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  1. Forget it. No one has any right to ask someone to stop something that is legal and not violating copyright. NO ONE not me, not you and especially Chaosium. They should never have asked him to do that with the influence they have on these forums. It's nice to know you experience with the company has been wonderful, mine hasn't. Many others haven't either.

  2. 4 hours ago, g33k said:

    Not "strong-arming" at all.  A civil request, which the owner/creator honored.

    I have the strong suspicion that, rather than being an issue of straight "competitive product" they wanted removed, it was more a matter of wanting a very-clean and clear product identity, with the new game about to drop.  Since this was I understand based upon the MRQ frame (which has evolved to Mythras) but aimed at ChaosiumRQ2 support (which is about to become RQG), the existence of "RetroQuestII" (aka "RQII," no less!) as a newly-released doc can cause quite a bit of confusion among the RQ-newbies that they are probably hoping to get interested on (& shortly after) Free RPG Day ...


    This is unconvincing. If it was Product Identification they simply could have asked for the name to be changed but they didn't.

    Also the biggest rpg company in the world never asked for OSRIC to be taken down even though it was a close clone of 1e D&D. Same with Basic Fantasy.

    Instead Chaosium has decided to ask for a srd to be taken down that is completely legal. There's absolutely no reason for it 

    Thankfully Vile gave a better insight into his half of the decision but it doesn't explain Chaosium's tactic in doing this.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Baragei said:

    Huh. I wonder if they can count on one single finger how many sales they've lost because of this particular file, and how many hands they need to count the net gain.

    Just seems like company strong-arming when there's no legal backing behind it. I continue to lose respect for the new reformed company when they pull stunts like this.

  4. 1 hour ago, soltakss said:

    It all depends, of course, what we mean by the various ratings.

    For me, Legend, like RuneQuest, is about chopping people into bits in combat, with flying arms, legs and heads. That is really Game of Thrones level violence regardless of the scenario. 

    Or are we talking about extra material, such as sexual acts, torture, rape and such things? If you have broos and ogres in the setting then you have this by default, even faded into black. Settings involving the Spanish Inquisition can also involve the above, but nobody expects that.

    If a bandit chief abducts a noble-born lady with a view to marrying her, a very typical occurrence in the Middle Ages, how adult is that? On the one hand it is a simple abduction-rescue mission, on the other hand there is the rape and marriage subtext. I suppose the rating varies depending on which subtexts you emphasise.

    This was kind of my point. Any game really can be any of these depending on the GM. Although I don't touch mature sexual topics (ie. The Book of Erotic Fantasy type stuff) I prefer visualizations of the violence medieval melee combat will cause.

  5. That's all fair. Of course you know how I'd bend the religion side but that's just me. Good points though. In ancient days wars weren't just about land or treasure they were also seen as contests between the national god(s). So using divine magic wouldn't be unheard of as battles between adventuring groups could and possibly would be seen the same way.

  6. On 27/10/2016 at 7:14 AM, Zit said:

    This is not surprising, considering centuries, when not millenia of mesopotamian cultural importance and influence. The biblical flood myth is a copy of the the Mesopotamian one. It is the same story, they just changed the characters, the gods and the motivation. Belgath, if you have read Gilgamesh, you know what I mean.

    I've seen somewhere (was it mentionned on Google + ?) a work trying to establish family trees for the various myths using a statistical method, comparing comon themes and relating them to the diverse human migrations. It was interesting.

    There is also another theory explaning that many myths are similar because they all come from our comon subconscient.

    It is probably bit of all of this, but there are also many unique myths, legends and stories.

    With stuff like this, from a theological stand point it's not which story is oldest but which one is correct.

    I will continue with the realization I am a Christian theologian so will speak from that perspective.

    The fact is, the Egyptian sun and Middle Eastern moon based religions were indeed older than Judaism and that is why you see the book of Genesis refer to the sun and moon as "great lights" so that there was no onus on Jews to rever them as anything more than created beings. Other religions around them however were talking about them being gods.

    Same with the flood. Where many other older religions have the same story, the Bible tries to correct the account.

    This being said, for game purposes do whatever you want. Maybe there's another religion, that the GM made up, that has the true story. Could make an interesting adventure after all.

    Historical gaming, like fantasy gaming, can go any way you please. I've published the book as inspiration for such things.

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