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  1. At last, after a lockdown hiatus and the GM having 'things to do' like work etc. part the twentieth of our long running saga is now ready for your delight and entertaiment. Normal service will now be resumed, assuming we can work out what is normal anymore. Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 20.pdf
  2. Chapter nineteen of the saga where our heroes encounter the undead (again), Crimson Jack gets hit a bit and they finally make progress with the map. As part of this campaign to fit in with my plot and backstory I have replaced the idea of a medicine bag for the Shamans with that of tribal masks (same effect just different appearance) I have attached photos of the mask the player running Wise Shark has constructed (real sharks teeth on there!). Also attached the usual journal and the finally completed treasure map. (now their troubles really begin). Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 19.pdf Treasure Map 9 parts.pdf
  3. Not at the moment, I am running a Pirates and Dragons thingy now for thrilling details see my other thread - Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy, Arrrrr!
  4. Now, by the magic of socially distanced virtual gaming, comes part the eighteenth. In which there is much sailing about, interviews with the great and good and something really disturbing from the spirt world. Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 18.pdf
  5. As we are in lockdown does anyone out there have any recommendations, ideas, thoughts or rants on a suitable platform for remote gaming? Hopefully something that is bandwidth friendly as I am keen to keep my games going throughout the current emergency, no virus is going to stop my PCs from killing themselves in other interesting ways.
  6. Here be chapter 17 of the ongoing story, apologies for the delay, blame the real world for interfering in important stuff. In this chapter we learn of a cunning plan, witness the slaughter of sleeping men, observe a pitch battle and learn the fine art of hostage taking. Also the GM has to send a letter of complaint to The ACME Minion and Henchman Hiring Agency - bemoaning the quality of the hirelings used for this adventure, culminating in sentries who cannot see their own feet, soldiers who drop their own weapons and in one case stab themselves in the stomach, officers who sleep through attacks and the whole lot having the moral fibre of a wet paper bag meaning that they run away at the slightest provocation! Enjoy Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 17.pdf
  7. Will give me something to do during lockdown!
  8. Firebird01


    I'll try a pdf version instead. Witchfynder Procalmation.pdf
  9. Firebird01


    Of course if they are messing about in the tainted lands any right thinking Puritans will take a dim view of any taint shown, it being the result of that work of the Devil - Alchemy. See the attached handout I used with my players just to liven things up a bit and add to their troubles. Witchfynder Procalmation.docx
  10. Firebird01


    Speaking of Hero points, major evil NPCs can have them too (should that be Villain points in their case?), also levels the playing field a bit. have fun with the tainted lands, refer to BRP rules for some nice mutations and weirdness, the odd rain of frogs is good especially when it changes from frogs to sheep!
  11. Firebird01


    Indeed, let the story guide the action and if you have to skirt round a rule or two so be it. I also found that characters with high persistence/resilience and some hero points made spell casting against them a pretty low return strategy until we ruled that, as in other spells where the resit is dodge which you can only use if you have a dodge left, any resist role counts as use of a reaction and therefore opens up the lethality of combat once again. This means they have a choice - do I dodge the cultist who has just slashed at me with a two-handed claymore for potentially crippling damage or do I save it for when the dear little apple seller with a twinkle in her eye does something arcane and deadly?
  12. Firebird01


    I tended to use them in the background at first and threw in lots of supporting coven members and cultists etc. plotting and scheming on their behalf. Also have the characters meet the witch in a social situation where a bit of flirting with the most attractive party member could result in the witch picking up a lock of hair or similar without them being aware, allows for satanic possession (home brewed spell needed for this) and inter-party strife (always good fun for the GM). I tended to vary the power of spells to suit the current strength of the party scaling up or down and limiting effects as necessary. Watch out for high MAG values as this can make your witch serious lethal or almost impossible to hit is they are using spells to protect themselves such as For to Protect Against Weapons (a witch with double figure MAG is a really tough opponent. However, as I found out, the accrual of fatigue by witches when casting can soon turn them from 'Mistress of the Night' to 'Wheezy Old Lady' pretty quickly (again hence the need for minions). I also introduced white witches who could be consulted and persuaded to provide protective charms etc. so as to at least give the party a chance when confronting a powerful witch in a big set piece.
  13. And here it is part the sixteenth of the saga... ...in which our friends lose their transport, encounter all manner of wondrous flora and fauna (which tries to eat them) and learn something of a Shamans powers. Remember also the following RP rules Rule 1 - Never split the party Rules 2 to 10 - We really mean it about rule 1. Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 16.pdf
  14. Renaissance Deluxe Pages 153-155 should help.
  15. Just Player taking a break for a while, hopefully to re-join later.
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