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  1. Thank you for the link! I wonder how hard would it be to adapt the Player's guide to BRP... Edit: or the mongoose actually does that?
  2. An awful truth here. Never read much into Xoth, how is it? Been thinking of sticking to AS&SH rules anyway, to try something I am not used to DMing (I find BRP so more intuitive.
  3. That looks really nice. Maybe I can work with this as basis, and using the setting proposed by AS&SH like ThornPlutonius...
  4. Thank y'all for the tips! Such a shame Xyserdon didn't got to see the light of day. Maybe it oculd be adapted to Mythras too?
  5. Hello there! I've been reading AS&SH for a while and really like the setting and flavour, but since I'm more familair with BRP, would you lads know anything that scratch this Weird Fantasy itch on our beloved system?
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