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  1. goldenwheeldancer

    Heroes to Superheroes

    I thought it went Hero > demi-god > god. So how does a hero became a demi-god?
  2. goldenwheeldancer

    That Chaosium seminar from Chimériades

    I'm much more into Trippy-Glorantha than Scholarly-Glorantha. Though I'd tolerate a bit of the latter because it creates a good backbone for the former to clench around.
  3. goldenwheeldancer

    That Chaosium seminar from Chimériades

    Yea. what pleased me about Clearwine is that it WASN'T a wall around some wattle huts. There is so much potential in Dragon Pass. It seems that every step you take, there are crazy magical features merged into the landscape - a Rainbow Mounds and Snakepipe Hollow at every turn. I don't want it to be about Migration Period clans stealing cows from each other. (Though a bit of that is fine).
  4. goldenwheeldancer

    New to Glorantha

    Another thing: A-sharp, the company that made KoDP, are releasing a sequel this year. It's called Six Ages. https://www.sixages.com/
  5. goldenwheeldancer

    That Chaosium seminar from Chimériades

    Ha ha thanks for the links. That map of Clearwine. That's more like it!
  6. goldenwheeldancer

    That Chaosium seminar from Chimériades

    Well.....That is a post splitting its seams with awesomeness! Thanks.
  7. Signed! And I agree. The art we are seeing is more Gloranthaish than ever before
  8. goldenwheeldancer

    What's Happening with RQG #2 - The Gods of Glorantha

    I prefer the option to have all sorts of obscure playable cults detailed over the Baddy Book being released. But I do wish it was called Cults of Glorantha rather than Gods of Glorantha. The former is appropriately edgy and kewl (ie Cults of Prax), The latter makes me think i'm about to read yet another cult catalogue (ie Avalon Hill's Gods of Glorantha, yuk). But the book itself sounds like it's going to be amazing
  9. goldenwheeldancer

    RQG - Where we are. And the new cover.

    I agree with both your last posts g33k Let's get back to all the excitement! The main thing, of course, being the "really really exciting news that we should be announcing soon2" that no one has mentioned yet and no one has tried guessing about! Any guesses? The ghost of Gary Gygax has converted to Runequest and is writing an adventure? The Design Mechanism are going to publish RQG adventures?
  10. goldenwheeldancer

    RQG - Where we are. And the new cover.

    There is nothing wrong with cheap titillation - if it is the intended effect. Showing typically attractive forms, of any gender, should not be a problem. Where there IS such a problem it will go hand in hand with an oppressive opinion. That said, I don't think that this brilliant picture is controversial in any way at all! (Other than encouraging young people to get involved with a storm cult, of course).
  11. goldenwheeldancer

    RQG - Where we are. And the new cover.

    Also, scenarios by Greg Stafford and Steve Perrin in the Scenario Book. Can't wait!!
  12. goldenwheeldancer

    RQG - Where we are. And the new cover.

    For me Runequest is all about the cults! But the grittiness is there too. To me this is portrayed in the cover with Orlanth manifesting out of the ethereal storm and taking a firm footstep.
  13. goldenwheeldancer

    RQG - Where we are. And the new cover.

    Nostalgia aside, I'm glad that, this time, you guys didn't go for a woman fighting a monster. I was quietly hoping you wouldn't. This cover is so much more representative of what the game is about. I keep coming back to peek at it!
  14. goldenwheeldancer

    RQG - Where we are. And the new cover.

    This is great with them all descending through layers of storm, and the otherworldly Orlanth taking sure steps. Logo fits in. It's great.
  15. It's ok. But my eyes kinda "trip up" at the "S". It grows on me the more I look at it. Edit: Yea, I'm starting to really like it.