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  1. 6 hours ago, rust said:

    I do not have the Gigas Monstrum, but I have often used fantasy creatures in science fiction settings. It is not really difficult at all, one only has to change the names and to remove the magical abilities or describe them as psionic abilities, and the majority of fantasy creatures fit quite well at least into space opera settings - just take a look at the Star Wars zoo. Harder science fiction requires a little more work to come up with (pseudo-) scientific explanations for some creatures' existence and properties, but this is usually doable.

    The link is in the Legend forums, I want to do a Legendesque version of sci-fi and horror, but am busy with other projects atm.

  2. Although I love the BGB I do find generic systems hard to write. It may just be me, but trying to account for as much as possible I find difficult. Take my lateset book the Gigas Monstrum, it could be used in any system but the monsters are heavy high fantasy. I'd like to see someone use it somewhere else and tell me how it goes though!

  3. Hey all,

    The long promised first book of the ToH conversions is now here!

    Within this tome is a wide assortment of monsters for use in any d100 game. Converting many monsters from the d20 system, the Gigas Monstrum uses many of those epic creatures and turns them into grueling combatants, specifically for use in the Eternity Realms setting. Take your brave adventurers and take on the horrors within. Adventure awaits!

    Get the PDF here!

    Get the Paperback version here!

  4. 2 hours ago, Simlasa said:

    So, not knowing much of anything about Eternity Realms, how useful might these books be for something like Magic World... or grittier varieties of BRP? Would it work well with Mythras/Classic Fantasy?

    You could port it over very easily to other systems. All of the monster characters though (like Orcus) are built using the ER rules base so they might be OP compared to BRP or even Mythras, but if you half their HP and drop the bonus AP from CON+SIZ via the ER rules, you'd be able to use them in Mythras/Classic Fantasy no problem.

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  5. My initial thoughts are to have them have certain skill increases to a certain point. Once they reach that point, have them roll against their POW on the resistance table to see if they evolve. This depends on the type of Pokémon and what their key attacks and abilities are. Once they get to that level, you add the evolution sort of like a d20 template on top of the Pokémon. You might want to invest or find a Pokémon guide from the Gameboy, DS and 3DS games so you can go through what all the evolutions are. Some of these critters evolve more than once so you might have to create multiple evolution levels.

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  6. Wow, my mind is already spinning with ideas for this. But just to add to the above, you could also add in stats at which they have a chance to evolve. When they evolve they may become weaker for a bit but will get better than the upper levels than its previous state. Of course pokemon are known to do this more than twice so it's really about how far you want to take it.

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  7. It would be interesting to see someone covert it. Unfortunately with me running a RPG business, it'd be hard to do a conversion and try to claim it as fan-created rather than a corporate piece

  8. Hey MOB, I got an email several times for information to ship my backer copies too, which is fine, but then it wanted me to pay for shipping I sent via paypal like 2-3 years ago when Charlie was still in charge. I have no problem giving my shipping info, but I don't want to pay for shipping twice. I emailed the company but so far have no response.


  9. Hey all, so I have the Necronomicon available via DriveThruFiction now and a hardback will be available once a printer proof comes in.

    It is here.

    Also is The Cthulhu Tome, at thick nearly 700 page book of the works of H.P. Lovecraft, again will be available in hardback soon.

    It is here.

    While you're at it ... just check out the full range of PDF's Solace Games has available on DriveThruFiction here!

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