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  1. Did anybody suggest this forum be named Chaosium RuneQuest? I did not and I don't think anybody did. I figured it would remain free for discussing any edition of RQ, not just the latest. And I'm not so sure about the distruption. Most people would propably find what they're looking for and if not, others would point them to the correct location.
  2. My mistake then. Did not check, remembered wrong.
  3. I think it is reasonable that the RuneQuest forum remains the RuneQuest forum. This subforum has, after all, existed before The Design Mechanism did. Legend also has its own subforum even though it used to be known as RuneQuest II. Changing the RQ forum to Legend would be similar to changing it to whatever the new version of what was RQ6 will be named.
  4. I think Simon's approach is very reasonable and the path of least resistance. Why make it more complicated than necessary? The way he does it keeps it simple without ruining the anything. The players do not know what the supplement says, so it doesn't matter if an NPC uses separate skills for each weapon attack and parry while the PCs use RQ6 combat styles, for example.
  5. Oddly, that page causes my web browser to crash. Not really blaming the site, no program should crash due to a "faulty" page or any other reason of course. Just saying. Anybody else seeing this?
  6. Happy 2016 everybody. May all your games be glorious this new year.
  7. Yes, several. The BRP Big Gold Book has Fate Points, RQ6 has Luck Points, Legend and OpenQuest have Hero Points.
  8. I don't understand why all characters would eventually become masters of all trades since in most BRP-family games you only get better in those skills that you actually use. So if you suck in a skill, you're not going to get better unless you get training. To get training you will have to find a teacher, time and money or other resources to pay for it, so it may not be easy. And you can only train so far. Therefore I fail to see achieving niche protection as a problem, if you're into that kind of thing. Like others have pointed out, the traditional way to differentiate character progressi
  9. Will be? Will be what? Released? With so many things in the works ATM I highly doubt this will be the case in reality. If the game is supposed to be ready, say this time next year, it should already be quite far in the development cycle and perhaps even being playtested. From what we've learned so far this does not seem to be the case. Actually I think we can consider ourselves extremely lucky if RQ7 will get released this decade. I'm really somewhat frustrated that the New Chaosium has caused more unneccesary delays by changing course again instead of allowing The Design Mechanism finish
  10. Making use of and applying the character's knowledge in practice helps them make connections they would not otherwise have made. This leads them to gain insight into their excisting knowledge and understand things better. So an "experience" tick might be in order. Other than this, I agree with your post.
  11. Except, of course those of us who don't. Whatever you call it, the phenomenon does exist. Just saying it doesn't does not make it so. I have withnessed it myself several times. Just because the GM may say something like this doesn't mean some people will no try. And even the strictest GM may let it slide on occasion. Players are slippery devils.
  12. Inciting rebellion in his home town he may attrach the attention and ire of the local nobles he's trying to undermine, therefore he's taking a much larger risk than the thief who's keeping to the shadows and never seen. But even when the bard is just chatting up people in bar to get some information, if he fails his Human Lore he may insult people in a way that escalates into something he is unable to deal with. And for Human Lore he doesn't even get a tick even if he succeeds...
  13. The problem I have with this is that contributing doesn't necessarily have anything to do with rolling the dice. A player can contribute a lot by just good role-playing and doing things that don't require any skill rolls. I don't think its a very good simulation that people don't get better in things that they do day-to-day but instead only in stuff they perform under pressure. So it's no so much about game balance as it is about the system rewarding some contributions and ignoring other kinds. This is a great problem in RQ3 because the way skills are spread out and tick-boxes handled. So
  14. I prefer the current, RQ6 approach for various reasons. Giving all players a similar amount of experience rolls helps keep things fair and avoids unnecessary tick-hunting. In the RQ3 campaign I'm playing my mage character seems to get fever opportunities to raise skills than the thief, who is constantly sneaking or the bard who does most of the direct influencing of people. And I have a ton of spell skills, which seldom get better because I don't often get to use many of them. Plus the most inexperienced players seem to keep doing stuff just to get those marks, which is a little annoying and n
  15. This is great! I have one question though. I haven't got or read PaBR, but the other three volumes on Gloranthan classics have quite many typo-like errors left from OCR:ing, so I must assume this is the case with Volume I as well. Will this be fixed, i.e. will there be a new proofreading/error checking process and a new, revised printing based on that? Oh, I think that leads me to a second question: Will the other Volumes be corrected and reprinted as well?
  16. Something like this? http://basicroleplaying.org/topic/4025-im-with-brp-any-edition/?do=findComment&comment=62421
  17. I'm totallly in the same camp and I'm fairlly certain there used to be a button on the toolbar to switch to somekind of markup editing mode but it must have disappeared in one of the many updates to this site. Hopefully there is a chance of getting it re-enabled.
  18. I really would like to participate, but reading the Ulule Terms of Use is insane. They're over 80000 characters long (excluding whitespace and punctuation), more than four times the length of Kickstarter Terms and Conditions! I can't understand how any of you guys were able to complete the mandatory registration, since it requires you to read through the terms. You all read through them, right?
  19. I play FTF in one group every one or two months with one GM and five players. We all have our laptops on the table, GM sometimes has two. Our character sheets are all in a spreadsheet format and we type our notes on the computers, especially me, because I kind of make the official campaign log from my characters PoV. We use a wiki for campaign background and house rule information. We also use IRC and XMPP for private communications and when a player can't make it, because we live far apart. But we use physical dice and the GM scribbles his ad hoc maps on pencil with paper.
  20. The thread on yog-sothoth.com is here. Sandy says Charlie Krank is no longer President of Chaosium. Does not mention Charlie leaving the company altogether. Can you post a link to his Facebook, if its public? For some reason I'm unable to locate it. The reason might be that it's not publicly viewable.
  21. smjn

    A Good Deal?

    You can tell you friend I'll take take that junk off his hands for, say, £5, ok? :-) EDIT: Or friend of you friend, as might be the case.
  22. This was already posted in another thread at For some reason I'm no longer allowed to view that thread. Anybody else experiencing this?
  23. Now that Lynn Willis has passed, I think its more like The Beatles getting together in the ninteties. Still great news, though.
  24. I think that the View New Content page is very functional and actually find this particular forum much more easy to follow than the old one or any other of the several forums that I frequent. By choosing View New Content I see all the forum threads that have new content and by clicking on the blue ball (or star if I've posted on the thread myself) I get the first post I haven't seen. No other forum that I use has utility and functionality anywhere near that of this forum. Compare for example with http://www.glorantha.com/bbpress/which is a usability nightmare. The ability to filter content b
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