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  1. Does anyone know of an online service where I can get this printed out and delivered? My printer sucks!
  2. I can't remember the shaman relevant parts. Are there a load of disease spirits? I remember it being good for Stormbull worshippers to show their worth!
  3. Hi. My Shaman player is frustrated that the Humakti is getting all the fun. Can you guys recommend any published scenarios, old or new, that will bring the shaman's role and abilities to the foreground? Thanks! GWD
  4. Well I will be going for a PDF so price isn't an issue! What is different about the original that makes it better? I do prefer the cover but since I'm getting a PDF that doesn't really matter.
  5. Just to piggyback on this thread. Is it better to get the original Griffin Mountain or the Moon Design version? And does it include scenarios?
  6. Thanks again for all of these excellent comments! I was late to the party in getting RQG and I think it's totally, stunningly excellent! The option we chose was just to make up a Spirit Cult for prax (using Oakfed as a template) and she is getting some Rune Magic from that, rather than joining Daka Fal - as she wasn't really into the whole Ancestor thing and obviously can't join Waha! Her first adventure will be her conflict with Bad Man as the adventurers are going to start off fairly high powered. So she will be a full shaman.
  7. Thanks for all these great answers! It's all very clear now! The diluting of POW seems to be the key point. Now we just have to decide if she is going to be in Daka Fal or if she is going to join a cool Spirit Cult in the future.
  8. In the Occupation section of RQG there are various cults listed for the Assistant Shaman occupation (ie Daka Fal). Does this mean the Shaman character can be an initiate of a cult (thereby gaining the cult rune magic) as well as taking on the traditional powers of a shaman? It seems quite "over powered" that a shaman can get all the Daka Fal ancestor goodies on top of all the typical shaman goodies. Or is the best way to ignore the cult suggestions for the occupation and just wing it with the Shamanism chapter as I create the character? I'm aware that Daka Fal is a "shamanic style" cult but th
  9. Rush are the only band that stayed with me since childhood! All the others have appeared and then dropped away. All three of them forsook the typical rock star image by being very sweet people. They are like the Rock version of Nintendo! To me, Neil Peart was the front man. I love them all but he was 50% of Rush.
  10. Wow thanks for all that detail! So both supplements go together in a kinda mini campaign. So I will aim to get both, starting with the Screen Pack. Thanks!
  11. Can anyone with this PDF answer whether this is a broad overview of the Ruin with scenarios set inside (ie Big Rubble) or whether it is a full description including a room by room guide (ie Snake Pipe Hollow)? I mean....... i'm probably gonna get it at some point either way but I'm trying to decide between this and the Gamemaster Screen Pack for immediate purchase!
  12. So I will assume that that is the only map of the Smoking Ruin. I'm envisioning a "Big Rubble Treatment" to the ruins? So a broad stroke overview with focuses on specific locations through scenarios?
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