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  1. I don't usually listen to podcasts (no commuting, I only have about 7 minutes to work, by bike), but really enjoyed this. Looking forward to the next episode 👍
  2. I am so sorry for your loss.
  3. That's probably too good to be true, I'll just assume next year 🙂
  4. I put a 'looking for game 'post over on Roll20. Feel free to share elsewhere.
  5. Budgets are very annoying things.
  6. I've read through this thread today, and can only agree with all the nice words people have said to you @M Helsdon Your art has improved a lot, and it wasn't bad at all to begin with. Military stuff isn't my forte, but I will buy your book as soon as I can if/when it becomes available, just because it will add to my understanding of Glorantha.
  7. Thanks, Jeff. I don't use Facebook, but I may have found a game over on rpol.
  8. Is anyone running, or thinking of running, a RuneQuest Glorantha game online? Preferably forum-based, e.g rpol.net and set in the usual places, Sartar, Pavis etc.
  9. That's pretty cool actually, thanks. Just add some Orlanthi bagpipes and Uz percussion, and the band's ready to go on tour. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how the handle music.
  10. I'm suddenly curious what the music will be like.
  11. I don't play MMOs, so I'm definitely hoping for a single player game of some sort. I'll buy anything that's not an MMO. But I am happy this is happening either way
  12. It would be amazingly cool to wander the streets of Pavis in 1st person. To walk up to the gates of Clearwine or see those painted cave walls from the rule book, in the light of the setting Yelm. Or pretty much any other place in Glorantha.
  13. I believe that you can contact Chaosium support and they'll give you a new voucher for all the items you want to get.
  14. Also cautiously optimistic. I've been hoping for one for ages, but have also been afraid it wouldn't do Glorantha justice.
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