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  1. Another offering to Legend is up. The shadow creature known as the Gahual. A shadow hound-like creature it has formidable combat abilities and can even transform a victim into a shadow creature and banish them to the Plane of Shadow where they will live the rest of their lives! Be sure to pass your Resilience tests, or you will never be the same! Get it here!
  2. They just went up this week in rather rapid succession. So don't be overly surprised if you hadn't seen them until now.
  3. Hey all, it's been up for a couple days now but be sure to check out Rise of the Goat-Beasts! It's a new demonic goat-like creature bent on world domination. They possess special weapons that can alter the physical make-up of creature by making them change into Chaotic Features. As well, there is some new magic and two new horrific goat creatures that accompany their goat-beast masters! Be sure to get yours here!
  4. Adventurers encounter all kinds of strange and wonderful things. In this supplement adventurers will discover the holy assassins: The Holy Vindicators. This mysterious race infiltrates evil hideouts and eliminates dangerous, demonic or undead creatures that threaten the very world. Included are new racial stats, three new armours, four new weapons, six new heroic abilities and a new cult! Get it here!
  5. Hey all, just wanted to say that Solace Games products on DTRPG are now on sale to celebrate Free RPG Day in June! So until that day, all PDF's are 50% off and all Print products are 25% off. Some of the updated prices are on the main page, but if you click on the product the discounted price is there. Check it out here!
  6. I'm looking forward to it as well. Since the original Classic Fantasy for BRP was kind of incomplete, it'll be nice to see a complete version of it for a better system.
  7. I would agree with some previous posts in that you should be careful calling what God did in the OT as "magic". Remember that the OT specifically condemned the use of "magic". I get that you'd have a hard time in any RPG as defining those works in any other way but maybe renaming them "miracles" like in RQ6 would avert some disagreement.
  8. Hey Folks! Finally returning to the Adventurer's Journals and the next one available is the Elven Way. A divine cult of elves that focuses on protecting elven culture from outside influence even going so far as to possibly use violence to do so. Also included are 4 new divine spells and full cult stats and details! Price is $1 USD Get it here!
  9. RQ6's Mysticism magic deals with what your pretty much looking at. I'd take a look there first.
  10. I used to use Roll20 for a Legend campaign and it worked really well. I just used one square = 1 sq. metre and any weapons of L or VL reach could reach two squares instead of just an adjacent square. It worked well although I'd welcome someone else's input on it.
  11. I'd like to see Star Trek stats specifically racial stats for Klingons and Romulans!
  12. Merry Christmas to all! May you all feel the joy of the season (and squash some beasties in the process!).
  13. I'll be ordering my copy of Elementalism on Thursday
  14. Download a new creature for use in your games! The Death Bull is an undead minotaur that has taken on the curse of undeath in a quest for power. Using the full arsenal of weapons they can cause a lot of mayhem on the battlefield as they can cause fear and chaos all around an enemy. Make sure you pass that Perception check, that isn't just any regular minotaur approaching you! Get it here!
  15. Solace Games is featuring a new product line: Creature of the Week! The first is the Aberrant Hound which can be found here. It is a hound like creature with tentacles that can dance and mesmerize other creatures. Becareful because while mesmerized these creatures can do nothing if they are attacked! Be sure to go check it out. It is Pay What You Want and is 2 pages including the OGL.
  16. Nice! There any word on a softcover as of yet?
  17. Rather then take away from the stats and try to counterbalance things with additional points I'm going to say something a guy I've looked up to as a mentor and long time Game Master gave as advice once. If the players want to throw off your campaign with over-powered characters then use common sense and bring "consequences" against them. For instance, one of them wants to play an elf? Then the human settlements you're in may not look kindly on elves which could mean that the elf PC could potential deal with a lot of problems, if not being attacked in the streets if they're not careful. Give out roleplaying consequences that the players may not even realize at the time could spell a LOT of trouble for their character. At times we're too often thinking along the lines of D&D and the various d20 lines where everything must be "balanced" on the sheet to make sense. Why does the sheet have to be balanced? What about those bandits that are stalking your party to kill your elf and dwarf team members? They could be dead if they're not careful. That guy wearing too much armour? The orcs seem to think that he would be the most fun to take down so is attacked from every side because of it. Consequences my friends, roleplay them out. Make the players really THINK about their choices at character creation and what it could mean later.
  18. More cinematic is what I was going for. The class features wouldn't be tied to professions but rather you would buy them and make your adventurer however you want.
  19. More cinematic is what I was going for. The class features wouldn't be tied to professions but rather you would buy them and make your adventurer however you want.
  20. Was thinking of my next m&f/renaissance book and was considering converting some d20 class features into abilities that can be bought with improvement rolls. How does this community feel about that?
  21. Looking forward to hearing how this turns out!
  22. Yes it is technically a supplement for clockwork and chivalry but it's intercangeable with renaissance.
  23. This is a good fix but I think a better solution would be to make a general forum. Just my preference.
  24. I get your point lawrence and I agree. I was just answering the original point. My apologies if there was any slight. None was intended.
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