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  1. Darksied would be like "so I'm retiring" then Chuck Norris would say "you retire when I say you retire"
  2. what about Batman vs. Chuck Norris? Who wins then? I aalready know .... total world destruction ...
  3. Never done this myself. Had friends who have ... didn't end well. I remind myself of that every time I think of doing this.
  4. Been thinking over and going to add some elements. Along with the new Nature Magic, Natural Armour Points and lots of new spells, there will be a lineage option for characters. Don't want to say much about it, but it will make things quite colourful for character options!
  5. LoL, nice Chris! Anyway, going back to the original questions, how about combining the Gigas Codex and Malleus Monstrorum names and making it the "Gigas Monstrorum"?
  6. How about something more dramatic like "There Be Dragons Here..." Not original I know, but something along those lines could be neat
  7. So as Eternity Realms nears completion, I can't help but wonder ... what would some of you like to see in a new version of Legend? Are there any additions that would make this outstanding for you? Thanks!
  8. With the skill they've shown in their publication quality, I have no doubt that this will be a great addition to the d100 ruleset!
  9. Still working on some rewrite stuff, noticed some of the setting info really needed to be worked on so slaving away on that. Been progressing more slowly than I had hoped, but still hoping for September to get this on DTRPG!
  10. Very interesting. I'm curious at to how this turns out and getting my hands on a copy. I've thought about developing my own d100 game, but I love the Legend/Runequest and BRP system too much that I can't honestly find myself diverting from that system enough to make it worth it.
  11. I love the interpretations of the maps already. Can't wait to see more fluff wise!
  12. I haven't done it personally, but I do know that, like you said, the powercreep goes up really fast so unless your character's skills are keeping pace, it'll get crazy hard really fast. I'd personally allow heroic hit points (like you suggested) and probably a faster skill percentage progression. Or else just really scale back the NPC's in a crazy way and make them more attuned to where the player's are at, which might be a bit tricky, but after a few test runs you should get the hang of it.
  13. I could definitely get on with this as well ....
  14. With what's on the Chaosium page and the cover, it's really hard to say what the book is or isn't about. Being a d100 book from a major company, I'm going to pick it up and see for myself what it's about and go from there. You never know what it will truly be like until you have it with time to read it. In some ways I tire of the vampire thing, but there are still sub-genres of vampire folklore that will interest me (like nWoD type stuff), but I won't know until I have it.
  15. No I didn't but skimmed doesn't mean you've read it. I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong but until someone on here has actually read the whole book and comments then saying the book "is" this or that isn't a fair assesment.
  16. I've been hearing a lot about these systems for a bit on different forums and will probably pick up HARP just to see what it is about. Unfortunately, Rolemaster isn't available as a POD on DTRPG so will probably have to wait and see what the new edition does.
  17. I'm not going to make any assumptions just based on the cover, a Shadowrun like world wouldn't disappointment me. But in the light of this discussion, there are a few different vampire settings out there where vampires are known to the general populace and they are either accepted or hunted, unlike the sickening love-fest that is True Blood. This could be something entirely different altogether or it could like others have said a remake of something else. Hard to say. With True Blood being so mainstream I wouldn't be surprised if it borrowed elements from that, but for my own respect towards Chaosium, I surely hope not. For all we know it could be very nWOD with the vampires known instead of trying to hide. THAT I'd be very okay with.
  18. Might get one made of deep one skin or printed in Cthulhu ink before this comes .... just sayin', but I've been surprised before
  19. I know I'll be getting this at some point. Personally I like the Shadowrun setting, just don't care for the system. IF AtVW is as good a setting, I'll be very happy with it.
  20. Can't do that they wouldn't make any money
  21. I can't see it being that hard. Magic World almost invites that type of setting. You'd just have to reference other d100 games for stats on black-powder weapons and maybe get some d20 sources to get some ideas on various demons/devils to use.
  22. Hmm tempting challenge. With Eternity Realms on the go right now not sure if I have time soon to do it. Maybe though, don't rule me out on this.
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