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    Mostly enjoy super hero role-playing games from the early to mid-'80s, plus some WEG Star Wars, FASA Trek, Ghostbusters, James Bond 007, and Pendragon.

    Really wish Superworld would get reissued!
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    D&D, V&V, hoping to get some Superworld going.
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    Lemon Grove, CA
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    Chucking dice since '82 (or thereabouts)!

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  1. Good thing you're here to decide for me. You just told me you're biased going in: "I like C&W products." Hardly an unbiased position from which to review a product. I'm glad you enjoy their material. I'd like a review from a neutral party. But I guess that's not necessary since you can just tell me what I will or won't like.
  2. It's strictly anecdotal and by no means evidence, but I suspect I'm not the only one who knows, has met, plays with, or is acquainted with many folks who enjoy RPGs and play them fairly often but don't buy any new products. I am almost in that camp as well, except once in a while I take a chance on a new game. After thinking about it, I was wrong when I stated I have bought one new game in the past decade; I can think of four now. But a lot of guys I play with aren't buying anything at all and we are playing plenty of games: they're just not the types of games the industry wants to make anymore. I suspect there are many like me who would be more inclined to spend money if we could find the product, there was more variety instead of just Fantasy A and Fantasy B options, and if the product didn't feel like a ripoff.
  3. If the RPG industry wants to survive, it needs new customers rather than just trying to sell overpriced hardcovers to the same audience over and over. They're following the lead of comic books. Used to be able to get RPGs at toy stores and bookstores. Usedto be able to buy all I need to play a game by buying one nice box. Now just finding a game is a pain. Still have never seen a copy of Hero 6th that I could look at and evaluate. Same with Devil's Gulch, Mythic Iceland, etc. Given the prices, I'd like to see the product before I commit to buying it. I've bought exactly one new game in the past decade, and it was so bad I bought none of its supplements. I have, however, bought a couple of dozen used, out-of-print games and downloaded pdfs of old stuff no longer available. Almost none of my money goes to extant publishers. Even my bGB I only bought because it was "irregular" and therefore half-off. Never would have bought at a game store due solely to the price. Would probably help if someone published a product that interested me. Does everyone really only want fantasy games?
  4. Would love to see a review of this by a disinterested party, especially if it answers the question of whether this book would be useful for historical-setting pirate game without the fantasy/magic elements. A review by someone who funded the game isn't one I can accept as unbiased.
  5. Well, I never suggested a reissue of WoW would do anything for BRP or Chaosium at all. It's just what I would love to see. I'd also love to see Superworld in print again with a healthy line of adventure modules and what not. I can dream. I personally don't much care for BRP (the book) itself, though I love CoC and Superworld.
  6. I thought "Hackmaster" was just a spoof made up for the Knights of the Dinner Table comic book...! Anybody know if they still publish the comic? I used to laugh out loud reading it.
  7. I'm with you. If anything, the horror and wonder is enhanced when there aren't elves and hobbits walking around with healing potions and magic fairy dust every where one looks. Personally I have never understood the need to inject elves and magic into every setting, but I understand I'm at odds with most other RPGers on that. "Weird West" games have never appealed to me; pirate orcs with flying ships even less if possible.
  8. Those sound awesome. I would buy them all if I could get anyone to play in that setting.
  9. Matt


    That's what I enjoy. It was very common in the Silver Age: think of all the Superman, Green Lantern, and Flash tales wherein they can only overcome their opponent or resolve the problem by using their wits or at least a very creative use of their powers. That's one thing the "Amazing Spider-Man" movie got right: Peter Parker's brain defeated the Lizard. Huge improvement over so many other super hero movies such as "Avengers" where it boils down to beating someone up and thereby winning. We are involved in character creation and determining where to set the game.
  10. I'd rather see a straight reissue of Worlds of Wonder, warts and all. The supposedly "cleaned up" and "improved" games lack the zest and personality of the originals.
  11. Ha, I have 3 copies. Great game, still available at 1980s prices from the publisher!
  12. Thanks for the answer. Guess I'll pass on that and whatever Pirates & Dragons is. I don't go for " fantasy" much, but even less in historical settings like the age of sail, the Old West, 3 Musketeers, etc.
  13. How much work would it be to take out all the magic/elves/fantasy stuff and use for a pirates game?
  14. Matt


    Tone = '70s Bronze Age Marvel/Atlas, so Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, Moon Knight, Tiger-Man, Destructor, pre-Miller Daredevil type stuff, mostly black & white morality but some dilemmas. Fragile is relative: most super hero games I see are on a scale I don't enjoy. "Cosmic" stuff never held any appeal for me; I'd rather see Batman and Spider-Man team up to take down some villain who has poisoned the city's water supply than Thor manifesting previously unmentioned powers out of his hammer because Darkseid has some nonsensical anti-life scheme involving alignment of planets and moons.
  15. Matt


    Hoping to run a new Superworld game soon, ongoing campaign with any luck...Bronze Age tone similar to Atlas/Seaboard or Marvel comics of the '70s, power levels no higher than Spider-Man of that era or Lynda Carter Wonder Woman. Would anyone be interested if I post about it?
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