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  1. Thanks for that, meant to get back to you as sunday would have been a non starter, reserved for family in order to keep the peace!
  2. how often do you play, may be over committed at the moment but thought i'd inquire.
  3. Just to add one idea that I had running K&C for clockwork weapons, especially the smaller ones like pole arms was to have something similar to a spare battery, in that the spring and key mechanism could be unplugged when wound down and a ready wound one slotted back in, kept the clockwork soldiers on a par with the alchemists and witches for powerful stuff. Of course if you have a backpack full of tightly wound springs and it takes some damage the consequences of them unwinding all at once might be interesting to watch, from a distance.
  4. Yes it's part 24 of the long running epic. In which we find shadowy horrors ("Don't go down the mine daddy!"), strange devices, an old acquaintance and Crimson Jack has a bath! Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 24.pdf
  5. Back, after a successful season of unemployment, part the 23rd of our enthralling saga with sinking ships, floating undead and Crimson Jack making a complete wotsit of everything. Apologies for going a bit Terry Pratchett librarianesque with one NPC but couldn't resist it! Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 23.pdf
  6. The knack for finding trouble is built into all PCs, let them discuss the problem or situation at length, come up with numerous cunning plans, debate at length again, decide on the most complex and fragile strategy then fluff the dice rolls! Or you could go for the simple plan - If it moves hit it, if it is still moving after that run away 'cos it must be undead.
  7. Part the 22nd. In which our friends gain a new companion, reptiles cause problems (again) and they end up at the bottom of a deep dark hole (life, don't talk to me about life....) Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 22.pdf
  8. The journal tend to be multiple sessions as we are remote gaming and they tend not to go as quickly as the face to face sessions do, also real life interfering somewhat at the moment so I tend to save it all up for one big hit every few weeks. The chase scene with the cross dressing Crimson Jack actually lasted most of a session due to me laughing so much at the excellent roleplay by the characters, i just let it run and run!
  9. Part 21 of the journey into the unknown in which things become clearer about ancient goddesses, disguises are put on and we learn of how the rumours of cross dressing pirates started. Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 21.pdf
  10. At last, after a lockdown hiatus and the GM having 'things to do' like work etc. part the twentieth of our long running saga is now ready for your delight and entertaiment. Normal service will now be resumed, assuming we can work out what is normal anymore. Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 20.pdf
  11. Chapter nineteen of the saga where our heroes encounter the undead (again), Crimson Jack gets hit a bit and they finally make progress with the map. As part of this campaign to fit in with my plot and backstory I have replaced the idea of a medicine bag for the Shamans with that of tribal masks (same effect just different appearance) I have attached photos of the mask the player running Wise Shark has constructed (real sharks teeth on there!). Also attached the usual journal and the finally completed treasure map. (now their troubles really begin). Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy s
  12. Not at the moment, I am running a Pirates and Dragons thingy now for thrilling details see my other thread - Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy, Arrrrr!
  13. Now, by the magic of socially distanced virtual gaming, comes part the eighteenth. In which there is much sailing about, interviews with the great and good and something really disturbing from the spirt world. Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 18.pdf
  14. As we are in lockdown does anyone out there have any recommendations, ideas, thoughts or rants on a suitable platform for remote gaming? Hopefully something that is bandwidth friendly as I am keen to keep my games going throughout the current emergency, no virus is going to stop my PCs from killing themselves in other interesting ways.
  15. Here be chapter 17 of the ongoing story, apologies for the delay, blame the real world for interfering in important stuff. In this chapter we learn of a cunning plan, witness the slaughter of sleeping men, observe a pitch battle and learn the fine art of hostage taking. Also the GM has to send a letter of complaint to The ACME Minion and Henchman Hiring Agency - bemoaning the quality of the hirelings used for this adventure, culminating in sentries who cannot see their own feet, soldiers who drop their own weapons and in one case stab themselves in the stomach, officers who sleep through
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