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  1. 235 downloads

    A few bronze golems, recently used in our campaign, offered on the off chance that someone else may find them useful. In Rich Text Format
  2. Dark Light Cost: 1 Point Duration: Episode This spell is like a Light spell, except that the light it creates is only visible to the caster and anyone in Mind Link with him. Others are left still in the dark. Digest Scroll I, III Cost: 1 Point Duration: Until One Scroll Has Been Eaten and Digested This spell allows the caster to eat a scroll, reducing the time needed to read it to the time needed to eat it. This spell also allows the caster to roll twice on each roll to read the scroll, and take the better result. Digest Scroll III gives the best of three rolls, and allows the ca
  3. Hi, The question here is, what groups have problems that BRP answers and other systems do not? After all, one someone has learned D&D, why should they pay the costs involved in learning a new system? If you're in a group with mostly power gamers and butt kickers it is not clear that switching to a more realistic set of rules will be worth the cost of learning those rules. If anything, having a lot of the decisions made for the players by the class and level system, and having a clearly defined scenario - go into a dugngeon kill some things grab some loot and get out, may make D&
  4. Hi, First started with RQ, before the first edition, back in 1976-77. That was a long time ago. Ray,
  5. 269 downloads

    This is a bunch of inexperienced orks, useful as enemies early in a campaign. There are 12 ork slingers, 6 orks with 2 handed spears, and 6 Great orks with 2 handed clubs. You don't have to use them all, the idea was to have enough to give most groups of players characters an interesting fight. They are not worshippers of gods, necessarily, they may get their divine spells from demons. Hope they are useful. Ray,
  6. Hi, It's worth thinking a bit about the issue of why divine magic was one use. Divine Magic was one use for initiates to make priesthood a magical equivalent of rune lordship, creating a system in which priests were a lot better than initiates. In effect, it was assumed that most divine spells would be cast by priests. Having noticed that this did not work in RQ, in my new system I created multiple levels of divine magic, with some generic divine spells available to initiates and some better divine spells reserved for acolytes and above. Other people did other things. A lot of
  7. 247 downloads

    Pretty much what the name implies. They are fairly high level, and weapon skills should be cut down and magic reduced if they are more powerful than the player characters. There are 4 squads, the first page having one squad Large Shield, Javelin and Sword armed plus one squad armed with the two handed spear and the second page having a squad of archers and a squad of two handed spear users. The format is rtf to make them easy to modify.
  8. Hi, His remark seemed to me to be reasonable, if tactless. Print is more costly to produce, though it is easier to read from cover to cover. I assume they are using the PDF sales to determine whether it would be profitable to produce a print run. If you buy a PDF when you would rather have a printed version, then don't buy the printed version, you reduce the number of printed copies that will be sold for a given number of PDF's produced. If you wait for the print version, it may never arrive. Buying the PDF and then having it printed at a local printshop doesn't get you out of p
  9. Downloads: A new file has been added by raymond_turney: Fire and Sword Fourth Edition with some typos corrected Hi, A version of Fourth Edition with some typos corrected. Ray,
  10. 284 downloads

    A few types of birds used as allied spirits by sorcerers. Written by Morgan Conrad, posted by Ray Turney.
  11. Hi, Just added Fire and Sword fourth edition. It is a lot like third edition, but fixes the problems noticed by readers here, and adds a variety of additional points - virtue points, vice points and prowess points, to track character actionas and their effects on reputation. The new table for the prices of things has been incorporated into fourth edition, Enjoy, Ray,
  12. Hi, Have produced an improved price list of commonly used items in Fire and Sword, and post it in both PDF and RTF format in the files section. This will probably be in Fourth Edition, after some revision, but it seemed like it might be useful to other now. Use the PDF if you want it to look nice, use the RTF if you want to add items. If problems are found, please post a comment here so I can fix them. If you want more items added to the list, please tell me and I will be happy to do that. Note: the price list includes both a price to buy the item and an FTE level at which it
  13. 289 downloads

    Hi, This is the Rich Text Version of the new Fire and Sword Item price tables. Use this if you want to add items to the price list for your campaign. It has three columns, the name of the item, the cost to buy out of adventuring funds, and the FTE level at which each item may simply be assumed to be available. If you notice any problems, please comment in the section where Fire and Sword rules are discussed so that they can be fixed. Thanks, Ray,
  14. 410 downloads

    Hi, This is an expanded table, in PDF format, of ordinary items and their prices in Fire and Sword. It will be included in the next edition of Fire and Sword, but is being posted here on the off chance that some people will find it useful. If you have an issues, please metion them in the comment section of this web site, so that the table can be imporved. There are three columns, the name of each item, the cost to buy one from funds earned on a campaign, and the FTE level at which it can just be assumed that a character has one. Hope you find this useful. Ray,
  15. Hi, Thanks to Tywyll for finding the issues in the preceding post. Did anyone else find any problems with Fire and Sword that need to be fixed in the next version. Thanks, Ray,
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