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  1. jean

    Will it work with RQ III?

    Mythic Iceland is compatible with RQIII. The main difference is the magic system. In Mythic Iceland there is a description of rune magic. I think that you can use both supplements together.
  2. jean

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    Like many others, I would like to express my condolences to Greg's family and to his friends. Jean
  3. jean

    Mini Scenario

    Thanks, I'll have to read again "the eleven lights"
  4. jean

    MiG’s Alive!

    I found some more products 8307 MRQ2 The Hoffman Legacy (for Deus Vult) I think it was pdf only Some products were sold as MRQ2 but Legend compatible 6195 MRQ2 Age Of Treason : The Iron Simulacrum 8316 MRQ2 Age Of Treason : The Iron Companion 20100 Wraith Recon 20102 Wraith Recon Spellcom Jean
  5. jean

    Soul Winds

    I was unclear in my answers The soul wind is a power of the shaman counter in the Nomad Gods boardgame. Since I haven't played it since a long time, my memory is hazy. I checked if the power had been translated from unit level to character level. It was done for MRQ2 I think that this power will appear someday in the new runequest.
  6. jean

    Soul Winds

    after some searches it is described in cult of Glorantha for MRQ2 page 47 It is a high magic of Horned Man
  7. jean

    Soul Winds

    The soul wind is a power of shamans in the boardgame Nomad Gods With that power the shaman can destroy units in a straight line from his position. I don't remember much more.
  8. jean

    Phalanx Warfare

    I was confused by the typo. Thank you for your answer
  9. jean

    The SRD is ready for download!

    In chapter 7 (Creatures) there are many instances where meleé is written instead of melée The lion entry has even meleémeleé
  10. jean

    Plunder! Item Submissions

    Name The Goddess' Gift Description:a piece of moon rock Cults: ALLIED the crater makers; NEUTRAL the chaos cults; HOSTILE the other lunar cults; ENNEMY all the others Knowledge: Few, but spreading History: The crater makers regiment has the power to hurl stones from the Red Moon (a Meteor Storm). The by-products are moon rocks, and because the targeted peoples suffered greatly ghosts, wraiths and passion spirits. A junior member of the regiment discovered that some of these moon-stones have power on the spirits created by the blast. Procedure: Around 1% of the moon rocks are special. To find the special stones, one has to sift through the remains of a Meteor Storm while using magical sight. The special stones are those that show a small flickering figure within their glow. There is a link between the spirit and the stone. Powers: The summoning of the linked spirit is easy, and if the stone is used as a binding enchantment, the ritual costs 1 less POW (minimum 1 POW) Value: At least as much as a binding enchantment.
  11. jean

    Phalanx Warfare

    I may have missed something. I have seen orders to go from open order to close order, but no order to go from close order to open order. Am I right?
  12. jean

    Rules question - Aug Activation

    My understanding is that it can be increased like any other skill. I think it begins at POWx3 so that the players don't forget to put points in it (others skills begin at char1+char2).
  13. jean

    Any Limit to Philosopher's Stones?

    There is no theoretical limit to the size of a philosopher's stone. There is a practical limit tied to the skill and endurance of the alchemist. The reason why is explained p220 of the rule book
  14. You could have a sensibly planned colony beset by accidents. The ultra modern orbital factory was struck by an asteroid, the vessel carrying the vehicles landed on the wrong landmass ... You have colonists who have technological knowledge but who have to build their technological infrastructure from scratch.
  15. jean

    Fixing Blood Tide

    We are supposed to compute the sailing speed in function of the amount of sails deployed. I have never found where it is explained. Is it hidden in plain sight somewhere, or did I miss it ? Jean