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  1. Duly nudged and he has several ideas. He also has quite an intense career which eats his time plus other things but I will keep prodding ?
  2. Roger is the lead on these but I will nudge him again
  3. Jeff, contact Ken/Peter using their messenger via the website and let them know what's happened
  4. @doomedpc can you address any of the above questions ? Ta.
  5. Hiya. I will be continuing Terror of the Toad. Apologies for the huge delay in it. My plan, working with Ken & Pete (doomedpc) , is to spend the majority or whole of next year concentrating on Dark Streets and getting releases out for it either in PDF or Print or both. I would hope to be getting a product out from late March every 6 to 8 weeks including new adventures , setting material and sourcebooks including a link to bring it into the Edwardian era.
  6. A Dark streets non mythos Adventure would be excellent - basically a good old detective mystery murder ? I like that idea. I will pop it on the "To Do" list. Possibly a 64 page collection of a couple of such adventures plus some adventure seeds ? I reckon I could get Pete & Ken up for that one
  7. If you haven't seen it then here is the Autumn update from Pete & Ken. Hi folks, Had a lovely review of OneDice Supers from the Pits Perilous RPG blog this week, which warmed the cockles of our hearts. To celebrate, we've released an alternative Supers character sheet, including an interactive version for free here! There's also going to be more material for Supers in the next issue of the fanzine Rolling Thunder, which will be out when the Stars are Right. The current issue of Rolling Thunder should be available in print in the next week or so, for the princely sum of $5 plus postage, keep a watch on our DriveThruRPG page. In other news, some of you have been asking what happened to Michael Scott Rohan's Winter of the World RPG. Due to a plethora of problems beyond our control, it's all got rather delayed, but will be out this winter. Also in the pipeline are Gin & Hellfire (a book of adventures for Dark Streets 2nd Edition), Tales of Tortuga (an adventure/sourcebook for Pirates & Dragons), Adventures in Kerys (A sourcebook forWinter of the World), Clockwork of Orange (a campaign for Clockwork & Chivalry),OneDice Spies: Martinis and Masterminds, and OneDice Robin Hood, with several more OneDice books in the offing. And as if that's not enough, Mystical Throne Entertainment will be bringing outDark Streets: Five Points (Cthulhu role-playing in 19th century New York for Dark Streets 2nd Edition). In other other news, our back catalog is slowly being released back in to friendly local game stores in the USA via Studio 2 Publishing, and will soon be appearing in UK games stores too, courtesy of Esdevium. The nights are fair drawing in, what better time to huddle indoors with your friends, away from the cold winds of autumn and play a new RPG? May all your rolls be high! (Or low, depending on system...) Ken Walton Cakebread & Walton
  8. A Renaissance Early Old West setting would be interesting as would one set circa 1910 with weird/Cthulhoid overtones. Again, I know very little of Mexico (other than Bierce's disappearance Again, this comes up - I think Peter knows a bit about these eras and possibly it will be worth me having a chat with him There is certainly a lot to go at in these Posts so thanks again and keep them coming. Maybe I need to get some more co-writers to get these things written and out lol
  9. Maybe a Renaissance setting set in the actual Renaissance ? Based in Italy with tones of Assassin's Creed, Three Musketeers and the magic of Clockwork & Sorcery ?
  10. I will ask Roger if he is ready to work on the next one in the French & Indian war series and/or maybe do it as a sourcebook or standalone product As for the Irish Saga - There will be more ! Sorry for the delay in bringing the next one out
  11. It's always good to throw things out there for responses. Every rulebook takes effort to read, even the best written ones, and it is so easy to miss small things like that
  12. Interesting. I must admit my knowledge of that era is only secondary through central American archaeology papers and a couple of novels. I can see the adventure aspect
  13. That could be done against either a C&S or a Napoleonic backdrop
  14. Another problem I am finding when posting via my phone is that if I have previously quoted from an earlier comment all future posts try and include it :/ Anyway... Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming. I am more than happy to post updates of where I am with my stuff here. On Kingsport I am at the mapping and notes stage. It will be hand drawn similar to the earlier Chaosium maps and am basing it on the port of Marblehead, Mass. with some obvious poetic licence.
  15. Thanks Rust : I built it just for that - The mystery but with options for combat should the group favour that type of play. I wanted to create the aura of threat and feeling of danger rather than violence.
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