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  1. I agree that Fate should play a greater role in the Young Kingdoms but, not at the expense of player agency. I think there's two aspects to this. Plotting a campaign arc and the character's possible destiny, which might be a mutual activity of the player and the GM; and a mechanical aspect. Fate as a mechanic of some sort. It should also be separate and distinct from any allegiance system. I wonder if Fate should replace luck in some manner? There's a brilliant independent game called Agon about playing Greek heroes, and it had a Fate mechanic. You eventually "maxed out" on the trait and meet
  2. Version 1.0.0


    A copy of Chaosium's Stormbringer 4th Edition Character Sheet.
  3. While not original, I've decided to port over Leading Edge's Aliens to BRP. I know somebody already worked out alien stats and there's a xeno stat block in the rulebook. I recently worked on a Word doc character sheet too. The one thing I haven't decided on is whether to group guns into broad categories or make them distinct and separate; such as "pulse rifle", "sniper rifle" vs. "small arms". I'm also using hit locations, fatigue and sanity. I think there's a case for post traumatic stress, phobias, etc. in the alien universe. Aside from the aliens, I think the setting as whole is a gritty
  4. You can find copies of Worlds Beyond at Noble Knight Games, but they are expensive.
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