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    I like Brp. I started playing rpgs in jr high.
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    I'm middle aged now and mostly collect games.
  1. I think it is one int slot per 1d8 of pow the demon posses.
  2. I haven't had much problems with the expert skill rules. I could see how GM would want to consider carefully How narrowly you want the expert skills to be defined. I am not sure how well it would work in Ring World to create an older character. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.
  3. Hello SD Leary. I found the article, Expert Skills by Bo Rosen, in the magazine, Uncounted Worlds, vol 2, to be very interesting. The expert skills rules kind of have the flavor of the Root/Branch skills system without being cumbersome. I replaced the Root/Branch skills system for Expert skills in my Sci-fi games.
  4. Atgxtg, I was wondering how you would use zone based movement and maps from Brp Mecha with Clarence's spaceship rules.
  5. I like the direction your going with engine modules and thrust rating.
  6. I was counting modules for streaming,shields, armor, hyperspace, speed, and handling. I guess it didn't make sense to count speed and handling modules for size characteristic. I guess you don't count streaming, shields, armor, and hyperspace. I really like the rules and plan on using them for BRP/ Star Frontiers/ Traveller game. I read the rule for buying hp after posting and thought that probably had something to do with hp in example.
  7. Clarence how did you figure hit points for the night bird example. I counted over seventy modules. I would like to thank you for sharing your document.
  8. Aramone


    I would use defensive power but say it can only be used when someone is grappling that character. You could give other situational mods as nessasary.
  9. When will BRP PDF be available at Drive Thru? I have been waiting for this book for awhile now. Thanks
  10. I can't find the pioneer occupation description in the magic world book. What page is it on?
  11. Thanks zomben. I really like the book.
  12. On page 103 in Magic World book it states that "A staff may have protection and countermagic spells laid on it." I think those spells are from Rune Quest or from magic in BGB. Can spells SORCERER'S SHIELD and REFLECTION be used on staff instead?
  13. Will human power and intelligence characteristics have no max like the rule in Elric game or more like iike rule in BGB? I was wondering if magic world would have sorcerers with very high intelligence and power scores like the scores of sorcerers in the Unknown East? Will magic system in advanced sorcery book work identically to rules in The unknown East book?
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