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    Started playing RPGs in '81 with the Moldvay Basic D&D set. Moved on to AD&D for a bit. Settled in nicely with TFT and Traveller. Then I morphed into a full-on Hero junkie, and stayed that way for years. GURPS came and went, and then BESM/TriStat dX took up residence for a bit. Then, after far too long, I got BRP and life is wonderful.
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    BRP (natch) - all over the place setting/style-wise. Currently running an Arabian Nights kind of game. Have a Western that comes and goes. Same with some more "traditional" Sword & Sorcery stuff. Would love to do more, but as the old song goes, time won't let me :)

    Also running Barbarians of Lemuria some. And Labyrinth Lord/AEC as well.

    Playing in a Mutant Future game and a FUZION-powered TFT-flavored homebrew "classic fantasy" kind of game.
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    Blogging old school, new school, and who knows what else at http://StrangeStones.wordpress.com

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  1. Aw shucks, y'all! And here I was trying to be an aggressive jerk about the whole thing But seriously, I'm glad I was able to express my feelings without stepping on anyone else's. As I believe Mr. Phipp's sig reads, "Many systems, One Family." So here's to excellent gaming for all of us d100 types!
  2. So here's the deal for me: I don't like CoC 7. I took part in a play test game and it just didn't work for me. The stuff it "fixed" (no snark implied by quotes, honest!) isn't stuff I felt needed fixing.I have no interest in Glorantha. I've always been a home-brew setting kind of guy, and so have most of the folks I've gamed with over the years. I respect the big G, but playing in that world is not in the cards for me. I can count on one hand the number of games I've played in or run that took place in a published setting on one hand. And that's over 33 years of playing RPGs.I generally dislike hit locations, so BRP versions that default to them are low on my list. Nothing against those who dig them, but I'll take the Major Wounds and random armor values approach any day.I like the Resistance Table, so BRP versions that eliminate it are low on my list. Nothing against those who hate it, but it's part of what makes BRP "BRP" for me.I dislike RQ6's Action Points as a method of managing combat. Nothing against those who feel differently. I just happen to dig DEX ranks (especially with an accompanying initiative roll).So the current plans from Chaosium regarding what they're going to focus on short term (though I understand the business reasons and admit that they're smart) leave me cold. And the plans for BRP Essentials as we understand them make me sad. Still, I wish Chaosium nothing but the best and hold no grudges. I won't trash talk them or their products based on any of the above. I'm not interested in edition wars or internecine fighting. But I am under no obligation to support things I don't like. So I won't. Instead, I'll be over here with my Big Gold Book, my Elric! and my Magic World, my Worlds of Wonder box, my Superworld, my Ringworld, and all the awesome stuff I've picked up over the (now ended) BRP renaissance (including but not limited to Classic Fantasy, Aces High, Mythic Iceland, Celestial Empire, Dragon Lines, and Blood Tide). If Chaosium (or any licensees) put other something that resonates with me on the fluff side (the next iteration of Mythic Iceland, perhaps?), I'll pick it up and make it work with my preferred version of BRP. That, thankfully, is terrifically easy to do. And if someone I know offers to run a game I'm interested in using a system that's not my favorite, I certainly won't refuse to play outright. See, I cut my teeth on and spent most of my first 15 years of playing RPGs with The Fantasy Trip, which was already out of print and unsupported by 1983. I comfortably survived the disappearance of Classic Traveller for all the years it was unavailable. I had no problem playing Champions and its siblings when Hero Games was on the ropes. So sticking with the BGB as it lives on as PDF/POD will actually be pretty darn easy. But even though it won't be miserable and untenable, I'll always be a little sad that "my" BRP isn't the one that's getting the love. So don't expect me to be all sunshine and roses about everything that comes next. Just know that I won't feel compelled to rain on your parade. Deal?
  3. I'd say no amount of Bronze is worth the POW sacrifice, at least in any campaign I run. Or, I suppose, no remotely reachable amount (e.g., One Beeeeeeelyon Dollars). That's not to say that someone won't make the sacrifice, just that it can't be bought with crude metal coins... You want me to what? Well, ok, but first you have to clean the stables for year. Then you have to bring me the three cockatrice feathers I need for the thing *I* want to spend my POW on. Then you must write a song so sad it causes the mountains to weep. Then... It just doesn't seem like a simple transaction. Unless you want it to be. In which case, maybe 2000-5000 Br? More if you're freer with treasure. It should definitely hurt the pocketbook.
  4. Glad to bring back the joy of that cover, amigos! I remember the civil discussion and calm reactions "fondly." I snagged the GIF at the time for posterity's sake, never knowing when I'd need to use it It definitely had a charm, and of course they kept the Hobo font inside the book. But I do think the Vitruvian cover was ultimately the better choice. Here's to hoping that all our concerns now lead to an equally happy result for us BRP fans!
  5. I want to believe. Oh, and while we're referencing flying saucers, I think we all know that everything went wrong when they didn't use this cover... What would we have called the BGB if that had actually been used?
  6. Stop ruining our rampant speculation with your logicking! But seriously, yes, what you say makes sense. I'm not sure that I believe in Occam's Razor in this instance, but I might just be prone to panicking.
  7. I would, but I don't seem to be able to. I'm usually not an idiot about these things, but if there's a way to change it that I'm not seeing let me know.
  8. I chose Magic World, but what I really meant was the BGB with the default settings at Elric!. But then I saw WoW in the list and wanted to change my vote Bottom line for me is not HeroQuest, CoC 7, or Chaosium RuneQuest. Fine games and all, but not what I want out of a generic and simplified BRP book.
  9. These have already been unsettling times for us MW/BRP fans, for sure. The loss of Ben on the inside only makes things more uncomfortable. I, too, get why "my" games aren't a priority at the moment. I just wish the new crew would say something about the games I care about. I know that anything they say (a) almost certainly won't be what I want to hear and (b) is subject to the vagaries of the future. But still, even a simple acknowledgement that there are folks like us out here who aren't necessarily big RQ or CoC fans would be appreciated. Am I whining? Probably. But still <stamps feet> (there is no emoticon for kinda joking/kinda serious)
  10. Sounds like this is solved, but I thought I'd add in the Elric!-era info since that's what much of the BGB's weapons info appears to be based on... From Elric!, p. 71: So that's a match
  11. Fair 'nuff! I honestly didn't even notice it was used
  12. For what it's worth, if you don't want to wait on a reprint Noble Knight still has at least one in stock.
  13. From: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?757863-The-Great-Old-Ones-have-Returned-Chaosium
  14. Done it. Recommend it. Fond of these post-it flags in particular.
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