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  1. Blood Tide for BRP has a number of "stunts" included which may interest you, as well.
  2. Heh, all those suggestions are from Loz, not me, but he does qualify them in the discussion. Cheers.
  3. Pg. 13 of Mythras: "Professional skills are further explained in the Skills chapter on page 44, but in brief they represent those skills which cannot be attempted without years of rigorous study and specialised training. Whereas a character has a basic ability in all Standard Skills, they have zero ability in any Professional Skill unless chosen as part of their cultural upbringing or career." The discussion (including Loz's suggestions) can be found at http://designmechanism.freeforums.org/untrained-profession-skills-t1014.html
  4. There was a discussion of this a while ago on TDM's forum, and Loz mentioned a "house ruling" that he has used; key points: - If there's an alternative Standard skill available (such as Influence instead of Oratory), then you can substitute that at the Hard grade of difficulty. - If you want to attempt an untrained Professional skill, then the chance of success is at its base characteristics, and at Hard difficulty. - Also bear in mind another rule: any roll of 05 or less is a success. This is irrespective of any skill and could, in theory and as the rules stand, be applied in these circumstances.
  5. There is a setting for the Legend system called Historia Rodentia which may work for you. (It is probably very easy to convert given the system similarities.) http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/102957/Historia-Rodentia?term=historia+&test_epoch=0
  6. Green Ronin's Freeport - for Classic Fantasy - they license out that setting for different rule-sets; Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Fate, etc. Lotsa' cults and such baked into that one...
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