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  1. Will give me something to do during lockdown!
  2. Firebird01


    I'll try a pdf version instead. Witchfynder Procalmation.pdf
  3. Firebird01


    Of course if they are messing about in the tainted lands any right thinking Puritans will take a dim view of any taint shown, it being the result of that work of the Devil - Alchemy. See the attached handout I used with my players just to liven things up a bit and add to their troubles. Witchfynder Procalmation.docx
  4. Firebird01


    Speaking of Hero points, major evil NPCs can have them too (should that be Villain points in their case?), also levels the playing field a bit. have fun with the tainted lands, refer to BRP rules for some nice mutations and weirdness, the odd rain of frogs is good especially when it changes from frogs to sheep!
  5. Firebird01


    Indeed, let the story guide the action and if you have to skirt round a rule or two so be it. I also found that characters with high persistence/resilience and some hero points made spell casting against them a pretty low return strategy until we ruled that, as in other spells where the resit is dodge which you can only use if you have a dodge left, any resist role counts as use of a reaction and therefore opens up the lethality of combat once again. This means they have a choice - do I dodge the cultist who has just slashed at me with a two-handed claymore for potentially crippling damage or do I save it for when the dear little apple seller with a twinkle in her eye does something arcane and deadly?
  6. Firebird01


    I tended to use them in the background at first and threw in lots of supporting coven members and cultists etc. plotting and scheming on their behalf. Also have the characters meet the witch in a social situation where a bit of flirting with the most attractive party member could result in the witch picking up a lock of hair or similar without them being aware, allows for satanic possession (home brewed spell needed for this) and inter-party strife (always good fun for the GM). I tended to vary the power of spells to suit the current strength of the party scaling up or down and limiting effects as necessary. Watch out for high MAG values as this can make your witch serious lethal or almost impossible to hit is they are using spells to protect themselves such as For to Protect Against Weapons (a witch with double figure MAG is a really tough opponent. However, as I found out, the accrual of fatigue by witches when casting can soon turn them from 'Mistress of the Night' to 'Wheezy Old Lady' pretty quickly (again hence the need for minions). I also introduced white witches who could be consulted and persuaded to provide protective charms etc. so as to at least give the party a chance when confronting a powerful witch in a big set piece.
  7. And here it is part the sixteenth of the saga... ...in which our friends lose their transport, encounter all manner of wondrous flora and fauna (which tries to eat them) and learn something of a Shamans powers. Remember also the following RP rules Rule 1 - Never split the party Rules 2 to 10 - We really mean it about rule 1. Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 16.pdf
  8. Renaissance Deluxe Pages 153-155 should help.
  9. Just Player taking a break for a while, hopefully to re-join later.
  10. Now for the 15th part of the epic saga... In which monsters get angry, some collateral damage ensues, the science of burning matchcord during a fight is discussed and one of the party departs.... Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 15.pdf
  11. No problem always pleased to share. May all your the PCs in your game be eternally, confused, entertained, frustrated and elated in equal measure and may they never suffer the curse of the seven snotty orphans.
  12. I have attached mine which were made in no particular order except that I always have the one named GM1a front and centre as it has the various character details on it in case I need to do any secret dice rolls etc., the others are I have all laminated so I can swap them out as the need arises - Feel free to amend as you feel fit as stated it was just tables etc. fitted together as and when, no thought for coherency. NB These are actually currently in use for Pirates and Dragons and have continuously evelved but should be easily edited back to renaissance basics. NNB Things like weapons ranges and some other items may vary from the base rules as we tweaked a few things during play to iron out a few perceived anomalies and this is still ongoing! Stats for GM.docx Stats for GM1a.docx Stats for GM2.docx Stats for GM3.docx Stats for GM4.docx
  13. Here be attached part the 14th of the ongoing saga in which further encounters with the strange beast occur, pacts with spirits made and much swimming and running about done by all. As promised credits to the following (taken From Basic Roleplaying Monograph #0378, 2009, Chaosium) 1. The River Terror by William Nobel for giving me the setting, Old Argus and the beast. 2. The King, The Maiden and the Mad Man of Las Islas de los Muertas for, earlier in the campaign, giving me flesh on the bones of Jack Swafham (The King of Esbania) Thanks guys and big respect and all that stuff. Mind you being Pirates and Dragons you've got to expect a bit of plundering and looting now and then - even by the GM Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 14.pdf
  14. Or maybe Agatha Christie armed with and AK47?
  15. Part the 13th (unlucky for PCs) now uploaded in which fun is had on Isla Fecunda and a crocodile may or may not be significant. A big thank you in advance to the authors of two BRP Monograph adventures (full details and credits to follow when it is no longer critical to keep it secret from the players) a great aid to the GM who has not had time to prepare and has his PCs get through stuff by good rolls a whole lot faster than expected thereby leaving me needing a quick fix. Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 13.pdf
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