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  1. I'm devastated at the news. Greg, through Chaosium has defined much of whom I am in my likes and dislikes. He introduced me to Stormbringer and Moorcock. To Cthulhu and Lovecraft. To Ringworld and Niven. To RuneQuest and Glorantha. To King Arthur Pendragon and The Great Pendragon Campaign. My life would have been so empty without him and Chaosium. I'm glad that I met him at Continuum in 2008, that he inspired me and others to form the Pendragon Eschille. Thank you Greg. Damon.
  2. Indeed. The whole D6 phenomenom? Kick started by the good folks at Chaosium. I do like the Chaosium logo in the Ghostbusters Box.
  3. Treading into RQ3 Sorcery territory? Might be worth dusting off Sandy's Sorcery Rules to see if they would work for dysha weaving and interference. In principle, I think it may work; the trick is getting a playable set of rules.
  4. Interesting. I have to admit until a recent post by Joe on FB about Isho weather, I also saw it as a pool. Now I see it as a more dynamic element and you have explained it very well. I have two analogies at the moment although they are not very good. 1. Blowing Smoke Rings. (Been reading LotR again, so ispired by Gandalf). For Shantha having isho is like having air to breathe. Death is the 'isholess' state. So for them, Isho is always flowing in and out of them, and they have big lungs. When they weave a dysha, its like blowing a smoke ring. Effortless if you know what you are doing. In t
  5. Thanks for the update. We've not forgotten but understand how life gets in the way. Would love to hear ab out Isho.
  6. Hi Fergo113. Just wondering how you getting on and hoping you haven't abandoned this project. Thanks Damon
  7. By the time I heard of Loz's Hawkmoon, it was all over. Shame it didn't work out well. I picked up the Mongoose version, but being so grey, its hard to read. I have very fond memories of the first one, warts and all. Had a lot of milage from it and it was hard to go back to SB, since my players were very fond of their flame lances. Not sure what the state of play is with the licence now, since the most qualified person to do a Multiverse / Eternal Champion RPG has left Mongoose. Quite tempted to run an Elric game using HeroQuest and run a dream as a HeroQuest.
  8. I agree that Jorune is 'alien' enough for the players to get into without the need to add the complex system. Familiarity with the rules will certainly help. Unfortunately, rather than BRP, it was D20 who went OGL and spawned a plethora of games using the same underlysing system. That imploded with disastrous effects. The BRP rennaisance apperas to be of much better quality.
  9. Ha. I think I found a solution to your Thriddle dilema. 2D6+3
  10. Glad you got a breakthru. I'll look forward to seeing your treatment of isho.
  11. Read all the beastiaries you can find. Map / tweak existing beasties to Jorune Beasties. The players will not know the difference. That is what I would do.
  12. Ian, How about using SIZ for mass and STR for Height? My logic is that strength tends to be relative to size to a certain extent. ie you need to be strong enough to carry your body about. Not perfect but might be a better fit?
  13. Ok. Been skimming the 2nd edition briefly and just have a few observations at moment. Bronth. How do they stack up against Great Troills? I would put both more or less in same size strentgth bracket. Croid. There is a picture on page 11 of the Tauther guide where a croid picks up a Cleash with no trouble and is about to rip it apart. Quite fiercesome! It looks to be 4 or 5 times the size of a cleash. Ie as in how many cleash you could fit in its skin. I can't think of a suitable equivalent from RQ. Maybe a small giant? Corastin. I'd probably make them similar to Bronth in strength
  14. Hmm interesting dilema. I don't know what your answer would be since it depends on the 'density' of the body in question. I'd try to work out SIZ both in Height and Weight and then apply a 'bodytype' multiplier to them. Anything from 0.25 to 1.75. I expect insectoids to be lighter than reptiles. Mamals somwhere in between. You might need a SIZ table like in SB1-4 with height/weight ranges for SIZ by bodytype. Ultimately, use your instinct and rank them by how massive you think they are and apply figures accordingly. The info in the sholari pack may have been assembled from indepe
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