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    Well, contrary to what I wrote here before, I will try to give a biography of my roleplaying experience:
    It all started with a German rpg, called Das Schwarze Auge (The Black Eye) in about 1983 (you actually had to vocalize your spells then, such as Fulminictus Donnerkeil - schlaget drein, Schwert und Beil (I wont even try to translate it...) for combat).
    This was followed (oh wonder) by D&D and later AD&D, and from there went of in several directions at once, Twilight 2000, Dark Conspiracy (both GDW), Traveller, and then for a long time GURPS. Later, I played a German rpg again, called Midgard, which is a very good system up to today, but is published only slowly (especially adventures). I also tried, over time, things as Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, LoTR, Vampire Masquerade, and some more, and own copies of some rpgs I havent played yet, such as Gamma World, Darwins World, D20 Modern and more. Of course, BRP adds to this list with various settings, but I have played only CoC extensively so far. It seems to be my fate that I am the gamemaster in most of the above cases, even when I would really like to be a player, too. Because of my educational background, I favorize historical roleplaying settings (GURPS and CoC excel at that). Because of a dense time schedule, I and my groups now favor rpgs with a lot of published material, especially adventures, just because we do not have the time any more to write adventures ourselves (to think how much time I invested in my GURPS adventures and settings.. sigh). Nevertheless, it was one of my hobbies over the last years, to write my own WWII setting based first on Twilight 2000, now on BRP. It has grown quite large by now, and I am ciurrently mastering a historical campaign in this setting, a Cthulhu campaign based in Arkham, and just started playing Savage Worlds, which is mastered by a friend of mine (although, after the first few sessions, I must say that the system does not seem to fit my personal taste, but that may still change)
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    Well, my own WWII, CoC, Savage Worlds (not too enthusiastic) (see above)
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    Okay, just a bit about me then: I was born in 1967 in Kaiserslautern, Germany, know to many Americans as K-town (near the Ramstein Air Base). After school I went to study Archaeology and Medieval History, which I finished with a Masters Degree. Because of the job situation by then, I studied a second time to become a teacher (financing this by working as a First Aid Trainer and Medic) for German and History, and that is my job now, teaching children. Roleplaying is one of my earliest hobbies, apart from a little medieval reenacting (more Lord of the Ring - ing, I admit), boardgames, reading, and some fairly exotic things (like dabbling in horse-archery (FROM a horse, not AT a horse)).
    I live in Germany with my girlfriend (wife, in the near future), in the town of Bad Kreuznach.

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    This is a pdf-file containing a 5-page character sheet, designed for use with the MRQII-Viking Supplement.
  2. Hmm, not sure if I understand you right, but that remembers me of the system Harnmaster used, which, as far as I remember, said every percentage roll equal to multiple of 5s was either a critical success (if below skill), or a critical failure (if above skill). That gave a higher skill a much higher possibility to obtain special results and fewer critical failures. But that would not solve the problem with opposed rolls, just change the propabilities?! I personally would still use the opposed skill rolls, but interpret them as necessary, depending on the situation - there have been quite a fe
  3. I cannot say that I have read everything of Lovecraft, but he is definitely my among my favorites concerning horror. But I personally play CoC quite different from lovecrafts stories. With that I do not talk about the setting, but about the survival of the players. While Lovecrafts stories almost always end tragically for his heroes, I like my players to survive (though some of them die trying:7). I have played modern and clasic era (well, mostly classic era) and would love to try the 1880s. What I like most (and now I am speaking as a GM with not as much spare time as I would like to have) ab
  4. I wholeheartedly agree with that. I played a lot of Roleplaying games during the last, oh, thirty years, and became stuck with GURPS for a long time, because it allowed me and my players to use different settings with one set of rules. The same is definitely true for BRP AND it is easier to use with certain settings. At least, our group back then quickly got the opinion, that GURPS best fitted settings centered around humans or humanoids, while some of the stock fantasy monsters (like, lets say, dragons) did not fit as well with the game system. I have not played a fantasy setting with BRP yet
  5. Okay, first I´d like to thank you all for your contributions - they provide me with a lot of ideas and new options to think about. At this moment, I recognize three different issues: a) BRP Game Mechanics: After the Legend system has been mentioned, I simply purchased it on DriveThru (ONE dollar!!). As far as I can recognize, it would require a major reworking of my setting to adjust it to Legend (and there would probably still be some BRP in it). Depending on Chaosiums point of view, the easiest thing for me is to leave some parts of the game mechanics out of my core rules (like the chapter
  6. I wholeheartedly agree with you, but then I did not mention, that I softed BRP up a bit. First, I use the optional hit point location system throughout my books. Then, a character being reduced to 0 hit points dies after 10 combat turns, instead of one. Combined with the rule for double hit points, this means, a average man will have 10 hit points chest, 8 head legs, and abdomen, and 6 arms (fractions rounded up). If I take the average damage value of a rifle (2D6+4, thus 11), he will be down on an average chest hit (and out of the fight), but not dead (yet, I added an optional rule, by which
  7. Uuurgh, I really dislike the keyboard of my notebook, sorry for the typing errors...
  8. That is a point I have been thinking of the last few days, because, as far as I understand copyright law (which in some parts seems to be very similar in Germany and the U.S.), may work is more or less derivative, i.e. I used a great part of BRP, but I also invented a lot of content myself. It is difficult to summarize this in a single post, but it may be outlined as follows: Setting Background: I provided two different backgrouns, one purely historicol, the second an alternative background by my own. Character Creation: This section is almost completely BRP, although I changed some skills,
  9. Well, I am used to long time waiting in roleplaying (I played Harnmaster once...), so this isn´t much of a problem. To your questions: As I originally didn´t even think about publishing, I haven´t done any market research as such, but before I started to write my own subsystem, I did look for WWII roleplaying games on the market. There is the GURPS 3rd edition WWII roleplaying series, which I find absolutely great and well done, and I used GURPS as a system for WWII even before they brought out this series. Unfortunately, GURPS is really deadly in combat (much more so than BRP, if you play wit
  10. Hmmm, I do not know the Runequest II system (though I still have the first Runequest system somewhere). Fact is, I rewrote some rules, or even invented them, like the vehicle combat rules. I have had a look at the Achtung Cthulhu system last week and bought some of their supplements to have a look at them, and while they share the setting, their focus is totally different. mine is on military roleplaying , theirs is (as far as I understand) stiull playing Cthulhu. But, I admit, it really, really looks interesting (well, I am playing CoC as well)...
  11. Thanks Gollum, I just wrote an email to Dustin@chaosium.com Well, I will see how they react. I never thought of publishing something before. All the work was just intended for my personal use, but I guess my friends are right, it would be a shame not to share - and if there is some money in it, well, why not - though this not mandatory
  12. Well, so far I managed to enter the forum - first step done (hopefully). Now, I did that, because I have some sort of a problem: For some time (years probably), I have put work in adapting rpg systems to a World War II setting. I first started by reworking GDWs old Twilight 2000, but then I came upon BRP. Well, to keep it short: I have just finished adapting BRP to my World War II setting (or, if you would like to put it like that, the other wy round). Now, what does that mean? I have consolidated a core rule book (320 pages) and altogether 12 supplements detailing weapons and vehicles (
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