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  1. Chris, i am a happy beneficiary of your prolific efforts around here.  Getting this stuff printed up is another matter entirely -youve produced so much!  I would like to ask you, do you do anything with Magic World/Stormbringer on Roll20?  Most of my gaming anymore is through that medium, but AFAIK, there is still no character sheet support for these games.  I do not have the skills to put together an interactive character sheet in their format, but i am likely at some point i may just bypass digital sheets altogether, & start running some games letting every one pencil in their characters.

    Anyway, if you are active in Roll20 at all, i would love to hear from you.  I am Goblintrain there too.  Even if we don't end up doing any games together, i would enjoy chatting with you & learning a bit about where your projects are headed.

    Thanks a bunch for all your doing!



    1. tooley1chris


      Thanks for the kind words, Goblintrain.

      You actually print this stuff? LOL.

      Thank goodness for tablet computers. My Surface Pro is the best electronic equipment I've ever bought. Although I have been thinking about printing the Big Book here and binding it to hard cover. :)

        I still use RPTools/Maptools for any tabletop stuff and honestly haven't even really looked seriously at Roll20. So sorry. No. I have no materials for it. There are a couple of people who are working on virtual tools for BRP and I do have a MW Character Generator for NBOS in downloads section.

       If you want to keep up with free junk I'm working on you can see it here at :

      Or on Facebook here:



    2. tooley1chris


      PS:  WOOHOO! MY FIRST ACTUAL FOLLOWER! I'm such a celeb! :)


    3. Goblintrain


      Honestly, i never figured out how to use RPTools, though i have all the apps.  Of course this is exacerbated by the fact that outside Roll20 i really have no gaming community anyway. There is a weekly Rolemaster2 game i attend in town, but am pretty new to it -& well... not all that impressed really.  Great GM, friendly players, but the overall pace & tone of Rolemaster leaves a lot to be desired in my experience so far.

      FB?  Earlier this year i actually managed to delete my FB account.  It was my proudest achievement ever on the internet! ;)  Have really withdrawn from mass media because of how cruel a venture it is. My familiarity with any of this WWW stuff is minimal. I am old enough to remember life without cell phones or internet, and honestly...  i miss it a lot!  Sure, i would experience some internet withdraw, but within a month i would get over it. :)




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