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  1. Hey all, Just thought I'd throw an update on the Eternity Realms RPG that I'm making. The editing is done, working on some rewrites now and then artwork will start being assigned. Not all the art is in but what I do have I'm happy with so possibly looking at a September or October release. Will keep you all updated! Thanks!
  2. can't agree more. Although I go to the mongoose forum regularily this forum is definitely more the place to be for any d100 activity and interests.
  3. Glad to hear it. I was afraid we weren't going to see this with the new way Chaosium is shaping up. Been eager to get my hands on this!
  4. Honestly this doesn't surprise me with what Mr. Staffords position was before Chaosium. Still I wish them all the best.
  5. Sounds interesting but also kinda sounds a bit like Andromeda. Not completely but a little. Personally I prefer the Star Trek universe as presented during and after the "Destiny" trilogy.
  6. Thanks Sunwolfe! The reason I put it in this forum was that this section isn't just BRP but for general d100 discussions.
  7. at this point it is more sandbox but the underlying theme is that all worlds or settings that are written for it are connected by Eternity Gates where you can move from one setting to the next as part of each individual setting. the main thing that makes it more cinematic are the increase in hp and a natural armour point mechanic that increase the survivability of characters. Also there a lot of playable races that players can choose from. i wanted it to be non-ogc just so I could write what I'd like for it and not have to worry about seeing my material go all over other published books. It us completely compatible with Legend however.
  8. Hey all! So a little while ago I signed a license with Mongoose to produce a non-OGC version of their d100 game called "Eternity Realms". This version has some rules changes, a more cinematic feel, a new type of magic called Nature Magic and a whole host of new spells. Writing is complete and final artwork has been assigned. Once editing and artwork gets further along and a final release date is realized, I'll let you know!
  9. Hmm ... wondering what I can bribe you with to get to work faster ...
  10. Hey Chris you ever think of converting the fiend folio?
  11. LOL, inferior huh? If I could throw something I would but that would take too much effort. besides gives me something to do between projects!!!
  12. Not sure if there are any official rules but if not set a time period based on the strength of the item then have him roll his Know at the end of that time. If he fails do it again but at half the time.
  13. For the fumble you could have the player that fumbled roll on the Temporary Insanity table as well on page 321-322 of the BGB. The degree of the break would depend on each situation as to whether it was a short temporary insanity or a long one.
  14. True it wouldn't make a huge stat difference but sometimes the culmination of many small changes creates one big one. Just a thought.
  15. Don't know if I'd let them be raised as skills. I might rather devise a system where if you act in line with your passion you get a number a points into it depending on how in line with it the character acted. Of course going against your passion could lower it.
  16. Yeah I understand that, no disrespect was intended. I just tend to play with Min/Maxers so that's why I'd lower the bonuses.
  17. This is good but I think the bonuses are a little high. It's your own houserule however so how you want to do it is up to you. I would maybe half the bonuses and give a extra 10% for a special success.
  18. Have you seen the Passions rules in RQ6? I'm thinking you have so are you trying to do something different?
  19. I have to agree that this file is definitely very handy to have for all the D&D type creatures you'd want to use. Too bad there isn't a Legend version however as that is the d100 system I use most. But hey, just means I have to do some work myself, which isn't a bad thing!
  20. True and I never said these books would include every rule or option. Just that you'd be repaying to read stuff you've read already in other books. There would be neat additions but of it will be a repeat of what you already have. I respect everyone's opinion on this so I'm just going to bow out of this particular topic. If we get back to the monographs or the OP then I'll speak up again.
  21. The BGB isn't complicated. I've read other rpg's that were a lot more complicated for beginners yet they seem to do quite well. aka 3.5. If you start introducing introductory products for generic BRP settings, you may start to find that the BRB starts to lack in sales, even more so than now. True it has a loyal following here, but a lot of gamers aren't going to spend money on some "advanced" book full of rules they probably won't use. Using the BGB as the core book and publishing setting books around it will cause the book to have more sales.
  22. I can respect that and others seem to agree with the other view. However I don't see the point in spending money on regurgitating the same thing over and over seems like a waste of time and money both by the publisher and the consumer. What's the point in the BGB then if each generic setting will get its own rulebook?
  23. That's interesting but I'd rather see them as supplements rather complete rulebooks.
  24. I understand the appeal of this but practically it's not very cost effective. By that I mean each book would be $40+ and would cost more to print. I know some wouldn't mind but that doesn't really appeal to me personally.
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