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  1. All right, I love the BRP system and what it's capable of (especially in a heavily stripped down format), but I wonder what plans Chaosium has for this system. While independent contributors making monograms is fine and dandy, I wish to see this system applied in new and unexpected ways. I want to see it applied to a setting that is enrapturing. I want this system to be attached to something new that is unfathomably inspiring to me, in much the same way Talislanta was. This system boasts the capacity to do nigh any genre, I want to see it do what it claims and excel. So... is there
  2. Clever use of the environment and other forms of resourcefulness.
  3. I am so very not. I hates me some miniatures.
  4. A brand new game using a revamped, streamlined form of the BRP rules with a setting that's original and inspirational, or at least does something we're familiar with in a totally new and different way.
  5. Wow, I had totally not made that connection. That really gives it a whole new level of depth. Also, we're RPG fans. Do NOT be subtle.
  6. So. How does this translate to the new BRP? The example doesn't illustrate this concept from WoW.
  7. I am hosting a cinematic zomb-o-pocalypse. I went ahead and expanded the zombies into four different types and intend to do the same with ghouls, vampires, ghosts, and werewolves. I'm very pleased with the adapability of the system!
  8. OK, there's a part of Density Control I'm not understanding. The text states: No increment is listed, though. 2 meters per level? 2 meters flat? Then the example shows a character who increases his SIZ by 20 using level 20 density control. So, is it 2 meters every 4 levels? Or is movement halved? Or is it something else?
  9. Wow skunk... Would this be for the new BRP, or the RuneQuest-esque, older BRP?
  10. I think you're reading into my words a bit too deeply. 15 minute spells still last 15 minutes, but combat round spells last however long the combat round has to last. Since most spells are determined per combat round, I see very little difficulty and very few issues with running time a bit more narratively.
  11. I always prefer to go with the idea of: How long is a round? As long as it needs to be. Well, what about magic lasting so many rounds? How long would that spell last outside of combat if you just wave off time rules? *Shrug* As long as the GM says it does. But then the GM can rip you off!! That's not really anything he couldn't do already. If he's a jerk, he'll rip you off. If he's a decent GM, he'll have decent reasoning and be agreeable.
  12. Holy leaping snotbuckets, Murfin. We gotta put these in the wiki! And by we... I mean... not me.
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