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  1. jarulf

    Path of the Damned SPECIAL OFFER

  2. jarulf

    Moonrise Over Karse

    I think he probably has as idea of what may be expected of him, and what he will be involved in. The opportunity to travel south is a big draw however, and he is probably a little flattered at being singled out too, so maybe he tries not to think too much about the potential downsides. And he has travelled quite a bit already, he will have been in a fight or two and seen other dangerous situations (dramatically described in a journal), so I don't think he's naive exactly. And he does sincerely believe the Lunar way brings much good to the world, and that the cost is worth it sometimes. In general. he's an optimistic, easy-going and friendly young man (if his CHA roll allows it 😉 ) If he stays one remains to be seen.
  3. jarulf

    Moonrise Over Karse

    Annstor of the Black Willow Clan in Lunar Tarsh, Irripi Ontor Initiate. Annstor comes from the small Black Willow clan, near North Post and allied with the Orindori in Dunstop. The clan was traditional orlanthi but converted soon after Tarsh became a province. They are locally famous for the stand of willows with black bark, where their wyter resides. Their Chief, Orndal carries a ceremonial set of armour made from the bark. Annstor grew up an orphan after both his parents died when he was young, but raised by the whole village. His favourite pastime as a child was wandering around and exploring, and he got to know several of the friendly entities living close the village. A wandering philosopher from Dunstop made a huge impression on him when he was twelve, and a few years later, after he had been initiated to the Knowledge God, sought out the old woman and trained under her. His interest in discovery and exploration has taken him on many journeys around Tarsh and northern Sartar, allowing him to compile notes and sketches of the areas visited. A gentle and friendly manner has helped him get access to persons and places that might have been more difficult to reach otherwise. His compiled notes brought him to the attention of a group of people wanting to scout the city of Karse and surrounding lands. Eager for the opportunity to see the ocean and exotic Esrolia, he readily accepted the mission. His main tasks would be to gain an understanding of the region as a whole, both the land itself and the different groups of people living their and how they relate to each other. A bird's eye view, to help further narrow the focus of further studies. A secondary role would be to support the mission members with his unique skills and magic, as appropriate. Would something like this work?
  4. My Irripi Ontor fellow could be looking for a family heirloom of some sort, I had the idea the family might be from the Hearlands originally, but came down soon after Tarsh became a province and was somewhat influential locally for a while. By now, after mixing with the locals for a few generations they are more Tarshite than Heartlander. Something happened though, and the family's fortunes have waned. The heirloom was lost or stolen and divination and/or rumour has placed it in the south, "In the Evening Shadow of the Old One" or somesuch nonsense. (Is there a connection there, did the lost heirloom weaken their ties to their old homeland?) So the elders of the family, when they learned of this mission, managed to secure a position for my PC on the team, interrupting his own research in the process. It's an opportunity, not an interruption!, they tell him. He may have a few lore and language skills that could be generally useful too, especially for fulfilling the fourth goal of the mission. An interest in map making might be useful to the army. As for sorcery; I'll reread the rules but yeah, that might be fun. Edit: As for Grogs, we could have a follower or two per the new rules perhaps?
  5. That's a fair point, I'll give it some thought. Not that I mind a role that is supportive, but it's not terribly heroic perhaps. I like the campaign idea though, though I would probably be out of my depth. I'd like a session to create characters and to get to know everyone a bit. I'm very, very rusty and haven't played anything other than by mail or forum in a very long time. Also, English isn't my first language.
  6. Simon, would an Irripi Ontor sage from Lunar Tarsh work? Weekend evenings work fine
  7. I've only played around with Roll20 briefly and that was a few years ago, and haven't tried any of the alternatives. I'd be happy to pony up for a fantasy grounds license though, especially if it gets support for RQG.
  8. I'm in Sweden, so in CET. I would love to play a lunar.
  9. I'm in a similar situation here, definitely interested in this too.
  10. jarulf

    RQG Corrections Thread

    Of course. I blame the heat here.
  11. jarulf

    RQG Corrections Thread

    I take it to mean that the reduction to 100% doesn't count into the "final modified skill", it comes after that as it were. No idea if that's correct, but the only way I can make sense of the text.
  12. I have been wondering the very same thing Is it finally the White Moon?
  13. jarulf

    Glorantha Links

    Jane set up a group on MeWe, join here: https://mewe.com/join/glorantha
  14. jarulf

    RQG - Where we are. And the new cover.

    Hopes the really, really exciting news is a Gloranthan TV series put out by one of the streaming giants, with a ridiculous budget and full creative control kept by Chaosium. A man can dream.