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  1. I believe The Second Way may be the answer to my question...
  2. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with and took the steps to convert (or make something similar) the Ritual Path Magic system of GURPS into BRP.
  3. Deduction without Hero Points Recall a fact the GM doesn't think the character should know and that the character doesn't have a skill for That sort of thing
  4. nerdvana


    Yeah, I haven't found one (found the HQ Gateway Licence but it is very legaleese). Loz hasn't replied yet is all so I thought I'd leverage a two prong approach!
  5. nerdvana


    Does anyone know where to find a copy of the "RuneQuest Gateway Licence" which is talked about on the game's website and wikipedia article?
  6. nerdvana


    Thanks nclarke. Definitely want to discuss this matter with Loz as I love the Healing Rate in Runequest 6... Edit: I've messaged Loz a question regarding this, so replies may mostly be private from here on out
  7. nerdvana


    Is there a SRD for Runequest 6 and if so where is it? The only Runequest SRD I can find doesn't have Runequest 6's healing rates based on Con value and severity of damage...
  8. Thanks! No clue how I missed it.
  9. I cannot find the rules on natural healing (Hit Point recovery) in the rules. Can someone tell me which page they are on?
  10. Ah. I can see that if you just go based on the name of the skill, but the description is very specific in the RAW
  11. I get the Acrobatics, Athletics, and Evade for Agility. And Hero Points for Luck also makes sense. The Idea roll still seems under represented in Legend -- Insight seems more like reading a person's body language, not so much the ability to recall facts that you've overheard but otherwise don't have a skill for and using existing skills seems contradictory also because the point is that this is a check for things you might have heard and remembered but not have actively learned (and thus have no skill for) or for a spark of genius putting things together you previously hadn't thought of. I
  12. Eclipse Phase is not BRP related. For example, criticals (failure or success) occur on doubles (i.e. 00, 11, 22, 33, etc). You roll between 0 (00) and 99. If I recall correctly it is a roll low game but I could be wrong.
  13. BRP has attribute rolls but Legend Does not. Some of them are replaced well by skills (for example, Brawn replaces Effort and Resistance replaces Stamina). What would replace Agility, Idea or Luck rolls? Anything?
  14. Thirded. How can we work to make this happen?
  15. Oh, I like this. I was definitely thinking that there was a primary stat in the skill calculations.
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