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  1. 4 hours ago, Gollum said:

    This is precisely why, in my humble opinion, Sanity rules are vital ... As optional rules. In some campaigns (Lovecraftian stories, for instance), Sanity checks are crucial. In some other (Hellboy stories, for instance), they would just ruin the game ... The Big Golden Book did a very good job here. I hope the new BRP Essential will did something like that (even if things are changed a bit).

    I agree here. If they are optional it will allow for more flexibility like the original BGB. But with the talk about the size of Essentials I doubt Sanity rules, or many optional rule for that matter, will be gone.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Mankcam said:

    Purely from a roleplaying pseudo-mythological point of view, I thought the Holy Trinity concept could be portrayed as the Divinity being distilled into separate conceptual avatars, the Father (Divine), Son (Mortal Bond through The Savior), and Holy Spirit (Essence). That's very broad brush strokes.

    Conceptually one could possibly view Essence akin to Animism (without the pagan trappings) just for purposes of explaining miracles associated with dealing with Spirits and the like. I'm still sitting on the fence whether it would be a good fit rather than just having Theism explain the whole concept, as it is a very loose interpretation of Animism. Personally I wouldn't make the distinction myself, and I would just use Theism to explain it all.

    With the Holy Trinity concept currently existing in the contemporary Catholic theology, it may be best to steer clear of such discussions in case of inadvertently offending someone who feels that their current belief system is being trivialised or bastardised for the sake of gaming purposes.

    Sorry if I may have already done so, it was not my intention.

    I don't get offended by such statements I just am quick to try and correct some ideas brought up about the Christian faith. They way its been handled as Theism is ok for me and so I usually just leave it at that.

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  3. 22 hours ago, Mankcam said:

    The concept of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit almost ties Theism to Animism, rather than having distinct segregations.

    This is a gross misunderstanding of the Trinity. Not to get into a trolling fight over religion but the dogma of the Trinity has nothing even close to do with Animism.

  4. Yeah however non-ogc protects ALL your IP. It doesn't require you to put what is and isn't open content. I know game mechanics can't be copyrighted but still. Non-ogc allows as much protection as possible. I take it Chaosium is interested in that so licenses would allow for similar protections.

  5. 6 minutes ago, ReignDragonSMH said:

    Obviously there is going to be a great Glorantha connection here, but is RQ2 going to be setting specific or will there be room for other settings? Clearly individuals can use it (or other systems) for their home brew stuff, so I am meaning published settings? 

    That'd be great for all us gamer old timers. Could really boost the d100 market by giving those who fell away to return and draw in new people as well.

  6. I've never found RQ6 or even Legend rules complex compared to 3.5 D&D or Pathfinder. For me it's the right amount of rules and combat flows smoothly. There are many much more complicated systems to compare to. RQ6 and Legend honestly doesn't measure up to such a statement.

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  7. 1 hour ago, NickMiddleton said:

    Leaving aside trying to correlate the numbers, IIRC the original conception of Demorgogon as a Demon Prince is as an adversary a high level AD&D party could potentially defeat...which in Magic World terms puts him slightly above an Angel or Greater Demon.

    As far as Demorgogon go I'd put his stats higher, mych higher than a greater demon. He's a demon prince so can assert authority quite well.

  8. 2 hours ago, tooley1chris said:

    As far as HPs, even for having a 10 armor? I should crank his CON?

    And skills...what would make better numbers? 100% 125% 200%? More? Ive never seen stats for gods...

    I was thinking around 50% more hp. Remember its an immortal being around since who knows when. As far as the Armour goes in my experience it either does a lot or not enough. If the characters are strong enough to take on a demon lord than they will probably have a way to deal with armour.

    Skill wise I'd max them out around 110-125% there really is no need to go higher.

    Weaknesses are a good idea. Gives something the players can investigate and use to overcome him. I'd  make the weakness fairly obscure though and worthy of a quest in itself.

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  9. I've personally always disliked Sanity systems, even though I've incorporated some into certain systems I've written. I understand how in a CoC or similar system game they would be critical, which includes most horror settings. I prefer to let the players feel like they are the heroes they want to play instead of the typical person from our world. Some prefer this and there is nothing wrong with that, I just like to play settings that are more heroic.

    All this to say that however Chaosium works the new Sanity system, won't affect me or my group much. I wouldn't get too worked up about it as far as Sanity in a realistic sense goes, anything can make someone breakdown, not just a comparison to a "magical" ability.

  10. Sorry for not updating in a while. Doing some more tweaks and writing. I'm almost done new factions and will start on finishing fluff soon. As well added rules on increasing hit points and combat actions via improvement rolls. I think you're all going to like them. Will start posting some art for everyone to check out soon!

  11. You may want to refer to Monsters of Legend to get a feel for a larger range of dinosaurs but shouldn't be hard. Might be prudent as well to make up a few new smaller dinosaurs that are a more realistic challenge as far as combat goes. You can use the Jurassic World basis about science having created new dinosaurs.

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  12. The Kingmaker Adventure Path for Pathfinder I think ends up with PC's running kingdoms?

    Or there is Ultimate Campaign which includes reworked kingdom building rules for Pathfinder/d20. Although not d100/BRP, I've never found d20 material hard to convert over.

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