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  1. If anyone is interested there are some alternative rules for Stormbringer fifth edition that allow a sorceror to summon creatures from another plane that aren't generally classed as demons that could be used for Magic world, if you want that sort of summoning to be part of your games. "The summoning skill is a useful measure of the general magic proficiency of a character and can be used in a simple way to deal with the summoning of creatures that are predefined as coming from another plane, such as the Creatures of Matik, the Elenoin, the Steeds of Nirhain, or even a Vadagh from Corum's worl
  2. Have you seen the beautiful covers to the new Runequest books?
  3. If you are looking for some summoning rules that might be compatable with the Magic from the BGB you might want to have a look at these. http://www.stormbringerrpg.com/docs/Alternate Magic.pdf
  4. Whatever gave you that idea? This comic collection, written by Moorcock, has an Elric that never takes up the Horn of Fate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Moorcock's_Multiverse And there is a reality where Hawkmoon fails to become the Eternal Champion and a dreamquesting Elric has to rescue that world from Granbretan. “Every world? There are others?" "An almost infinite number. It was into one of these I offered you the chance of escape.”Hawkmoon dropped his head in thought. “Worlds where our history has taken a different turn. Where the Empire never rose to power?”“Aye-and where that
  5. I remember a spell that has a portable house from these books, that I thought would be a cool thing to have for a party of player characters.
  6. I thought that the events of Stormbringer took place in a multiverse. I'm sure that Moorcock wrote a comic that has an Elric that escapes the destruction of the Young Kingdoms, but since this is a multiverse why not have an Elric assisted by the player characters that stop the destruction of the Young Kingdoms? I could envision a scenario where Sepiriz gets the PCs to go on a quest to obtain some maguffin to enable chaos to be defeated and balance restored. Maybe that maguffin lies in another cosmic realm like The Southern Reaches, the mass of floating pieces that is The Shattered Earth from
  7. So why not run your own Magic World style game where refugees come from a "world that was consumed by chaos"? You are the GM.
  8. After reading this thread I thought why not have Stormbringer characters escape the end of the world by taking the moonbeam roads to The Southern Reaches of Magic World? It would save time on any rules conversion as the rules are very similar.
  9. Use the Force young padawan and all things may be possible! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6xE1pCRjmlNaWwxWTNmbDZvSHc/edit Chris Conkle's blog is here if you want to check it out. http://cydoria.blogspot.co.uk/
  10. I just downloaded that free scenario. Chris Conkle puts a lot of effort in to his creations. I'm very impressed.
  11. I've seen some supplements in my time but Swords of Cydoria is well worth the money I paid for it. There is a huge amount of stuff in the monograph. And the background is very well written, detailed and highly entertaining. There is a millennia of play in that one book.
  12. Why are you still using Legend when a more detailed system is around? Mythras is an updated version of Legend, and has a good height and weight table on page 9. It differentiates body types into lithe, medium, and heavy.
  13. Actually if you're going to go purist and take only what is in the comics, then TPVs are out of the game and visiting a parallel self is too.
  14. As metatemporal nomad Jerrik Ornell once famously said (at least in this group of parallels) "Your multiverse may vary!"
  15. "And FireFrost-the conjunction of opposites...the female-male principle..the destroyer and creator-sinks into the prehistoric ocean." This quote shows that FireFrost can be used to create as well as destroy. After the destruction of the Bringer Arkwright splits it in two and the parts drift off into space. So some enterprising villain could seek to use the creative or destructive half if they could gain them. Maybe there is a scenario in that?
  16. Maybe FireFrost has been reprogrammed to reboot reality to give the Bringer some kind of apotheosis and control over reality, and the Bringer is so paranoid that he informs no one else of his true motives? Rereading the comics the Bringer states "...We could reprogramme the device as a power source." After the Bringer's demise Luther Arkwright uses the psionic energy from to become godlike, and do all sorts of cool stuff, like split FireFrost, and heal himself, apart from being omnipotent. So that theory makes a bit more more sense as a motivation for the Bringer than just him being the ultima
  17. I'm not sure that I would agree. Having some subtle or strange motivation could be an impetus to further scenarios before, or after Luther Arkwright and the Five destroy the Bringer of light. Of course being a manifestation of Moorcockian chaos would be a fairly simple explanation, but not all that interesting as far as stimulating plots for scenarios.
  18. Did you read my questions? I'm wanting to know what the motivation of the Disruptors is, when activating FireFrost will ultimately undo all they have done. I already know about The Bringer of light. But his motivation seems unclear when the lesser Disruptors have gone to all the trouble of causing chaos here, law there and balance nowhere.
  19. Very interesting, but it still does not answer my questions. Why are they manipulating various parallels? To what end if they then activate FireFrost and that destroys everything? It can't be power, because there won't be anything to rule after FireFrost. So do they simply want to end it all with a bang and not a whimper? It just doesn't seem to make any sense.
  20. Reading the Luther Arkwright supplement and the comics I can't find out why the Disruptors do what they do. Why do they want to set off FireFrost after messing up several socieities across the multiverse? Wouldn't FireFrost decimate all their forces, and make waste of their work too? Is their motivation merely just to commit seppuku in a spectacular fashion?
  21. If you really would like to know what spells go with what careers, in the Elric! game, then name a career and I can tell you.
  22. Good questions. In the rules it says "Once successfully summoned the spirit MAY be bound for future use." So I'm guessing that they don't have to be bound, unless you wish to use them later. Remember that the summoning part is tiring and that the summoner must rest for POW minutes. Until then his skills are halved. The variable casting time should include some talking to it, I imagine, otherwise you could be summoning any old spirit. Roleplaying and communication skills should be used too. You don't have to bind elementals for them to do work for you. It says in the Advanced Magic book th
  23. There is a GM screen. https://pulllist.comixology.com/sku/SEP101718/Runequest-Ii-Rpg-Wraith-Recon-Gm-Screen You can get both the MRQII books as pdfs from the Mongoose site. http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/wraith-recon.html http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/spellcom.html But it does not look like any other supplements are in the offing. Probably due to Pete "The Bash" Nash now writing things for Mythras rather than Legend.
  24. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/6687/lords-middle-sea
  25. I have a copy of Mongoose Runequest legend City of Sheoloth and was wondering how easy is it to convert the rules to Open Quest?
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