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  1. Been bouncing around the idea of a setting based on Egyptian mythology for Eternity Realms. Cults for various gods. Stats for mythological creatures. Won't be until after the first books of Gigas Monstrum.

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  2. I'd almost prefer the Legend/RQ6/Mythras or my Eternity Realms form of magic for Warhammer spells. Not that I'm against BRP style magic, I just prefer the way it's done in those systems over Magic World. Then again that ruleset is my pet-project as everyone knows.

    What I would do however is make a "progressive" style for the Winds of Magic. The more power you put into it, the more powerful it is. Magic however in a general sense would be more rare and would definitely be a lot more Sword and Sorcery in feel. As well, mutations would come into play most definitely. Those who dabble in Magic would most definitely be at more risk for a Chaos mutation than the normal infantry soldier.

  3. I love Egyptian stuff as well, in fact most things Middle Eastern.

    It is the complete translated book, there is a section of stories from their myths, then a collection of tablets of letters and missives from one Egyptian to either army commanders or other kings, then dirges and hymns to various gods after that. There's not really a whole ton of new spells or anything, but there's more than just the Book of the Dead in the collection.

  4. I get your point but from what was originally suggested having a generic spell to do that with wouldn't solve the issue. In my view it would cause others and not allow for some good roleplaying.

    I'm almost tempted to make some rules for it, but have my hands full with the Tome of Horrors project.

  5. 2 hours ago, tooley1chris said:

    Not bad but not sure a spell is necessary. There's plenty of ways to match wits. Trivia contests involving knowledge skills like Lore, Potions, Language, or Nature where the two roll their skills. The winner is allowed a gain roll when experience gain rolls are allowed by Chronicler. Of course your spell contest method might be more colorful and interesting. :)

    I agree this isn't really necessary via a spell. Rules could be laid out for "Wizard Duels" or even Wit/Intellect "Duels" but a spell or power/ability isn't the way I'd personally do it.

  6. I've always preferred the Legend/RQ6 and my own Eternity Realms way of doing skills. It's specific but generalized enough to make it simple to understand. As well, there's enough skills that when advancing your character you have to think strategically so that you can be good in certain areas, but not necessarily in others if you focus on  one aspect.

    BRP is neat too as the skills you actually use are the ones that go up and those skills are a little more specific to certain situations but over all are easy enough to use.

  7. 1 hour ago, Simlasa said:

    Yeah, good luck with finding the 'perfect' anything.

    Lots of options for BRP though... in the BGB and elsewhere.

    I agree, you'll never find the "perfect" system, but there are a few that get darned close for me, hence why I bought and published the rules I did.

    And there is lots of material that you can use in any d100 game, just might have to put some minor work into making it fit in whatever BRP model you are currently using.

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