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    Heavens above. I'm 45 years old. I started RPG when I was 13 years old at high school. I started with AD&D 2nd ed. The next game I bought was Cuthulhu 2nd ed, the Games workshop version. I've played chivalry and sorcery, RQ in various editions, Star Frontiers and others. I've always come home however to some format of BRP and OSR D&D. I guess that's where my heart is.
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    I currently play Castles and Crusades and won't give 4th ed D&D a cursory glance, Amazing adventures, (also by the trolls), Cuthulhu and BRP. I have all the stormbringer books, (chaosium version). I loved Stormbringer, but then I'm a big fan of Michael Morecock. The game system is great and therefore I rushed off to get my Magic world PDF. Which is wonderful. Oh and I still play a house rules version of the original Pacesetter game chill.

    My main interest in joining is Magic world and COC.
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    Spain, Actually I'm English., I just live here.
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    I love sport, mainly Rugby (league and union) and Cricket, but practise Tai chi and work out with weights. I RPG twice a week over my Skype connection with two groups of friends in the UK. I'm trained in Psychoanalysis, but here in the land of sun and economic recession I teach English.

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  1. While I love the writing of Michael Moorcock I adore Tolkien. I rather like Halflings. As for ducks, I always thought that the original writer was just having a laugh.
  2. How much rope? As much as they want, but I really will let them hang. If a player rushes in to combat against a seriously more powerful opponent, they get seriously hurt, dead or the other PCs need to pay a ransom. If a PC kills the wrong NPC in a town, the PCs pay a wergeld or the local constable hangs the PC. I always felt that MW was rather medieval in feel and have often made consequence to actions the inhibiter to just plain outlandish behaviour . My initial premise has always been that in the big bad world, there are plenty of stronger and more powerful characters around than the PCs, un
  3. I completely agree, Which is why in my opinion, combat has to be dangerous, otherwise we just chisel way at our opponents hit points, or wait for an unlikely critical while doing 1d6 damage points to an adversary who has 6 points of armour. If combat isn't dangerous players, are always willing to try it. I like the idea of guilds and factions but let's not have cults. There is another very popular Chaosium Bronze age game, just full of cults, (it's also very good), so if we want them we can just play that game instead.
  4. 1. Magic to be powerful rare and not universal, making it dramatic. 2. Combat has to be dangerous. 3. Questing: As in, I want to go from point A to point B across a rich magical mythological landscape for a really good reason. 4. Empires: whether Germanic or Romanic, I want the myth surrounding European history played out. 5. And seafaring, which probably means little or no teleporting, as that would defeat the whole point of getting on a ship, braving sea monsters and terrible storms in the first place.
  5. I'm not Australian, but; we all have best friends. One of mine, Jon lives just outside Melbourne in a rural area called the Patch. One of his neighbors told him that both of his sons are Volunteer firefighters and a few days after it all kicked off they hugged their mom and said that they'd be back soon and drove off to heaven knows where. They keep in touch and are okay. These are very brave men and women. I have no idea that those parents are going through. The residents of the patch have a phone APP so if they have to leave their homes everybody knows straight away. These are worrying tim
  6. I'm a little hazy on some details. Will this go to straight to PDF and maybe print or will you do a kick starter? Well, so far I've liked what I've Heard from the other posts, so either way count me in.
  7. Well thank you. With MW discontinued, it's things like this that keeps the game alive and makes GMing so much better organized.đź‘Ť
  8. This looks very interesting. I can't wait to give you my money.
  9. It is with the deepest sadness that we all heard this news. Gregg was one of the all time greats. His work speaks for itself, as simply the pinacle of excellence in the role playing industry. His wonderful cannon of writing brought pleasure to a vast number of players and fans. He will be profoundly missed.
  10. This is great. With MWs recent obituary, it all seemed a bit doom and gloom. Now I can reference the whole spell list and running sorcerers is just going to be so much smoother. A definite silver lining on a rather dark cloud. Thanks.
  11. I wonder if the MW licence will be a sort of Open Game Licence in the style of the WoTC OGL.
  12. Bib Rockthrower Orc STR: 15 CON: 11 SIZ: 9 INT: 12 POW: 10 DEX: 13 APP: 8 Descriptive features: Dirty and with a missing front left K9 tooth Occupation: Raider. Skills: Conceal item 47% Hide 62% Move quietly 47% Track 35% Scimitar 43% 1H Spear 33% Med shield 43% Background: Bib was part of a raiding party that attacked a small elven village in the north east Lascalan Forest. The raid, for what it was worth was initially successful, but they’ve been on the run and picked off one by one for over a week now by an elven hunting party. Bib is exhausted and most of his team
  13. Blodyn Flor Elf STR: 9 CON: 12 SIZ: 8 INT: 13 POW: 14 DEX: 18 APP: 14 Descriptive features: Small and dainty even for an elf. She could be pretty but her manner and dress simply aren’t. She wears a brigandine jacket and trousers 1d6AP Occupation: Warrior Skills: 1H sword, (scimitar) 80%, Med round shield 60% Physik 77% listen 62% Search 47% Sense 42% Background: Blodyn is feisty and never takes a backward step. She considers most humans to be a bit dim witted. She doesn’t speak the local tongue in Tindale and has no interest in communicating with any of the locals.
  14. Gwynt Bryn STR: 13 CON: 11 SIZ: 10 INT: 17 POW: 15 DEX: 18 APP: 13 Descriptive features: Tall for an elf, Gwynt has his cousin Coeden’s sun light yellow blonde hair flowing in a main down his back. His pale green eyes speak of the Lascalan elves and show him to be a long way from home. He wears light hard leathers including a hood. Occupation: Hunter Skills Bow 79% Move Silently 68% Track 58% Listen 61% 1H Sword 72% Nature 60% Search 66% Background: He is Coeden’s cousin on his mother’s side. Gwynt adores his older cousin who has been like a brother to him. When their
  15. Although none of my offering will populate Tindale, they will I believe create an interesting side trek, when for a few days the local populace get caught up in an orc/elf conflict that gets forced upon them. Coeden Gwin STR: 12 CON: 13 SIZ: 9 INT: 19 POW: 17 DEX: 15 APP: 11 Descriptive features: Coeden has sun yellow blonde hair and bright green cat like eyes, that mark him as an elf at a casual glance, even at a distance. He moves with poise and grace not common in a warrior/hunter. His traveling cape is a natural green that somehow adds a +10 bonus to hiding when in a forest
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