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  1. Here be attached part the 14th of the ongoing saga in which further encounters with the strange beast occur, pacts with spirits made and much swimming and running about done by all. As promised credits to the following (taken From Basic Roleplaying Monograph #0378, 2009, Chaosium) 1. The River Terror by William Nobel for giving me the setting, Old Argus and the beast. 2. The King, The Maiden and the Mad Man of Las Islas de los Muertas for, earlier in the campaign, giving me flesh on the bones of Jack Swafham (The King of Esbania) Thanks guys and big respect and all that stuff. Mind you being Pirates and Dragons you've got to expect a bit of plundering and looting now and then - even by the GM Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 14.pdf
  2. Or maybe Agatha Christie armed with and AK47?
  3. Part the 13th (unlucky for PCs) now uploaded in which fun is had on Isla Fecunda and a crocodile may or may not be significant. A big thank you in advance to the authors of two BRP Monograph adventures (full details and credits to follow when it is no longer critical to keep it secret from the players) a great aid to the GM who has not had time to prepare and has his PCs get through stuff by good rolls a whole lot faster than expected thereby leaving me needing a quick fix. Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 13.pdf
  4. Oops, Think I got confused with another inn later in the campaign, they all blend into one after a while! I think the Strangled Kitten episode only resulted in one PC getting possessed by a witch and a side quest of rescue whilst avoiding booby traps and undead in her farm house, my players tend to go off script at the slightest hint or minor clue from me, shame!
  5. As I remember it went something like this - 1. An alchemist fumbled and blew out the back wall of the inn when his philosophers stones went critical (much use of hero points to survive the blast without losing significant body parts) and left the building unconscious on a stretcher. 2. A Highwaywoman (and unbeknownst to everyone else a witch) took her leave by means of magickal flight. 3. A cavalier fop and samurai alchemist made a good fist of the start of the fight but eventually decided surrender to the enemy forces was the best chance of survival (even then it was a close run thing to get the players to even consider surrender and the threatening of innocent by-standers was needed to tip the balance) This provided further hours of endless fun involving escape form prison, stolen iron horses, secret witchcraft, the usual crop of blind and deaf guards and a parliamentarian who found she could turn into a bear. In seriousness the party must consider either surrender or flight as these are the only means of survival - a full blown fight means it's new character time.
  6. Installment number 12 now uploaded. In which technology is found to be wonderful thing and there is an interview with a dragon (an undead one), some people hide a bit. Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 12.pdf
  7. It's that time again, the next instalment (the 11th by all that is unholy and creeps beneath the seas!) in which things of legend are found, earthquakes are experienced and a dubious invitation is received. Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 11.pdf
  8. Here it is, the much awaited part the tenth of our fabled adventure, never trust a statue the may be standing still but it doesn't mean they're not plotting something (this also applies to sheep, nothing that lives can actually be as stupid as that). Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 10.pdf
  9. I am using Safehaven as a base for my characters (see Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy thread) as this gives good rationale for having a variety of different nationalities and factions being in the same place. Historically even if some nations are nominally at war trading and contact could take place at Freeports and in neutral territories to ensure that life's necessities continued to reach those who could afford it. Haven't actually gone to the bother of fleshing out the port or drawing any maps for it as yet because I tend to run a loose style of campaign with a framework plot with some set pieces but where a lot is made up on the spur of the moment (mainly by the players - I just nick their ideas). I just tend to have a load of NPC ideas with a name, profession/faction, reason for being in the Dragon Isles and picture (I use a lot of 17th/18th century portraits etc. to provide a period feel (see example attached), then develop full stats etc. as needed. I have also found that Heroic Maps on DriveThru have a good selection of pirate/sea/coast/ship themed battle maps etc. As background reading into the whole pirate thing (I like using historical references as they provide period flavour and detail but also give me some ideas for settings etc. real life can be weirder than anything I can make up) the following I found quite good - Pirate Nation (Elizabeth I and her Royal Sea Rovers) by David Childs - Earlier period but does give a good insight into the development of pirates and buccaneers along with clue to their tactics and explains why the English Navy was so rubbish until the 18th century. Spanish Gold by David Cordingly - Gives a good history of the Golden Age of Piracy and its major players. The Pirate Hunter by Richard Zacks - Though the writing is a bit hit and miss gives an insight into the life and times of Captain Kidd and shows how fine the line is between pirate and privateer and how this line moves according to politics and profit margins. Dramatis Personae Richport.pdf
  10. What will they find buried in the lava on your Island? Nothing pleasant so far from the session this week, Crimson Jack asleep on the beach and being eaten by a giant lizard for starters! Next instalment in full soon
  11. Here we are again me hearties, with a chest full of treasure, a bottle of rum and another piece of the map - part 9 is ready for perusal Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 9.pdf
  12. Now presented the eight part of this saga in which our heroes leran of many needful things.....possibly Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 8.pdf
  13. Just make sure you have one iron horse crash through a barn and come out covered in chickens and straw, it's compulsory!
  14. I used variously 1d12 to 3d12 depending on relative speed at the time of collision, this gave the characters a chance! Thought about using a base damage of 6 plus 1 to 3 d10 again depending on speed, of course the driver would be injured as well as seat belts weren't compulsory in 1646, went for 2d6.
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