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  1. On 5/19/2021 at 2:55 AM, Nick J. said:

    I'll offer as honest an assessment as I can. Because this much work deserves a response.

    Yeah this supplement definitely didn't have the standard "GMs should read through the whole module before playing" preface.

      I appreciate your critique! Kinda disappointed about your view on the layout. I really thought I made it as sectional as I could but...it is A LOT of details and things overlap quite a bit between NPCs, quests, ect.

      I really thought a game master could throw down a map of the town for players during a visit to the town and have anything readily available that they were looking for with a simple search through the PDF by the chronicler. That's how I've been doing it anyway. Players want to find a cobbler? Maybe they ask a guard or a random citizen and the chronicler searches the PDF. BOOM. The NPC tells the characters its up that street to the left. Maybe the players stumble into one of the quests along the way. 

      It is a monster tho. I'll  admit. My own players still haven't scratched the surface.

    Again, thanks for the review tho. Gives me stuff to think about if I try something else.

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  2. So it's almost been a year since I finished this massive project. 100+ of you awesome people downloaded it. Am curious if anyone actually read thru or hosted a game inside Tindales borders.

    What did you think of the layout? The descriptions? The quests? The NPCs? 

    Constructive Criticism welcome as always.

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  3. So it's almost been a year since I finished this massive project. 100+ of you awesome people downloaded it. Am curious if anyone actually read thru or hosted a game inside Tindales borders.

    What did you think of the layout? The descriptions? The quests? The NPCs? 

    Constructive Criticism welcome as always.

  4.   Scotty is 100% correct here, you wonderful people. Most of the details, descriptions, ect are also not my own words. I merely took everything there and made it more BRPish. 

    Heck even some of the critters are copyright material owned by Wizards.

    I took a month or so and converted most everything from THEIR books.

    THEIR books.

    Wasn't selling anything or taking "donations" so I figured no one would care (litigation wise) and those books I made were available here a long time.

    Chaosium is a MUCH bigger fish than little old me and need to watch what they make available on their website.

    I never received a cease order from Wizards but Scotty may have saved me from that. Thank you Scotty/Chaosium!

    I also put in those books I threw together,  that I only made them to help with my home campaigns and figured others could use them. That you can change whatever you like in them to suit you. If you guys wanna take any of the material I posted and change anything I don't mind.

    You don't need my permission if you wanna take it all, rewrite it, omit copyright material, or whatever else.

    Just play this great game Chaosium gave us and enjoy it!


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  5. 6 hours ago, peterb said:

    Can't you just remove the art from the file?

    Yeah I COULD...but not sure I want to go through all of that. It was downloaded quite a few times. People either already have copies or can share. *shrug*

    I dunno. I might

  6. On 2/24/2021 at 5:13 PM, Simlasa said:

    Whatever drawings I gave you for the alchemist book are yours to use.

    That art you made for that book is outstanding! Thanks again for your great work.

     If you ever want to draw up 500 separate monsters (for free😀) lemme know and I'll re-releae it 😀

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  7. * SIGH *

    Looks like big brother has finally caught up with me. 

    I've been told my Damn Big Book of Monsters is being removed because of copyright pics included within the pages. 

    All of my projects contain other people's great art, so will likely be removed as well.

    Hope some of ya found a use for the stuff 😎

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  8. So...on to Dwaven hold? Maybe 😎

    If I do this community I think I'd like to give them some unique customs, quirks, etc.

    Make them MAGIC WORLD dwarves instead of typical Scottish accent LOTR dwarves. Maybe some things outsiders don't get to see often, or even know about.

    Also looking for ideas on cruach dragon 🐉 

    Something besides an actual worm

    What weird things have dwarves made in their holds?

    How does a home look when you can walk through stone walls?

    What the heck is Erdebroc?


  9. Tinsdown The Tin Mines of Tindale

      So this a supplement and adventure module for my Town of Tindale Project. 

    I wanted to make Tindale a place where my players adventurers could call home and set out to find glory from. This is one of hopefully many supplements for that goal.

    Maps and descriptions of Bowen Hamlet, as well as the buildings, shops, homes, and statistics/descriptions their inhabitants.

    Maps of the mine

    A quest involving the mine itself as well as three smaller side-treks that tie into the main quest. All mapped out with NPCs generated.

    The quests aren't big. Just enough to get your players acquainted with another part of the town of Tindale and its people.

    3d imagery and maps from Neverwinter Nights 2 Toolset


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  10. Think I'm wrapping up Tinsdown (Tindales Tin Mines)

    I've mapped and populated a small hamlet (Bowen Hamlet) at the base of the mines, the mines themselves, and an example of the farmsteads in the surrounding areas.

    I've included a "Main Quest" and a few side treks that tie into it. a couple extra maps included.. There are a dozen or so NPCs and a couple familiar faces from the town of Tindale also make appearances.

    Gotta clean it up and convert to PDF but should be posting in a couple days 

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  11. I've always had a problem figuring out how tech would advance in a magic setting. 

    In my mind I see better construction, better irrigation, and better sanitation because of magical monsters in general. More attune with Renaissance era than dark ages. When great minds are coming up with great art and ingenious devices.

    Edit: I realize it's a common mindset that societies who have magic advance in tech slower, and this may be true in a high magic setting where magic is so common its used for every day chores and even the lowest class person might know a Cantrip or 2.

    But in a lower magic setting such as MW, where there's a fairly high requirement for being able to use magic, its only used by a few which should cause us normal humans to try and catch up the only way we can. Through tech.

  12. Been working on an adventure idea that is turning into a small campaign. Yes its still revolving around Tinsdown (the Tin mines of Tinsdale)  I think the mines themselves might have a side quest but be tied into a larger quest. Does that make sense? I dunno. My whole plan was to map and populate the hamlet and the mine itself in case it ever came up with my players using Tindale as a home base. (Well that and just for Tindales completion factor)

    Researching (googling) real medieval mines has been kinda eye opening. Some of that is coming into play, but still in keeping with the fantasy RPG vibe.



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    22 hours ago, seneschal said:


    Just getting into it so I'll post more later.

    At a glance a lot of the artwork reminds me of old school Middle Earth or Rolemaster art, which I'm a fan of. The author did take up a lot of page space with art. I assume to increase page count. 

      So far it seems pretty detailed compared to a lot of home brew worlds I've seen. 

      Gonna tear into the mechanics in a bit

      Ok like I said a lot of work went into details of the world, but nothing crazy like my Tindale town. (Yes thats probably too much detail)

    Like Magic Worlds Southern Reaches the author leaves enough empty that the chronicler can have some unscripted fun. 

    I was surprised he kept the BRP Damage Bonus table but thats a debated personal preference. 

    Reading on

    The races are interesting. I can see a lot of fun coming from the RP involved in them.

    I also see some of Classic Fantasy or D&D mixed into the mechanics with special abilities and skill addition/changes. Not bad.


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