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  1. This depends on whether RPG rules are primarily works of art or documents describing techniques. It's clear that they are both. As writing, RQ II still has a fair amount of appeal to people {you can tell this because it is still discussed on boards like this one}. On the other hand, a lot of ideas in game design have been tried since then, and some of the game design ideas that have been tried since are more effective than the ideas in RQ II. I'd say either BRP or Mongoose RQ have some rules techniques that are better for most purposes than some of the ones in RQ II, but I'm not sure eit
  2. Hi The Fire and Sword Combat Procedure and tables have been extracted from the main 2nd Edition rules, and uploaded to the rules section, here. The idea is that it is much easier to print off 3 pages of tables than the entire rules set. So you can have several copies of the combat tables on hand when playing, and if you're like us, not be able to find any of them:-). Ray,
  3. Hi, The 2nd edition of the Fire and Sword rules has been released. It can be found at this site, here It features bug fixes, rules clarifications, additions to cover situations not dealt with in the first edition, a complete rewrite of the Spirit and Shamanism rules, new spells and monsters, etc. If you liked the idea of Fire and Sword, but found it had too many problems, or didn't cover enough, you might want to look at it again. If you're using Fire and Sword, the new version is much better than the old, so you should consider downloading the 2nd Edition and switching to it.
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    Fire and Sword Short Version This is a short introduction to Fire and Sword. It covers the basic things a player should learn first, such as the structure of the game, what dice to roll, etc. The idea is that a player who reads this knows enough to start playing, It was written by a GM who had to introduce new players to the game.
  5. Hi, I can see several situations where personality trait rules might be useful. a) For semi-PC's. Our campaign has several characters who have names and may be developing personalities who are not full player characters. Personality rules provide a rough and ready way for the GM to prevent these characters from being sacrificed to benefit primary PC's. As a way to determine the award of reputation points. In Fire and Sword, a character's standing in an institution is determined by what he or she has done for the institution, and the extent to which a characters exemplifies the v
  6. Hi, The issue here is, how detailed should your combat system model be? I figure characters pretty much always use all of the combat tricks they know, so it is reasonable to just factor them in to skill levels On the other hand, I can see coming up with a limited list of combat tricks and using the results of tricks picked to modify relative skills. Something like Empires in Arms combat, where if you pick echelon and the enemy picks ... by picking the right trick you get a big edge on the combat chart The big reason I did not go for that in designing Fire and Sword is that I wante
  7. Hi, Does anyone know how gaming is doing in India? As India liberalizes and becomes more prosperous, there should be more people with time to game. They are not yet as rich, on the average, as we in the US and Great Britain are. So everyone might not have signed up for World of Warcraft. Many Indians {about 200 million, I think} are literate in English. There is no obvious reason to assume that the percentage of Indians literate in English who might take an interest in RPG's if exposed to them is any lower than the percentage of US citizens or British subjects who have taken an inter
  8. As a guy who remembers that he was not too happy in the late 1970's and early 1980's, it is hard for me to get into the frame of mind to appreciate this thread. Yes, the old way of doing things is dying, but a more dispersed system based mostly on PDF's is not exactly a disaster. PDF's are cheaper. If a game becomes popular enough, low cost print on demand makes small print runs attractive as a sideline business, so someone will print copies on demand. From a strictly consumer viewpoint, it is hard to bemoan the replacement of TSR and Gary Gygax by a combination of WoW and a lot of intern
  9. Hi, Have uploaded a "Fire and Sword: the Short Version" PDF in the Systems section. It covers the basic things a player should learn first, such as the structure of the game, what dice to roll, etc. The idea is that a player who reads this knows enough to start playing fairly quickly. He or she can learn the details of the system later It was written by a GM who had to introduce new players to the game. Ray
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    Same as 1.1 except that "will" use rules are longer and clearer, and some grammatical problems have been fixed. This is also in PDF format.
  11. Worlds which don't require rights: a) Three Kingdoms {Chinese classic} Ramayana {Indian} Recent F&SF , will require rights Kylara Vatta series {Elizabeth Moon} Harry Dresden {Jim Butcher} Peshawar Lancers {S.M. Stirling} Ray
  12. Hi, My condolences Jason. Authors are going to feel unappreciated and under-compensated. They are going to get a lot of criticism by fans who haven't dealt with putting out a game; misunderstand design objectives; ungratefully insist that the author should have written the game that is in their heads, assume that draft copies of the rules are final, etc. In short, fans are human beings, and your human being leaves a lot to be desired. On the other hand, in this load of {expletive deleted} some of the criticism will be useful. Like editing or code review, the process usually impro
  13. Hi, So Greg was willing to admit that MRQ was to a substantial extent a copyright dodge? He lawyer really should talk to him ... In any event, Mongoose Rune Quest seems to be a substantially different game from RQ II or RQ III. I suspect that the authors of Mongoose RQ were more ambitious than just wanting to produce the same old RQ in different words. I don't see Greg licensing Glorantha back to Chaosium. First of all, he is right to claim that BRP {and for that matter RQ} are not particularly good systems for running Greg's vision of Glorantha, to the extent that he has a clear v
  14. Hi, The issue of "balance" depends mostly on who your players are and why they play the game. Also, what the characters do. We are all agreed that it is important that the players have fun. Some players are very competitive and want to be heroes all the time. If a player derives most of his enjoyment from being the center of the game in combat, and having the best optimized character, it is very important that his character be "balanced" relative to the others. It is particularly important if you have two or more competitive players. Other players, oddly enough, actually like weak c
  15. Hi, Have come up with rules for Legendary/Hero Quests {Jason and the Argonauts type stuff}. They are for Fire and Sword, but should be easily adaptable to BRPstyle systems. They are in RTF format, in the downloads section under rules. Hope they are useful, Ray,
  16. There are some issues that have not been mentioned. One is that a group of individually optimized characters can be collectively weaker than non-optimized characters. I remember once in Greg's campaign playtesting Griffin Mountain, we had a large group of about 25 mostly rune levels. My characters were two followers of a Yelmalion rune lord. For reasons that I have forgotten, we split the party. The group on the opposite side of the river was attacked at night by trolls. They were Orlanthi and Humakhti and turned out not to have any light spells {oops}. I can see how that would come
  17. I've found that it is important to vary the threats characters face, and the things threatened. This does two things: it prevents characters from being optimized to face known threats; and it insures that characters with different skill sets will profit from working together. It also avoids boredom setting in, when the PC's have figured out there tactical doctrine and pretty do the same thing against similar enemies all the time. For example, in one game I was having a lot of trouble with a very tough rune lord equivalent. Since he was a Yanafali, I kept things interesting for him by ha
  18. Hi Kyle, Good luck with Harnmaster. Zojila casts Raise Dead on the horse. At least this thread has tested the ability of the software to handle long threads, does anyone care to try for 257 posts? Ray,
  19. I've noticed no anime influence. But then I don't play the anime influenced games and I've never lived in Japan, nor has any member of my gaming group. I'd say in evolutionary terms that the original FRP genre has radiated; there are now games for Space Opera, Cyberpunk, etc, which did not exist in 1980. There are a wider variety of games that support different role-playing styles - some people love Herouest, it leaves me mostly cold, and some people hate it. At the same time that RPG was radiating into different niches and becoming a hobby {like model railroading was when I was growing
  20. There are several problems with Herouesting, which annoy me when I try to write a system for it. First, what is it? The concept of the heroic, and thus heroquesting, is actually fairly ambiguous. It tends to include actions that are very significant; actions that are heroic because they are very risky for the character undertaking them, actions that require exceptionally high levels of some skill to overcome obstacles or opposition, actions which are memorable because very flashy, actions which re-enact myth for the benefit of the community, and actions which open possibilities for the who
  21. To tell the truth, I did not much care about the decision to license the RQ name to Mongoose. When Mongoose came out with Mongoose RQ, it was what, 25+ years after we did RQ? RQ came out, it had its influence on RPG design; but GURPS was a worthy successor. I got my royalties, nothing lasts forever, life goes on. Pendragon also had some good points, and Fire and Sword actually started in 1996-97 based on it. I had a system that was better than RQ for my purposes; other people with other purposes had different systems. Mongoose wants to bring out a system called RQ, fine with me. I hav
  22. Since I was there, let me note that RQ had a number of design objectives: a) to adopt a simple, reasonably simple rule mechanic, in which people thought of skills, not "character classes", to replace the arbitrary character class system. to create a combat system where the SCAers {I wasn't in the SCA, but the other three had all been king of the Northern California region at some point} could actually visualize combat. That was what led to the relatively complex system of strike ranks and hit locations c) to bring monsters into the same system as humans, so they could be played d
  23. Hard to say, but a few that made an impression quickly come to mind: Harry Dresden series by Jim Butcher Three Musketeers and Four Musketeers by Dumas The VIking Art of War - By Paddy Griffith - not a good "Art of War" book but an interesting look at the Vikings and their weapons nonetheless. Horation Hornblower serious by Forrester Falco series by "Lindsay Davis" Three Kingdoms - Chinese classic, Moss Roberts I'm not sure these are my favorites, but they come to mind as books I've read at least twice and would not mind rereading;
  24. Hi, Tourney Altar was named after my brother, Art. He was a playtester of Nomad Gods. By the way, there are two versions of Fire and Sword. The long version is the detailed version, and is about the length of RQ. It has the interesting stuff; and it is what is posted here. There is a short version, about the length of the first version of Basic Role Playing, written by my friend Morgan when he had to introduce new players to the system and found that the whole thing was sometimes a bit overwhelming. This is what you have to learn first to understand the rest of it. I think that the
  25. My name is Ray Turney {or Raymond - it sounds cool with a French accent, but I'll answer to anything resembling this unless it involves the word turkey}. I was one of the original Gang of Four authors of RQI, and so have a lot of experience with Runequest. Have also played a little Traveller, some Pendragon, and a fair amount of Call of Cthulu. Have written a new system, Fire and Sword. which the admin of BRP Central has added to the download page. Work on this system started when the RQIV project ended. I decided that what my group and I wanted was different from what the original de
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