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  1. I received my hardcovers of Mythras and Monster Island and I am very happy with how they came out. They are very solidly built and will definitely get a lot of use at my table. Cheers!
  2. What's this I see at the Lulu store? Mythras in Hardback? Well, now. Don't mind if I do! Thank you for updating the shop!
  3. This makes me very happy! Have you a tentative timeline for this? Will the current offerings that are already in Hardback be any different after your revamping?
  4. Hmmm. I notice that some of the Mythras books are available in Hardcover on Lulu but not others. The Classic Fantasy book is but the Mythras core book isn't. Is that likely to change in the future? I much prefer hardcover for my books as they tend to last longer for me.
  5. I've already got pretty much everything on PDF. I don't usually buy the physical media until I'm actually going to be running a game. Also - since I already have the PDFs is there a way for my to give my new download codes to a friend as a way of sharing the wealth?
  6. I am not very nice to the books I buy. They get read, reread, used at the table, dogeared, paged through on the regular, and sometimes napped on by cats. Yes, I am a monster. Which POD service has given you the best quality? Lulu or Drivethru? What is your experience with the Hardcover POD books from Drivethru? I've had pretty good quality from Lulu but I haven't tried DTRPG for Hardcover.
  7. I also volunteer as tribu - err ... playtester! I'm deep in the process of converting my 5E game to CF and would love to take a peek under the hood, as it were.
  8. This is fantastic! Gonna share this with my players!
  9. Apologies for the thread necromancy but the above is relevant to my interests. I have managed to convince my 5E group to let me retool the campaign so that we're using Classic Fantasy and I'm casting about for conversions of the Warlock & Artificer classes. I have found Raleel's page where he lists the stats for Dragonborn and Tieflings but, alas, I didn't find any info on classes. Before I go and reinvent any wheels does anyone know of any of the needed class conversion? Cheers!
  10. This line from the review most emphatically describes my experience: "If anything, exploring RuneQuest Glorantha should be a pleasure in itself." Oh, yes. I -love- what RQG has brought to my table.
  11. I'd like to get both versions. The print version because I love reading books and all and the PDF so I can keyword search. In my searchings I haven't found any place where I can get both for a bundle price. Does anyone know of any such place? Thanks!
  12. I've got the BRP book, Classic Fantasy, Elric!, Cthulhu Invictus, and Cthulhu Dark Ages. Among those I have a pretty nice collection of monsters to choose from to challenge my players (fantasty RP with some dungeon crawl and overland explorations) but I find myself looking for more. What other publications should I look for to get more monsters for my game?
  13. Rod, So I can just use the BRB Magic system and slot in the Magic spells from Classic Fantasy as is? That'd be sweet!
  14. Thanks for the replies, guys! I think I'ma have to get Magic World. From what I've read in hear it's pretty much what I'm used to from my Stormbringer/Elric days. One last question: As I said in my original question I'm a fan of the Spirit Magic from RQIII. Are there any further treatments of that in later supplements?
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