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  1. No issues as yet the character is being played as a fairly pious man who has yet to become fully immersed in a world of dragons and magic, he is pursuing his brief of investigating the Dragon Isles for potential sources of supply and power bases for the Suebian Empire and now has the new Suebian Ambassador in Safehaven to report to (and no doubt to give him some less than pleasant or not very moral tasks in the future).
  2. The fifth instalment now uploaded, fighting mummies, blue pygmies and stone sarcophagi. Enjoy me hearties, no sleep 'til Tortuga! Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 5.pdf
  3. Will have to see what happens next session, shame they're a bit short on Doubloons after the sea battle! There's a nice dynamic between the characters and I haven't even introduced any major villains in person yet.
  4. Pat the fourth now up and ready for your perusal. Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 4.pdf
  5. Whilst running my recent P&D campaign have found that due to the size of the party and the high POW of a couple of characters (notably a Shaman) there are a lot of doubloons about which are tending to put skill use and development in the shade a bit, particularly if the black spot comes out early as there is no penalty for use left. Will be discussing this with the players next session to see what they think but it looks like we may go down some house rules to balance things out. e.g. bring in rolled crits and lower the number of Doubloons available (say Pow/4 instead of Pow/2) or limit stacking possibly. Any suggestions, as I want to keep them, but as a precious resource rather than things to spend without thought to blow the enemy ship out of the water in a couple of rounds.
  6. Glad you are enjoying it so far. Just been setting the scene for the players so far, should start to get really interesting (for me at least) soon given the drunken babblings of one of the party, will be posting the next one soon which seas them fighting in sea battles and crawling through jungle ruins. PS I did a bit of research into my French Nobility titles and found that in the 16th and 17th century French had not completely settled into masculine and feminine nouns so that Comte could be used for a Comtesse interchangeably just changing the gender of the pronoun. This is always assuming the internet has got it right of course.
  7. Blessings of the Spirits be upon you. Here be attached part 3 of the story, slightly later than planned so it comprises two playing sessions in its coverage. Enjoy. Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 3.pdf
  8. Better issue a blanket apology for those speakers of other languages out there, if I make any errors it is simply my bad as I was always a typical English man and useless at learning other languages. I won't let it get in the way of a good story though!
  9. A'Ha Me Hearties and other piratical expressions etc. Here be attached part two of the saga, along with the aforementioned treasure map fragments and the letter the characters have received for their ancestors written 45 years before the events unfolding. We are still very much in the plot set up stages here but hopefully the story will start to unfold a bit from now on as everybody seems to be settling into character, especially 'Crimson' Jack who wilfully misinterprets the spoken word at every opportunity. Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1 part 2.docx Pirate Pact.docx Treasure map obverse.pdf Treasure map.pdf
  10. Just starting a new campaign using Pirates and Dragons as a base system, and as I already do a log for the players so that they can more easily remember my carefully designed plot hooks and not wilfully misinterpret information given out in the sessions (some hope) thought I might as well post it on here to see if anyone else enjoys it, I will try to keep it easy to follow and fairly regular if I can but it will contain some group in-jokes and such like so sorry about that in advance. NB the treasure map was drawn on real papyrus I got in an art supplies shop. GMs top tip here, when you spend time an effort to design a treasure map and then carefully divide into nine intriguing parts make sure you scan or copy it before cutting! More time spent piecing it back together so it can be copied. Pirates and Dragons Ye Legacy season 1.docx
  11. Good news! One of my players has decided to take an Imperial Musketeer as a PC (the player has given me the picture below as a visualisation of his character), joining a Shaman, an Islander Hunter, a drunken Albionic Sawbones and an Albionic noble member of the Royal Society doing science stuff. Tomorrow is character generation and handout of props an plot hooks (of course there are fragments of a treasure map included, how could there not be!) and then they get on with trying to find out just what exactly their grandparents had got up to forty five years ago and why they all suddenly disappeared at the same time. Also, what is the truth behind the myths of a great and terrifying dragon of the Spirit realm and is it really looking for them? Will keep you updated on how the Suebian character plays out. I have chosen not to plan and standard Pirates v. Dragons campaign but rather something using the setting as a background to the players quest (of course if they do too well then a Pirate raid and a marooning could well be on the cards). Yours in Comradeship, Adventure, Gold and Blood
  12. Hours of endless fun for a bored GM.
  13. I Might be going the route of hybrid rules as I like the simplicity of P&D Combat but wanted something more in depth regarding ship type, manoeuvres and wind direction etc. We have a sailor in the family so have learnt a bit about effect of wind on various dinghies and how close to the wind they can effectively sail and I would like to get a flavour of these considerations into my game so that characters have to put a bit of thought into what the vessel can and can't do.
  14. I will be starting a Pirates and Dragons campaign soon(ish) and have looked at the ships combat rules, they are fairly basic and designed for quick and cinematic resolution of ship to ship or ship to monster combat. I have also been looking at the BRP supplement Blood Tide which seems to have a more comprehensive rules set for sea battles. So whilst I cannot recommend one over the other yet, I will be trialling both to see which may players think is more in keeping with the spirit of the campaign as it evolves.
  15. At the very least I will use it for a major NPC who has dubious plans for the characters.
  16. No problem, if you upload your revised musketeer stats I will use that if anybody chooses the class. Happy Pirating
  17. Looks good, only one minor point, you have Swashbuckling as a choice in advanced skills when it is in fact a common skill. As I will be starting a Pirates and Dragons campaign soon I will include the Suebians as one of the culture options and give it a play test if anyone chooses it.
  18. I agree, Renaissance is nice and flexible and also allows for a more narrative based adventure with the rules being there for when you really need them such as fighting giant insects on floating islands in space halfway between the moon and earth. Lots of BRP stuff can just be lifted straight in with only a minor tweak or two, great for finding new spells for the main antagonist of the party and strange weapons etc.
  19. I use the zeal and righteousness only when one of my players tries to have his character react too far outside his beliefs as I see them (note the 'I', my decision on this as players can always find spurious ways to justify the characters actions), this the gives them plenty of opportunity to role-play some interesting intra-party conflicts!
  20. That's easy - show them the treasure and they'll find their beliefs are more sort of guidelines actually.
  21. I can see my players are not going to enjoy themselves much this season - cackle!
  22. I Don't see why this approach could not be used, after all a lot of witchcraft spells have specific triggers associated with them so it's just a variation on that really. I have used something similar, a clockwork bomb mechanism designed to work on alchemical principles - basically loaded with philosophers stones and planted in the army laboratories and designed to start a 'critical mass' of philosophers stones instigating a chain reaction for every stone nearby - if it wasn't for those pesky characters it would have worked too!.
  23. Just in case it comes in useful, here is a spell that was researched by our Scottish alchemist during the campaign. For to Listen To The Whispering Breezes Duration 10, Magnitude 1, Ranged (10 x POW m), Resisted special (Persistence) Element: Air This spell enables the caster to hear anything that is being said within the given range as if it were being spoken directly to them. The conversation must in most cases be taking place within line of sight of the alchemist. It may, however, even be possible to listen to the conversation of people out of sight e.g. in a room with an open window that can be observed (GM discretion as to the effectiveness of this) but not in an adjoining room to that with the open window. The spell relies on an observed target. The spell cuts out all extraneous noise and relays even the quietest of whispered words clearly. A persistence roll will only apply if the target is making a concerted effort to conceal what they are saying, for example, ladies talking behind their fans.
  24. Hope you enjoy it, and also hope your players respond just as mine have - by going totally off script and running around on needless but entertaining side quests (requiring a lot of ad-lib storytelling). Make sure the exploding badgers cause mayhem.
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