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  1. Wow thanks for all that detail! So both supplements go together in a kinda mini campaign. So I will aim to get both, starting with the Screen Pack. Thanks!
  2. Can anyone with this PDF answer whether this is a broad overview of the Ruin with scenarios set inside (ie Big Rubble) or whether it is a full description including a room by room guide (ie Snake Pipe Hollow)? I mean....... i'm probably gonna get it at some point either way but I'm trying to decide between this and the Gamemaster Screen Pack for immediate purchase!
  3. So I will assume that that is the only map of the Smoking Ruin. I'm envisioning a "Big Rubble Treatment" to the ruins? So a broad stroke overview with focuses on specific locations through scenarios?
  4. Is the preview "map" of the ruins the only map of them in the book? Or is there a more detailed top-down map? Edit: Just to clarify I do LOVE that map but just wondered if there was a more detailed map.
  5. Oh cool! I've been waiting for the adventures to appear before biting on the RQG rules. I just bought 'em on Amazon after seeing this!
  6. Fair point! I have to admit that I have not liked ANY of the Pendragon covers except for the first edition! So I am probably quite picky! Though third edition KAP is definitely my least favourite of the lot! I was quite young when I first bought KAP 3 and there was definitely a cringe factor whenever i saw the cover. But, as you say, the internals were absolutely golden!
  7. So Now Chaosium can do the Silmarillion roleplaying game based on Pendragon rules and release it at the same time as the Amazon TV show, right? Haha.
  8. Ray Turney, Steve Perrin and Greg Stafford created something that had a more enduring influence on me than any of my rock heroes. Probably more of an influence than Tolkien himself! Heroes indeed!!
  9. Yes! It is perfectly acceptable that you like, or dislike, this badly drawn picture of a troll. Dobyski with colour added. 😈
  10. I could imagine playing a Tony Soprano type character who travels from oasis to oasis, dealing in slaves while trying to live a normal life with his family. The mental stresses resulting from repressing feelings of guilt and remorse, while trying to present a positive role-model to his children, could lead to some interesting situations. There could also be a redemption arc. The internal struggles could prove too much and he might one day smash off the chains and set all his "products" free. This act financially ruins him and he spends the rest of his life as a beggar on the streets of Pavis. We don't have to enjoy slavery (or other nasty things) to include it as part of an interesting story.
  11. This is perfectly clear now. You can buy the whole set or you can buy any of the items individually.
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