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  1. Elric! or SB5 as pdf would be very much appreciated...I would buy everything for those editions. I have pretty much everything in book-form, but have gotten used to searchable pdf:s. Very convenient. Maybe Ill have to buy another set of books, and make really nice scans for personal use. I calculated I have scanned around 200000 images for print
  2. Thanks I read Your post and then reread the description and think I know what my version of Inzom will be like.
  3. Yes, You are right, its the easiest way and it works
  4. I am currently reading through The Savage North, and I like it very much. Still, there are so many simple mistakes in the statblocks. For example the Goblin champion should have 15hp, not 13. He also has STR19, which shouldnt be possible for goblins (2d6+3, max for race =15+ 2dice, 17). All other goblins all have STR16 and CON16, which is possible but highly unlikely..... Bows are listed as taking one round to reload, but according to the rules You can fire every round... There are errors in almost every statblock! It puzzles me that this hasnt been better proofread, since it is a really good
  5. Priests have allied spirits who have INT, POW, spells and magic points. They do not have a casting skill though. Now for devine magic they dont need one, but how about battle magic? If the spirit just provides spell knowledge and mp:s, I can use the priests casting skill. Is that how its intended? if so the priest and spirit combined, can cast 1 spell/cr. If the spirit casts his spell, they can cast one each in one cr, but then it has no casting skill. OR am I supposed to let the spirit use the priests casting chance?
  6. I dont quite get what the city Inzom is like.... Are there ghosts co-existing with the living? Only incorporeal beings or other kinds of undead?
  7. Nope, I like it just the way it is! Just couldnt find it, and there it was, right where it should be, and where I should have looked
  8. Well I dont know about BRP BGB, but cant find the rule in openquest....
  9. I cannot find any rule regarding missile/thrown weapons and damage bonus. In other brp-derived games, missiles do not use damage bonus, while thrown weapons get 1/2 db. Is this or any similar rule in the rulebook? I cant find it.....Or do all attacks use the full db?
  10. Im wondering what the mp cost is to summon different spirits? The mp cost of the spell is 1mp. For deamons the cost is stated as 6p for lesser and 9p for greater demons. Do spirits cost the 1p from the spell only? thanks Hasse
  11. I see, thanks all for the info. A bit annoying that it has been available for purchase and I didnt get it then...
  12. Does anyone know if/where I can buy a pdf-version of Elric! rpg? (The chaosium version). I know I have pretty much the same ruleset in MW, but the Elric book has such nice art/layout, I want it in pdf also. Ive got the dead tree version already.
  13. What happened to Openquest classic? The one with the skeleton on the frontpage
  14. Hello, Thanks both of You, for helping out. I will use Your solution, El_Octogono, since it seems like a god interpretation of the rulebook Hasse
  15. Are those BRP rules? Openquest rules: Close Combat skills greater than 100% A character with over 100% can split his skill to perform multiple attacks and parries or dodges. For combat attacks at over 100% in the weapon skill the number of attacks and the allocated % of each one must be declared at the start of the combat round. Any allocation of split is allowed. For example Murgan the Mighty with an Axe skill of 120% can split it 90% /30% or make four attacks at four opponents in range at 30% each. So, no need to split at 50%. Also: Two Weapon Use A character wielding two weapons
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