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    I've been a gamer for quite some time. I have played and run a variety of games, including RuneQuest (3rd), GURPS, Traveller, Pathfinder, Alternity, Ars Magica, and more that I no longer remember.
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    Cedar in Ashes - RQ6 adventuring around a devastated Korantine colony.
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    Grognard gamer, but only in the good Las Vegas way.
  1. I never had the opportunity to meet Greg, but his works inspired me from a young age. His genius and creativity were rare treasures, and I am humbled by them. He will be missed.
  2. I've had good experiences running REIGN and playing Numenera on Roll20. The idea of support for the upcoming RQ there is quite appealing.
  3. The new address is good - I was able to log in right off and the content is migrated over. The Mythras branding still looks odd to me, but I'm confident it will grow on me. Thanks for developing and supporting such a good resource!
  4. The new address is good - I was able to log in right off and the content is migrated over. The Mythras branding still looks odd to me, but I'm confident it will grow on me. Thanks for developing and supporting such a good resource!
  5. bturner


    The idea that morokanth are ritually obliged to eat meat, but don't necessarily have the digestion for it, appeals to me. One way they may manage this is by embracing their Darkness nature - they're not trolls, but Darkness does incorporate hunger as one of its aspects. A morokanth particularly strong in Darkness might well learn appropriate magical tricks to allow the easier digestion of meat.
  6. These are excellent statements. RuneQuest provides lots of opportunity for characters who never knew that (for example) they were going to learn how to build and use (magical?) hangliders to do exactly that. This is a huge strength of the game. The fact that the standard skills list provides a good 90% answer to most typical situations is another strength - having a completely blank character sheet can mean that in an unexpected situation a player's mind can just go blank for lack of hooks to work with (not good for MGF). If the player knows that their character has good skills to fight, to raise horses, to cook, and to tell plausible lies they will use those as building blocks. It's the referee's job to ensure that those elements don't also become straitjacketed limits.
  7. Agreed! Add that to the numbers requirements to maintain even a shrine and it seemed pretty likely that most communities would have access to almost no rune spells. The distribution of temple sizes needs to be balanced to expected population.
  8. Whether that's good or bad depends very much upon the availability of magic. and how conservative the referee wants to make the players. Effective healing really blocks into three categories - "prevent death" (e.g., stop bleed effects), "return to action" (bring hit points back) and "erase crippling / lethal wounds". In most RQ games, getting to that third stage usually requires significant specialization (learning Heal 6 cost a fortune and a half in RQ2, wasn't easy in RQ3, and doesn't exist in RQ6). Making it harder to manage crippling wounds will either make players more cautious or serve as an irritant to the one guy whose character loses a leg 20 minutes into a session and ends up sitting on the sidelines. The balancing question is the difficulty involved in getting "big healing magic" - and removing the path of battle magic is likely to make it quite a bit more difficult. The various actions taken to make rune spells easier to acquire and use for initiates will hopefully balance the matter.
  9. I've gotten a lot of mileage out of Shores of Korantia. The Korantines have colonies all around the Inner Ocean, a feature that can be used to justify their presence just about anywhere.
  10. bturner

    RuneQuest 1

    I'd always wondered what the "Padding" spell that a couple of NPC's knew in some of the RQ2 supplements. Now thanks to RQ1, I know - apparently Protection didn't start off as a variable spell, it was just the 4-point version and Padding was the 2-point version. Go figure.
  11. That should be worth the price of admission. Not that there was too much chance that I wouldn't pay it anyway. :-)
  12. The idea of non-toad sucky sorcery is quite appealing. The RQ3 sorcery rules had their charm, but they were very difficult to use in play and had a very specific flavor to them, one that didn't seem to fit a lot of things (not just Glorantha). The RQ6 sorcery rules are a lot more configurable and I've had a lot of use from them in a non-Gloranthan game (Shores of Korantia), but again they don't inherently have much to do with runes.
  13. I looked at the rule of requiring improvement roll expenditures to increase ability scores and immediately discarded it. The optional rule for permanent stat increases (cost = 1 + [current] - [minimum roll]) is much better. It doesn't require players to do nearly as much accounting, and it doesn't leave me worrying that one player is permanently stunting their character for the sake of a temporary gain.
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