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  1. Orlanth's look (and other significances of visual representation)

    I find this one much more interesting and inspiring than all the celtic and viking warrior Orlanths.
  2. shipping

  3. shipping

    I was going to get Khan of Khans for someone's birthday. What's a typical delivery time for the UK?
  4. I lolled at the metal-sweatband parry in the pajama picture.
  5. RQ:G character sheets - too much art?

    I like the sheet a lot but I agree about the runes in the skill columns.
  6. Six Ages progress update

    Wow. This looks cool.
  7. Six Ages progress update

    What platforms will this be on?
  8. Resurrecting RuneQuest (Black Gate)

    If we try to "science" Glorantha we'll end up with goddam midichlorians.
  9. So....

    These threads are just us lot saying "can I get it yet? Can I get it yet? Can I get it yet?" So it's a positive thing really. You guys keep your own pace and don't feel rushed by our impatience and eagerness to get our grubby hooves on the treasure.
  10. Pretty sneaky, guys

    You can get over that hurdle just by making a Mythic Stone Age. I'd like to make a Mythic Mesolithic as I'd love to play in the Kongemose or Ertebolle cultures.
  11. New RQ Design Note #18 - New Logo

    Nobody is doubting that. But as a piece of evocative art for inside the book it's fantastic imo!
  12. New RQ Design Note #18 - New Logo

    Also, aren't white and red the colours of Runequest?
  13. New RQ Design Note #18 - New Logo

    Select > emboss Not a fan of the embossed, metallic text. BUT I'd have to see it in it's final context on the cover to know if it fits in.
  14. Glorantha Quickstart: Bronze Age / Not really Bronze Age

    comin' face to face with a loada bleedin' hoplites, innit. Most games don't bring you face to face with a loada bleedin' hoplites, innit
  15. What do you love about Glorantha? (Glorantha Quickstart)

    The interplay between crystal clear ancient-world realism and quirky cartoonishness. It's the writings of Herodotus-on-LSD turned into a game world.