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  1. Ray Turney, Steve Perrin and Greg Stafford created something that had a more enduring influence on me than any of my rock heroes. Probably more of an influence than Tolkien himself! Heroes indeed!!
  2. Yes! It is perfectly acceptable that you like, or dislike, this badly drawn picture of a troll. Dobyski with colour added. 😈
  3. I could imagine playing a Tony Soprano type character who travels from oasis to oasis, dealing in slaves while trying to live a normal life with his family. The mental stresses resulting from repressing feelings of guilt and remorse, while trying to present a positive role-model to his children, could lead to some interesting situations. There could also be a redemption arc. The internal struggles could prove too much and he might one day smash off the chains and set all his "products" free. This act financially ruins him and he spends the rest of his life as a beggar on the streets of Pavis. We don't have to enjoy slavery (or other nasty things) to include it as part of an interesting story.
  4. This is perfectly clear now. You can buy the whole set or you can buy any of the items individually.
  5. There are no free books here. If you already bought the book and want the slipcase then you have to buy the book again. Chaosium promised that, if you bought the book, you would be able to get the slipcase without buying the book again. Someone has to yield here. Either the customers who require a slipcase with one empty slot have to realise Chaosium is a little, fragile company doing the best they can and they just buy the books - forgoing the slipcase, or Chaosium has to work out a way of getting the slipcases to people who don't require all three books (as Chaosium promised). Personally I go with the first option because Chaosium create amazing stuff and I want them to do well. But I absolutely understand people being annoyed by chaosium "changing the goal posts" after extracting money from people!
  6. Breath Of The Wild has ruined all other computer games for me. Until they start doing something similar to what BOTW did I'm probably going to find them lacking. Sadly, not all companies have Nintendo's ability to have several hundred devs working on a game for half a decade! BUT where Glorantha is concerned I think I will eagerly lap anything up. Where a game may lack BOTW's sense of freedom it can make up for it in story and atmosphere. I don't think I would mind being somewhat railroaded or to have a crude Hitbox if I was being led through Glorantha's incredible, uniqueness. The richness of the world gives this game the potential to become as iconic as Skyrim or BOTW. I hope that happens!! EdIt: I wonder what it will be called!? Edit2: I checked out the website. The company are looking to employ devs for an "Action Roleplaying Game". That pretty much rules out an MMO imo. And I think that is a GOOD thing.
  7. Absolutely beautiful and reassuring and comforting obituary. I never met Greg Stafford. I wasn't even aware that he was a big influence on me. I always thought the passing of David Bowie and other "big names"would be a big deal to me. But that wasn't the case. When the news hit me that Greg Stafford was gone I felt an empty space inside me and then I had the surprising realization of the extent of his quiet (amazingly positive) influence on me! I have read every heartfelt comment in this thread and the obituary that his family has made is a beautiful gemstone. Thankyou everyone!
  8. His stories have been with me since I was a kid. Very sad Edit: Just told my little girls about it. "ohhhh noooo!" they both called out.They love Gloranthan stories
  9. I hear you. The writer himself was responding to some of your questions so that's probably why there was defensiveness! Once the non-writer Chaosium'ites got into the thread a solution was set up pretty quickly! Anyway, I Enjoyed some of your threads here and it sounded like you were setting up some wild rides so sorry to see you go!
  10. You mean their stance of immediately setting up a thread where clarification questions can be asked in order to create an official errata/clarification document? That sounds pretty good to me. There don't seem to be all that many people THAT bothered by the bugs - especially with Chaosium being willing to sort them out.
  11. Oh I definitely agree! The Troll wanting to eat the Elf is good for the story.
  12. Of course that elf should be killed! That is good roleplaying. The story will have to define the reasons why the Troll Shouldn't kill the Elf.
  13. Humakt is a pretty common choice for player character. If my Humakti character was face to face with a necromancer PC then the necromancer would be dead - table etiquette and hospitality rules be damned!!! Truth is Truth and Death is Death. So having this necromancer among PCs could create opportunities for all sorts of fun crazy stories as the necromancer tries to keep his/her "gifts" secret etc - possibly even using the powers to save those who would find those powers abhorrent. But there is never going to be a situation in which the "warrior" humakti, the "healer" and the necromancer "magic user" go into a Troll "dungeon" together and openly use their powers to mutual benefit. The necromancer PC is the Humakti PC's #1 enemy. Could get interesting!
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