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  1. jarulf

    Glorantha Links

    Jane set up a group on MeWe, join here: https://mewe.com/join/glorantha
  2. jarulf

    RQG - Where we are. And the new cover.

    Hopes the really, really exciting news is a Gloranthan TV series put out by one of the streaming giants, with a ridiculous budget and full creative control kept by Chaosium. A man can dream.
  3. jarulf

    A New Direction for Classic Fantasy?

    I can understand your frustration and it would be a real pity if Classic Fantasy's particular brand of, uh fantasy wasn't catered for. Looking at the various BRP alternatives available, I'm not sure any of them would be a perfect fit. Open Quest strives for simplicity, to cut down on as much extra stuff as possible which may not be Classic Fantasy's way of doing things. Legend and RuneQuest 6 would require quite a bit of changes as well I think. What about Aeons? I don't know all that much about it to be honest, but the impression I get is that it will be close to Chaosium's RQ2. If I understand things correctly, that is one of the main points of the system so we can run all the old Gloranthan Classics without having a copy of the old rules od do any conversions. It seems to me this may be closer to Classic Fantasy? The drawback however would be that Aeons is still being developed.
  4. jarulf

    RuneQuest Sixth Edition - Preview 2

    Seems to work now
  5. jarulf

    2 questions

    Steve Perrin's Quest Rules uses an ad/disad system I think. It hasn't been published yet, but is being worked on. Take a look here for his site. There's also a yahoogroup.
  6. jarulf

    Most horrible self-execution

    Standing/chained under pot with slowly dripping acid? For extra effect the pot could swing a little so you wouldn't know where it hit next.
  7. jarulf


    According to Matt Sprange it's the same book as A&E with errata. Well 99% at least.
  8. jarulf


    Mongoose has released Arms of Legend as a pdf on Drivethru. If anyone has both this and the MRQ2 version could you give us an idea how they differ? I assume they got the right weapons table this time, but what about the ship rules, construction etc?
  9. jarulf


    Interesting replies guys, and I think Pete pretty much summed it all up. Thinking about it a little, I suspect one of the main issues is the one mentioned by Thalaba; that people want to play Conan himself. Or someone just like him and as Pete says he is meant to be invincible. That doesn't translate well into any RPG of course. Now, I just need to find someone on-line who wants to GM MRQ2 Hyboria for me, this has wetted my appetite. And perhaps I should read a few of the stories.
  10. jarulf


    A friend and I have had a discussion about BRP's suitability for playing Conan. He likes BRP but thinks it is much too deadly for the type of heroics Conan gets into and prefers D&D for this. I don't really have an opinion as I haven't read that many of the stories, just pointed out that with double hitpoints, Hero Points, perhaps some Super Powers to beef up the PCs and mook rules you could at least make the characters a lot more robust. I've also seen comments that the perfect system for Conan would be Mongoose RuneQuest 2 (and presumably the forthcoming RQ6) so why these different views? Apart from system loyalty, why is this? Do people read the stories differently, see the fights differently, view the comics, the movies or the stories as more important? I'm just curious about people's experiences and views, mostly out of idle curiosity. EDIT: And let's just assume that when I say BRP, I mean D100 in general.
  11. jarulf

    BRP Invisibilty Spell

    A Luck roll would (obviously) work just as well, and might give the game a slightly different feeling in how magic works. I'm sure there are other ways of tweaking active spells like this, tailoring them for a specific setting. One of the reasons we all love BRP
  12. jarulf

    BRP Invisibilty Spell

    A variant might be to use a concentration roll to keep up the spell during strenous activities, such as attacking. If the original roll for the spell was a special or crit, the concentration roll might be eaiser.
  13. jarulf


    Another vote for epub, but I wouldn't mind if the art was still there.
  14. jarulf

    Legend, RQ6 and 3rd Party Publishers

    Interesting settings. A late-medieval/early renaissance low fantasy Italy, or reconquista Iberian Peninsula inspired setting. Look at Gay Gavriel Kay's novels for what I mean. Cults, guild, towns etc for above. A series of connected solo adventures (solo as in "go to section 45 if you try to sneak past the guard") for the above (that way, you can sell more than just the solos and possibly make a bit of money). I'm not interested in elves, dwarves and so on. Anything like that would have to be very different and new to interest me. Legend or RQ6 would both be fine, I'll get both and until RQ6 is out it's hard to say which'll be my first choice. I could live with OpenQuest and BRP as well.
  15. jarulf

    The Social networking thing

    Ah, so it's an open alpha now.