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  1. Here's the link: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/121448/Inhabitants-of-the-Dark-Savage-Drow-Legend?term=Inhabitants+of+the+dark&test_epoch=0
  2. I also have a drow supplement built for Legend called Inhabitants of the Dark: Savage Drow available on dtrpg.
  3. Hey all!Don't like supporting the gaming industries version of the online store DriveThruRPG? Then hop on over to the Open Gaming Store and get the greatest titles from Solace Games there. We got our most popular and current titles up, but more will follow! Get it all here!
  4. Hey Michael, Book 1 & 2 are conversions of the original Tome of Horrors by Necromancer games that was done for 3.5 d&d. I've licensed the artwork so literally it's the same great artwork and everything. The first book is just over 300 pages while the second book is just under. The only thing the two books don't include from the original ToH is the templates and animals which will be a separate release. All the templates will be released from all four ToH in a single volume. The Historian, PM me and then email me your receipt. I'll give you a discount on the second book if you want.
  5. I'm honestly surprised Chaosium hasn't done this yet. The biggest thriving rpg companies have all at some point used or published under the OGL. It's beneficial since it helps raise A TON of attention to said product lines.
  6. You all know I've been promoting many non-gaming reference books for awhile now, well my website now offers many of these as print bundles. Where the single books are already discounted, the books are further discounted in the bundles! So go check it out @ www.solacegames.ca!
  7. Hey Everyone! The licensed product Eternity Realm's bestiaries Gigas Monstrum 1 & 2 are now available as a print combo on www.solacegames.ca! Both products usually sell for $90 Canadian and they're on for $69.99 CDN! The website ships to Canada and the US but I can put orders in via my print house lulu to ship worldwide. If you want the product either go to www.solacegames.ca or contact me on here!
  8. Need more inspiration for a historical or Deus Vult game? Get the History of the Inquisition bundle here!
  9. Hey all, if you're looking for a good deal on Eternity Realms products, I've made a saving bundle that gives your $35.00 USD in books for $18.00! The bundle includes the Eternity Realms core book, Gigas Monstrum 1 and Gigas Monstrum 2. Be sure to get it here!
  10. Eternity Realms could always use some fan material since MW is done ... hint, hint
  11. Hey all! With the unfortunate end of the Magic World line, I was thinking ... why not use that creative energy to help Eternity Realms? This small rpg publisher could use the attention and is a line that has no plans in ending ... ever.
  12. So just did some price adjustments: Eternity Realms (Hardcover), Gigas Monstrum 1 & 2 now $39.99 CDN Eternity Realms (Softcover) now $29.99 CDN Also ER titles are under their own sub-heading
  13. Hey all in an effort to bring all my products from my two imprints into one place, I've opened a whole Devoted Publishing tab and discounted everything off the Canadian prices. The website will only ship to Canada and the US but if there's any SG/DP specfic products you want shipped elsewhere email me and we'll talk. Check it out @ http://www.solacegames.ca More changes may be made to product prices in the coming days so keep an eye out!
  14. Not surprised as he was almost hired and fired within the same breath of each other. As was said, it's a shame because he truly cared about the MW line.
  15. Basically when an original ToH is converted (as there's four) they'll be released in twos. Each ToH has enough creatures in it to make up two books at a time.
  16. I'm more about Runequest personally. There are things about it I don't care for but if I had to choose, Runequest will get my vote every time. Which bodes well to me investing in a third party version of MW if it ever comes out.
  17. Pretty much. However, someone would need to invest a lot into marketing since Chaosium honestly didn't seem to market it as much as other lines when it first came out. I never knew it existed until I went on their website and was like "what is this?" And I've been perusing RPG forums (not this one sadly) and the like for a long time.
  18. I'm not totally surprised by this. It's disappointing, but is what it is. Maybe someone can pick up the rights and continue on with it. Thankfully I work with a system I feel is better and more diverse, but many (I mean a lot) of people on this forum prefer MW so hopefully it won't totally die off.
  19. Hey all the fearsome Gigas Monstrum II is now out! The second volume in a large array of monsters for use in the Eternity Realms setting. The main features of this book are the Daemons and Oozes that come up from the Realm Beneath and haunt the dungeons in the Realm Below. Creep into your adventures carefully where glory awaits! Get the print copy here! Get the PDF here!
  20. If you're looking for good campaign ideas for either sci-fi or fantasy type campaign this work by Jules Verne may work for you. Get it here!
  21. http://www.drivethrufiction.com/product/189058/The-Book-of-Enoch Right there for ya!
  22. I'm a big fan of Nephilim and am disappointed nothing more was done with it. Crossing it over to CoC is an interesting idea but a lot of the Nephilim mythos would need to be reconsidered to make it all work but you've already mentioned that. A possibility would be they were the original people that defeated Cthulhu and put him into his slumber and this is their curse from the Outer Gods for doing so. Just and idea though.
  23. It is interesting especially since the book was considered for New Testament canon but simply we don't know who actually wrote it. It wasn't one of the Dead Sea Scrolls originally but I have no doubts parts of it were found in that collection.
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