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  1. I need to catch up on my reading of this. Running a WoA campaign is on my long list of RPG gaming I want to do someday, and I like seeing how someone else does. it.
  2. There was a D&D edition of this? Also, is it pronounced 'Ky Khan-guh'? "Ky Khan-gay'? While I've been burned out on fantasy games for a long time, I do like to see unconventional settings.
  3. I wonder if he's a fan of the movies?
  4. I've been using a tweaked version of River of Heaven, which is based on OpenQuest. I like to start with a simple base and add on some complexity as I feel it's needed. My focus with this is mostly for one-shot and convention games, where no one has to worry about mastering a new rule system. For a regular group campaign, I might go with with something more complex, but probably only if a lot of granular combat was needed to match the tone of the setting.
  5. Well, it has been about 25 years since the Ultraverse comics were a thing. Most of them were fairly good. I was matching up the Utraverse characters with their closest counterparts in the Marvel or DC universe. The Freex for example were runaway mutant teens, Mantra was the primary magic-user in the Ultraverse, Firearm was a former British secret operative, etc. Actually, Prime should be matched up with Shazam! as both are young teenagers who have an adult super hero form.
  6. I'd bring back the Ultraverse comic characters, to team up with the big Marvel and DC heroes. Night Man and Batman. Firearm and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Prototype and Iron Man. Mantra and Doctor Strange. The Freex and the New Mutants. The Strangers and The West Coast Avengers. I'd include Ultra Force and The Avengers/Justice League but many of those characters strain the BRP system. Honestly, except for the mostly human-level heroes which Superworld would do well, I'd use another system designed just for super heroes. Hmm, the Action Lab, Actionverse heroes would make for a fun crossover too. Stray and Batman, Midnight Tiger and Spider-Man, Molly Danger and Wonder Woman.
  7. I mentioned this to my local comic store owner by saying, "Chaosium needs to do the official John Wick RPG, written by John Wick."
  8. Looking forward to the River of Heaven updates.
  9. Mental fatigue, shell shock, not that hard to sell the idea that some people are going to snap under the pressure. Never thought about the contaminated water issue, but the problem growing worse the longer they stay works really well in your scenario.
  10. Checking the Big Gold Book, a rapier does 1D6+1 +DB compared to the sword cane at 1D6 + DB. You could modify the parry chance of the sword cane (say -10%) due to lacking the hilt or pommel or just cap the parry at 90% to reflect a less effective parry? I would make Sword Cane its own weapon skill, given the little but important differences it has with a more standard sword type. Or maybe require a character to practice for a couple days if they have the Rapier skill to get used to using a Sword Cane?
  11. Damage to the building by both sides? Storage of munitions on sacred ground? Killing with all these ranged weapons is dishonorable, especially the snipers!
  12. I feel like the old SPI Universe RPG is the only space RPG I have that didn't have the usual cat/dog/reptile aliens. Oh, and the even more rare Journeyman RPG too. A big part of this is how warm and fuzzy the cat race is. No one could think a hulking Kzinti with those fangs, claws, flattened ears, and rat-like tail is anything but an apex predator. At the other end of the scale is the H'Reli.
  13. I love me some Kzinti, but they would be overpowered in a lot of campaigns. From the Ringworld Explorer book: STR 5D6+12 MAS 4D6+10 CON 2D6+6 INT 3D6 POW 2D6+6 DEX 2D6+12 APP 2D6+6
  14. More of an out of left field suggestion, but odd people running around asking questions about everything and using the wrong tense in sentences about "World War I" instead of "The Great War". The smirks when they saw your camera were a bit much, to be honest. It seems that when you live in interesting times, you get interesting visitors.
  15. I didn't think this needed a new thread, but I wanted to mention what I was up to with RoH. I used it to run a Fringeworthy adventure earlier this year, and for Free RPG Day 2019 I'm working on something I've always wanted to run: an adventure set on Jack Vance's Tschai Planet of Adventure. I'm in the process of converting the RoH character sheet. There will be 5-6 of them, all with the planetary map, space for character art, and one of the alien races of Tschai depicted (Green and Blue Chasch, Wanek, Dirdir, Pnume, and maybe one with a Night Hound). I finally feel like I have the resources to run a Tschai adventure; with heavy reliance on the old GURPS setting book, but also recently getting the entire series on audio book. There is a French Tschai RPG that came out late last year, so I'll have to keep an eye out for the English translation (if it happens). It was based heavily on the French Tschai comic book adaptation I think. Anyway, here is the work-in-progress Tschai Planet of Adventure character sheet. I included 'BRP' in the title for name recognition value, but then again the two players I had for Fringeworthy had never actually played any Chaosium RPG. They understood percentages though, and had no issues with the game system.
  16. In the way of constructive criticism? A very serviceable, but plain character sheet. It need a bit of flair, like an 'OpenQuest' title header? Maybe some little touches like a border or a couple weapon images?
  17. Yes, the appeal of River of Heaven to me was the more hard sci-fi approach. Sadly, that has less appeal to my gaming group than adventuring in a galaxy far, far away. Or a five year mission to seek out new life and new civilizations. Selling players on a known setting is always easier though. Anyway, good to see things are progressing on the RoH Companion book, I look forward to reading it.
  18. I'm looking at 11 straight days off starting this coming weekend, with no big travel plans, so I'll be gaming (video and table top) quite a bit. I'd be happy to read it over and provide some feedback.
  19. I loved the mix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy with Hawkmoon, and rebels against the evil empire was a nice hook. I still have my boxed set, though it is a little the worse for wear. Also, maybe I missed it, but has anyone mentioned the Corum sourcebook from Darcsyde Productions? It was intended as a Stormbringer supplement. I picked up a mint condition copy probably five years ago.
  20. Need any feedback on that adventure, Markus?
  21. Was the idea for OpenQuest a light weight rules system in one handy book? If so, I'd say go with a polished up single book with shiny new art.
  22. I love these kind of things. Either from the challenge of putting all the random elements into a semi-cohesive plot, or just getting inspired when you see the pieces you want to lift and add to another adventure you've been contemplating. Nice work, jagerfury.
  23. An iconic RPG talent. I've got no doubt that his work and influence will continue on for decades to come. As was said above, the best way to remember him is to play some of the games he helped create/influence.
  24. That was a really well done take on a slightly later Martian invasion. Of course, they don't have to be actual Martians, just an invading force that used Mars as a staging area for the attack on Earth. The Martian name, once used, would never go away.
  25. Stretch goals = scope creep. Anything after the first 2-3 anyway. Is the plan to have a series of RoH Companion books? New rules, more background material, and adventures in one book is a powerful combination, IMHO.
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