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  1. goldenwheeldancer

    GM Screen Pack coming in PDF on September 14

    Seax's were made from metal. The blade in the picture has been knapped so it will definitely chonchoidally fracture in all directions if it impacts with anything hard. I'm guessing Gloranthan obsidian is magic.
  2. goldenwheeldancer

    GM Screen Pack coming in PDF on September 14

    Obsidian would break on impact. It's clearly made from charcoal..
  3. goldenwheeldancer

    GM Screen Pack coming in PDF on September 14

    Gosh this looks great. Apple Lane!! Gotta say I'm getting tired of seeing that same woman on all the covers though!
  4. goldenwheeldancer

    Robin Laws to pen two RuneQuest Books

    i think they are talking about deadwood in the sense of it being a conGREGation of riffraff beyond the reach of law and order. everything iS in flux. no one is in conTrol. anything goes. a sAloon owner seems to call the shots. then another saloon owner rolls into town and the whole dynamic changes. iF pavis, Free Of it's "occupied city" naRrative, is like this then it Defo get's a thumbs up from me!
  5. goldenwheeldancer


    Totally THIS! Glorantha got a bit too serious for me! And Quakatoa, I would totally buy this kinda thing in some kind of supplement with scenarios.
  6. goldenwheeldancer

    RQG Preview - more of the Bestiary

    Very cool!!
  7. goldenwheeldancer

    Six Ages progress update

    Yea I saw that too. So the vast majority of us can get excited next year, rather than this year!
  8. goldenwheeldancer

    Six Ages progress update

    For IOS.... Oh well.
  9. I hear you but, still, I think it was an ok decision to stick all the creatures in one book. Maybe RQG should be seen as a two (maybe three) book set. I think I prefer it this way rather than having little "samples" of books in the main rules which already have a large page count. Also, in RQ2 the elder races were little more than basic stats in the core book. It was only when Trollpak came out that it was possible to reeeeally play an UZ. In short - yea it would have been nice to have multiple creatures to play from the get go, but I'm ok with the decision.
  10. goldenwheeldancer

    Moorcock thanked in the new RQG!

    How about a licensed better version of the core rules?
  11. goldenwheeldancer


    Finally bought this for my other daughter. It came really quickly. having a blast.
  12. goldenwheeldancer

    Dark Glorantha

    Didn't some of the cosmic mice - the Boggles - survive? There's no telling where they might poo poo next or what they might start nibbling on. Dark as Hell! Also, in the Runequest version of Glorantha one single hit can kill you. There's good potential for grim story telling there.
  13. goldenwheeldancer

    Heroes to Superheroes

    I thought it went Hero > demi-god > god. So how does a hero became a demi-god?
  14. goldenwheeldancer

    That Chaosium seminar from Chimériades

    I'm much more into Trippy-Glorantha than Scholarly-Glorantha. Though I'd tolerate a bit of the latter because it creates a good backbone for the former to clench around.
  15. goldenwheeldancer

    That Chaosium seminar from Chimériades

    Yea. what pleased me about Clearwine is that it WASN'T a wall around some wattle huts. There is so much potential in Dragon Pass. It seems that every step you take, there are crazy magical features merged into the landscape - a Rainbow Mounds and Snakepipe Hollow at every turn. I don't want it to be about Migration Period clans stealing cows from each other. (Though a bit of that is fine).