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  1. OMG boztakang, that sounds very awesome. I wish it was for runequest though.
  2. Were any more Griselda stories written after the Complete Griselda? I wish there was a whole bookshelf of 6 inch thick Griselda novels....and a show on HBO.
  3. As well a being a poster, is this the new cover for RuneQuest?
  4. It's always been my understanding that the Quest for Runes was the progression in a cult; aligning oneself with the principles behind that cult's runes. Amiwrong?
  5. I'd go with Rainbow Mounds. BTW if you map out the described colours of the caverns you will see that the colours are circular bands that form a spectrum that emanates from he room with the magic staff in it (presemably the place that the Dragonewt Plinth is built on top of, above-ground). Very cool.
  6. Discord is taking off. I see discord groups forming in all my online haunts. Accept the future!
  7. Robin Of Sherwood confirmed!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. OMG. Is that unicorn farting a rainbow??!
  9. Nice to see Steve Perrin and Jason Durall so involved with this!
  10. Greg's Minions (GM)
  11. To me, taking the absurdity out of Glorantha is like taking the Istari out of Middle Earth. I prefer my ducks to look like silly cartoons. I imagine that's not going to happen though. "You can take Glorantha out of the Ducks. But you can't take the Ducks out of Glorantha." (Duckpoint Annals, ch.273)
  12. Glorantha is not Middle Earth. It has always had a lot of quirky "trippy" humour twined into the serious mythic grandeur. Suck it up! Don't try and present it as a serious "historical" game. Present it as a crazy, wacky, unique collision of the real and the absurd. Then y'all'll get along fine with the quackers aspects of the world.
  13. Is that art from the book? It is very atmospheric!
  14. Well, that's awesome.
  15. Uleria.