. Hubris is a rating like the theurgy rating. The mechanism f
  9. Mythic Iceland is compatible with RQIII. The main difference is the magic system. In Mythic Iceland there is a description of rune magic. I think that you can use both supplements together.
  10. Like many others, I would like to express my condolences to Greg's family and to his friends. Jean
  11. Thanks, I'll have to read again "the eleven lights"
  12. I found some more products 8307 MRQ2 The Hoffman Legacy (for Deus Vult) I think it was pdf only Some products were sold as MRQ2 but Legend compatible 6195 MRQ2 Age Of Treason : The Iron Simulacrum 8316 MRQ2 Age Of Treason : The Iron Companion 20100 Wraith Recon 20102 Wraith Recon Spellcom Jean
  13. jean

    Soul Winds

    I was unclear in my answers The soul wind is a power of the shaman counter in the Nomad Gods boardgame. Since I haven't played it since a long time, my memory is hazy. I checked if the power had been translated from unit level to character level. It was done for MRQ2 I think that this power will appear someday in the new runequest.
  14. jean

    Soul Winds

    after some searches it is described in cult of Glorantha for MRQ2 page 47 It is a high magic of Horned Man
  15. jean

    Soul Winds

    The soul wind is a power of shamans in the boardgame Nomad Gods With that power the shaman can destroy units in a straight line from his position. I don't remember much more.
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