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  1. I'm devastated at the news. Greg, through Chaosium has defined much of whom I am in my likes and dislikes. He introduced me to Stormbringer and Moorcock. To Cthulhu and Lovecraft. To Ringworld and Niven. To RuneQuest and Glorantha. To King Arthur Pendragon and The Great Pendragon Campaign. My life would have been so empty without him and Chaosium. I'm glad that I met him at Continuum in 2008, that he inspired me and others to form the Pendragon Eschille. Thank you Greg. Damon.
  2. There is a Poll on rpg.net about the most influential games apart from d&d. BRP is doing quite well. [POLL] The 3 Most Important RPGs other than D&D
  3. Indeed. The whole D6 phenomenom? Kick started by the good folks at Chaosium. I do like the Chaosium logo in the Ghostbusters Box.
  4. Interesting. I'd love to see it all when finished. Once I've written something up, I'll send you my notes to compare.
  5. The politics I'm hoping should divide the collective and cause mechanical difficulty when using community resources. I'm not concerned about the nitty gritty, but how groups of people are harder to work with without leadership.
  6. I've had a look at the links and have to say the Factions in the Rennaisance SRD is looking quite good. However, rather than have RP's as presented, I'd combine that with the Allegiance scores. I like the beliefs. My thinking had not come this far, but it makes a good template.
  7. Yes. That sounds about right. In terms of privilidgeS, once your 'political' credentials are established support from the 'party faithful' is much easier. Of course, different professions will have a different spread of political ideals. The Farmers, the scientists, the administration and the military. Getting them all to work together will be tricky.
  8. Whilst responding to these, I've remembered the 'Kingdom' rules in Warlords of Alexander. Something like that may work where I use opposed / Ressistance table rolls to determine conflict between groups. I'd have to define how the groups are made up. I am clearer now, in that I want a system that sits in the background during a 'winterphase' set up. Conflict during the adventuring phase may be as simple as opposed rolls, to see how 'voters' are swayed. Success failure can be tracked and used for year end bonuses / penalties. So a disastrous leader, will make success of comunity projects much harder or less efficient. I think I will also need a corruption mechanic so crooked leaders can buy success when they need it. I'll have a think, read some of the material proposed and see if I can come up with something sensible. Thanks everyone.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll download and read. Thanks again.
  10. To an extent. I'm not entirely happy in using status as written, and wanted something more specific.
  11. I hadn't considered RQ: Empires. I have always been more interested in the Glorantha aspect of RQ and not paid enough notice to this book. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. I am running a lot of Pendragon at the moment with my group, and am very happy with a lot it can do. I have thought of using Traits to emphasize differences with the Aliens and to distinguish cultural groups. Maybe even political beliefs...hmmm food for thought. Of course, Traits are in the BGB, so no problem there. Loyalties come into the Passions part of Pendragon, and I am not too happy about how they work and how to apply to the setting. Quite a few things to thnik about. Thanks.
  13. The more I look at 'modern' Jorune, the more I think HQ would be a better fit. However, for the Colony era I want something gritty and that's why BRP is my first choice. I have downloaded your rules and will have a look to see if I can be inspired by it. Thank you very much.
  14. Thanks for your thoughts. I hadn't considered going all the way in replacing combat terms as I wanted something less mechanical. I am thinking of using the The Politics phase as some kind of 'Winter Phase' as seen in Pendragon. Some of the group leadership dynamics will only apply in the course of a year eg harvests, defense projects, construction etc. maybe even half yearly of quarterly, but outside of game time. Thanks for you valuable comments.
  15. It looks much more complicated that what I need, but thanks for the link. Not sure i'd get it at this stage, I'm not a GURPS person, despite having a few historical supplements. Thanks.
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