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    Playing RPGS since the mid 70s; mainly I GM. I tned towards the realism school of GM'ing and I favour the "purist" style in CoC.
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    CoC, looking at using BRP to revive my old interest in both sci fi and medieval settings (Traveller and C&S were my games of choice).
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    Perth, Western Australia
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    All round nice guy!
  1. Julich1610, I wrote my masters thesis about the intteraction between utopianism and occult philosophy in the works of Paracelsus, and your campaign for me is almost the Holy Grail. I would buy the next two instalments for sure.
  2. Not much that I'm aware of in the Coc range; if you don't mind doing some system conversion the Trail of Cthulhu supplement Arkham Detective Tales fits the bill perfectly. Also their Cthulhu COnfidential range.
  3. Terribly sad news; my heartfelt condolences to the Stafford family. Without Greg's work, my life would be so much poorer. Rest in peace, Greg, and thank you for the hours and hours of pleasure I have garnered from your creations. There is a hole at the heart of the hobby now.
  4. Jeff, I can't wait for this to hit the Repository; my tongue is hanging out in anticipation!
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