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  1. am I going to get multiple "Friend" requests on Facebook if I d/l this? Cuz that would be weird. Same with if the first page says something along the lines of "You da man!" or "You're a great person!" Just be awkwardly strange...
  2. I'm super excited that there will be a RQ2 reprint. Will have to wait for the Kickstarter to get my copy.
  3. lol, you already know what I'm going to say: An Eternity Realms sub-forum in the Legend area. You asked!
  4. Got the Monster section done. Will be working on some new Factions and Cults in the next couple days. Then finally, the Eternity Realms setting info will be completed, then just waiting for artwork! It's coming! I promise!
  5. lol, yeah except HitN is a d6 game not a BRP version. I think CoC pretty much takes that cake, but might be talked into doing a horror game with the Legend rules I bought.
  6. Writing burn-out happens to me too sometimes. Hence why I usually have more than one project on the go with one major one (at this time Eternity Realms) and smaller ones that will get more attention once the major ones are out of the way (the smaller one right now is a bestiary for my Horrors in the Night game).
  7. Another update. Sorry for the delay on this. Finised up descriptions and stats for 40 new racial weapons and 8 racial sailing ships, all unique in their own ways. Will be working on descriptions on some new monsters and lineage rules. Artwork is being produced hopefully you'll see this soon!
  8. bookmarked, will definitely keep my eye on this as I'm always looking for original d100 stuff for my own sessions
  9. May need to port in some SAN rolls for that!
  10. I agree, let's see what the actual new BRP is when it comes out and go from there. I will say however, that if it is based off RQ6 it wouldn't be a bad thing, but I'd still like BRP to stay with the BGB.
  11. So the project is a little behind schedule, but I think you will all like the additions. Just added 5 lineages that can add flavour to any Adventurer, along with 20 different weapons specific to certain races and also 8 unique sailing ships for 4 different races (2 ships each). Working on the bestiary and Eternity Realm fluff next. Hopefully I can pull it all together soon!
  12. A new creature to use in any d100 setting as a Pay What you Want! A creature from the elemental realm of water, these powerful beings are usually set up as guardians of water god temples or realms of other like powered beings. Sometimes however, the creature is bound to a sorcerer's will and its deadly ray of cold energy is used for evil. Get it here!
  13. Posted an updated file. Now it's PWYW instead of $0.50 Get yours!
  14. I voted BGB as well since it's always been a favourite of mine.
  15. dragonnewt, what you've said is unfortunately true. Most d20 games (not all!) are so focused on one aspect of the system, that being combat, that most people will build their characters to rock out in combat but have very little skills for doing anything else. This is not always the case, but most people in d20 settings focus more on how quickly they can kill something rather than on how they can convince the prince to allow them to cross his territory to get to the famous blacksmith in his capitol. High role-playing just doesn't seem to be what people want, which is unfortunate. I deal with a group of min/maxers (or munchkins if you prefer that term) so they min/max their encounters to try and challenge everyone and that is a common theme in all d20 systems. If Chaosium wants to succeed with this new version of BRP they are going to have to be out there promoting their new system. Sure they have the new gamemaster volunteer program, but they may need to do more. There are other low cost options they can exploit but it will take work. Flexibility may not be enough for a gamer culture that is used to a black and white way of character building and role-playing. A new campaign of rpg "enlightenment" may need to happen which will require everyone that loves the system out there promoting the d100 game they love, BRP or otherwise. Now this may be different outside of North America, but there's a reason why d20 game continue to succeed. People want to go in an bash the orcs skull in rather than talk to it to get the prisoners back. It'll be a tough road, but if the new Chaosium can get out there (or any company) and actively promote their products outside of the general rpg niche on the internet and convention circuit, not meaning just d20 systems, then there is hope.
  16. I'm with you on this. I get what they're doin but when books like Savage World which is crazy popular have done what brp had done and successfully, it disappoints me to see Moon Design cutting it back to a mere 32 pages. I can't imagine there will be a playable genre in that booklet without having to fork out more money on who knows how many books that may or may not see the light of day with where their priorities are.
  17. Although I can see how a basic rundown of the rules would fit into a 32 page book, I feel it will lose the indepth aspects that make it so enjoyable. I'm still quite sceptical on this one. But I hope I'm surprised.
  18. I'll have to see Essentials to really see what the deal is with it. I'm disappointed the BGB as is will be discontinued, but hey, they need to change if they want to grow. I've been surprised before, hopefully it happens again!
  19. Another no cash option is to contact literary magazines that might be interested in doing a review of your game. I know it's a little off topic as far as d100 games go, but my d6 game "Horrors in the Night" is getting two reviews done in different magazines, one a major one. All you need to do is email and start asking questions. There are plenty of fantasy magazines and ezines out there that may be interested in reviewing a d100 game. I know I intend to start contacting them once "Eternity Realms" is done.
  20. Personally I'm really starting to fear what will happen to all non-CoC or RQ lines now. All moon design has done so far is slash staff and cut spending. One book has come out since they took over when they had all this staff to support all lines and now moon design is cutting them too. Not bodeing well for the games we non-mainstreamers tend to love.
  21. Hey all! As a short kind of intro into Eternity Realms I'm publishing short one monster pieces until the release. The first is the Stone Juggernaut, a usually peaceful herbivore but whose hide makes for valuable armour. Get it here!!!
  22. Along with working on editing and getting artwork done. I've been adding to the built-in setting and a big surprise.... Solace Games now has the rights to the d100 rules that Legend uses. No licenses or anything. This does NOT include the Legend name, just the rules. This will allow for greater flexibility for my company in getting supplements out. By the looks of it, I MIGHT get this out by the end of the month, but not sure. Had some RL stuff going on that I had to deal with. But it's getting closer and closer to being done everyday! Thanks!
  23. See it'd have to also be something I could justify spending the money on. For instance, I'm sure HotoE is worth the $120, but I've never been able to keep a CoC campaign going long enough to make it worth it. So with that in mind, a large campaign setting with what I mentioned before, would serve me a lot better since it's something I could come time and time again.
  24. I'd spend that much if it was a completely self-contained setting that had full maps, adventures, some figures and detailed setting info that included new spells, character options etc. Maybe even something along the lines of TSR's Menzoberranzan and I'd spend that for it.
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