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    D&D, Runequest, Elric, Stormbringer, Hero system, Mutants & Masterminds, Star Wars Saga, and many more. Have been playing & GM'ing since 1978. My favored system is Runequest/Elric.
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    D&D 4e, Pathfinder & d20 modern. But currently building homebrew Runequest world using MRQ1 with houserules.
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    Old but openminded Gamer guy. All systems have thier strengths and weaknesses.

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  1. I would love A WoW boxed set as well, but I don't think they are interested in doing any tool kit type products anymore. I think the DIY market is too small to make it profitable. If we see a superworld game it will probably be with A complete campaign with a d100 system tooled to fit the world. I'm ok with this since as a DIY'er I can hack it to suit my own game, just like every other game product I've ever bought. Miles
  2. I'm a fan of using battle magic as feats, so adapt some of the archery boosting spells for that purpose should work. Miles
  3. I never liked the double hit point option, it never made sense to me. In my Age of Shadows campaign I used hero points that players used do a re-rolls or mitigate a major wound. This helped give a more heroic feel without adding much complexity or hit point bloat. I weened my players off of D&D4e with this game, and with liberal use of the hero points the players started to prefer it over D&D. Hero/luck points can be added to any game system and it won't turn it into a Fate game, it just takes the edge off the lethality of a d100 game. Miles
  4. And if you want an even simpler take on OQ then I would recommend Age of Shadows http://ageofshadow.freehostia.com/ This game just has battle magic and sorcery, and sorcery causes corruption. I ran this game for a while and thought it played very well at the table, plus I was able to buy at the table the're own book.Because the book is so short they actually read it, which most of my players never do. Miles
  5. Sounds like your describing Atlantis: The second age https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/120423/ATLANTIS-the-Second-Age?term=atlantis&test_epoch=0 It's not a d100 game but really good source campaign material for running an age of Atlantis game. Miles
  6. This sums up my take on “RQG”. It’s just a retro clone with expensive art. 😉
  7. I like the Dolmenwood setting, I was planning to run it with the OSR rules "The Heroes journey". But while reading it the setting just screamed Magic world to me. I don't think I'll run it exactly the same way it's presented in the books, but I'll take A lot of inspiration from it. Miles
  8. Since she's the star of the story, you can make a chosen one type of character. You can give her the regeneration power from the super powers rules and make that part of the plot. Who is she , why does she not die, will she live forever. What other powers does she have that may like dormant inside. With one player there's no reason for the world not to revolve around her.
  9. The game Age of Shadows has a very simple fear rules, it's not as detailed as the chill RPG but could offer you a beginning foundation to build from. It's a free PDF so it wouldn't cost anything to check it out. Miles
  10. Very nice work Chaot. And why would anyone use D&D for Ravenloft when you can use a far more appropriate system like BRP. D&D is great for dungeon delve games, but for gritty story driven games like Ravenloft BRP makes more sense. I hope to see more of your work on this project, I love this kind of stuff. My favorite threads to follow are the ones about how people are adapting the rules to fit their campaign ideas. Miles
  11. You can invoke an aspect after a roll, but it has to make narrative sense in order to work. A GM can make that call just like in any other game. Aspects came into play when you would call for a modifier like windy day -25%, take careful aim + 25%. If you take the time to create the aspect it dosn't cost you a fate point. If an aspect is compelled against you you gain a fate point. It just a way to reward players for having cool ideas and for going along with the bad things the GM sends their way. If anyone is interested in an actual play session of Fate there's an episode of Tabletop that plays the game. The shows fun to watch regardless of your opinion of Fate, but love both D100 and Fate games the same. they both have their pros an cons, and I've learned how to have fun with both. But it took me A full year to grok the fate point and aspect concept.
  12. http://ageofshadow.freehostia.com/ Here is a game I love called Age of shadows. It's built on the Openquest rules, and has rules for corruption when using sorcery. The battle magic should be restricted to Shamans,priests and hedge mages. The game uses a tolkien like world as its default but it's easly adaptable for a sword and sorcery world. Miles
  13. I already did that with my Openquest Game. I changed the hero point system with the fate point system, Allowing players to create advantages and overcome obsticles like in a fate game. Even doing compels on characters to earn more points. It did change the feel of the game, it became much more cinematic and less lethal. My players loved it. Miles
  14. It wasn't rules it was the sword and sandal feel of the world. It had an ancient Greek vibe to it as opposed to a pseudo medieval World. I get that you can reflavor the world to suit the players taste, but the initial elevator pitch I had made stuck with them and they would not budge from their first impression. But if you wish to mock me thats fine, I still like the book anyways. Miles
  15. I would like to read more about your world beyond Pherae. By the way I loved the book, and I really really wanted to run that campaign but my players only like Vanilla D&D style fantasy worlds. Miles
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