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  1. 234 downloads

    A few bronze golems, recently used in our campaign, offered on the off chance that someone else may find them useful. In Rich Text Format
  2. 269 downloads

    This is a bunch of inexperienced orks, useful as enemies early in a campaign. There are 12 ork slingers, 6 orks with 2 handed spears, and 6 Great orks with 2 handed clubs. You don't have to use them all, the idea was to have enough to give most groups of players characters an interesting fight. They are not worshippers of gods, necessarily, they may get their divine spells from demons. Hope they are useful. Ray,
  3. 247 downloads

    Pretty much what the name implies. They are fairly high level, and weapon skills should be cut down and magic reduced if they are more powerful than the player characters. There are 4 squads, the first page having one squad Large Shield, Javelin and Sword armed plus one squad armed with the two handed spear and the second page having a squad of archers and a squad of two handed spear users. The format is rtf to make them easy to modify.
  4. 283 downloads

    A few types of birds used as allied spirits by sorcerers. Written by Morgan Conrad, posted by Ray Turney.
  5. 287 downloads

    Hi, This is the Rich Text Version of the new Fire and Sword Item price tables. Use this if you want to add items to the price list for your campaign. It has three columns, the name of the item, the cost to buy out of adventuring funds, and the FTE level at which each item may simply be assumed to be available. If you notice any problems, please comment in the section where Fire and Sword rules are discussed so that they can be fixed. Thanks, Ray,
  6. 407 downloads

    Hi, This is an expanded table, in PDF format, of ordinary items and their prices in Fire and Sword. It will be included in the next edition of Fire and Sword, but is being posted here on the off chance that some people will find it useful. If you have an issues, please metion them in the comment section of this web site, so that the table can be imporved. There are three columns, the name of each item, the cost to buy one from funds earned on a campaign, and the FTE level at which it can just be assumed that a character has one. Hope you find this useful. Ray,
  7. 475 downloads

    Combat Tables extracted from Fire and Sword Fourth Edition, including lastest rewrite of Attack Empahasis and Parry Emphasis
  8. 237 downloads

    This is a flyer intended to be posted or distributed at gaming cons if you are demoing Fire and Sword. I had to make it up for a game at Dundracon. Having done so, it seemed appropriate to make it available to others.
  9. 441 downloads

    This is the second version of the City of Tishrei setting description for Fire and Sword. It is about twice the length of the first, and includes more info on how the city fits into the world around it, three nobles houses, a couple of other new institutions, etc. This is the rtf version. Get it if you want to customize the institutions here for use in your campaign.
  10. 804 downloads

    This is a short commentary on the design choices made in Fire and Sword. It explains why I made them, and what alternatives I saw. It is intended for game designers. game masters and those interested in the design of Fire and Sword. You do not need to read this to play the game. On the other hand, if you are a GM adapting Fire and Sword to your purposes, or want to interpret the rules in accordance with the intent of the designer, it may be helpful.
  11. 396 downloads

    Explanation of why there are so many types of characters sheets, and the character sheets themselves, in rtf format.
  12. 789 downloads

    Explanation of why there are so many types of character sheets, and all the Fire and Sword character sheets themselves, in one easy to print pdf.
  13. Hi Raymond! I've worked a bit on a Fire and Sword page now: Basic Roleplaying Central. Anything you would like to have changed? There a lot of f&s character sheet in the download section - do you have a "blank" one that we could use? One that would fit for all characters? Also, the combat tables, is it possible to have it shrunk to 2 pages only? That would be better for printing as one double-printed sheet would be enough. We can edit to link counters so they correspond with the numbers in the download section before making the final move. I plan to create a new "download" page that would link to the fire and sword page, and move stuff from the current download section into either the wiki or the new download page (depending on size and format). Cheers, Sverre.

  14. 1,493 downloads

    Fire and Sword Short Version This is a short introduction to Fire and Sword. It covers the basic things a player should learn first, such as the structure of the game, what dice to roll, etc. The idea is that a player who reads this knows enough to start playing, It was written by a GM who had to introduce new players to the game.
  15. 514 downloads

    Same as 1.1 except that "will" use rules are longer and clearer, and some grammatical problems have been fixed. This is also in PDF format.
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