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  1. So how does Retreat work under new rules, cause I'm not sure I understand correctly. What does it mean exactly to fight one more round successfully? Does it mean a successful Close Combat roll is enough to Retreat? How far? Can I Sprint then? Can I use Dodge instead of Close combat to move away? Or is it instead of Deception? I feel like the intention was for it to be very simple and yet it is not 100% clear to me. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you. This is interesting. I like the 5% interpretation. But am I blind or this is not specifically addressed in the book?
  3. So I was wondering what happens when a character lacks a Professional skill. I assume the simply cannot attempt a roll (unlike with Standard skills), but I cannot seem to find such a statement either in Mythras core, nor in Imperative. Thanks in advance!
  4. You're welcome and it's us who's grateful for keeping up the great work! OQ has some of the most elegant design solutions and presentation features I've seen and enjoyed in RPGs. It's a pleasure to support such a product. OQ and Renaissance are definitely my favourinte incarnations of d100 system. Cheers!
  5. This is exactly how I think too! Unfortunately I don't have the digest-sized version, as the previous one disappeared (in print) from DTRPG before I could order it. But even when using a pdf, I tend to open Basics more often than my shiny Deluxe
  6. Thanks, Newt! Not gonna wait so I put my order in for a hardcover.
  7. Awesome news! Is the print edition of Basic going to be available from DTRPG soon as well? I want to order both books at the same time.
  8. I'd like to know that as well, please.
  9. I'm about to make an order of POD books from DTRPG so I thought I'd ask again about OQ Basics to get all I want in one shipment
  10. As in title - I've been wondering about this book. There were some (apparent) prereleases but no PDFs, and nothing since then. Is it dead, in the pipeline, sleeping beneath the waves? Anyone can comment?
  11. Ordered from LULU and can't wait for the PDF! (I think it's amazing you're providing it!) To all those planning to order Lulu is giving a shipping discount with code SEPTSHIP16 valid till Sept 26. Just saying...
  12. Renaissance Italy in the tone of AC / Da Vinci's Demons is what I dream of whenever I look at the two hard copies of Deluxe on my shelf. It would be awesome and I think it would sell brilliantly as well. Another one I want is a Penny Dreadful-like Victorian horror-adventure dime novel setting.
  13. Thank you! Are we sure this is 2nd ed. as well?
  14. So I have Deluxe in hardcover and wanted to get basics in softcover print as well, but there is no POD at DTRPG. Is there going to be one? I recall it used to available, but maybe I'm wrong. Or maybe there's another place I could get it?
  15. Just a quick question: anyone knows of a reason the 2nd Edition of Cthulhu Dark Ages isn't out in pdf? I was gonna get it, but shipping is a pain.
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