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  1. I see. Hmm. My impression was, costs in M-Space are lower, which frankly, I wanted to use (to create a feel more like Firefly for costs instead of the Traveller “for some reason you and your friends, virtual nobodies, are being given a loan for 23 million credits on the assumption your tramp freighter business will somehow generate a few hundred thousand credits a year over expenses”). Ah well, that’s the answer then. Thanks!
  2. As said, gearing up for a Drinax game. I figure, my players are obviously going to get into starship fights (pirates, after all) and will get their ship(s) banged up. My question is, how to figure out repair costs? I haven't seen anything (yet) explicitly calling out costs for ships (except maintenance at 1% per month/4 sessions). Am I missing something? Or do we assume it's like Hit Point cost (i.e. 5000cr per hit point lost) and cost to replace something (like 1000cr per crew stateroom if that got hit, for example)? Or some other figuring I'm missing? I feel like the answer is probably quite simple but my haphazard reading is missing it...
  3. That's a pretty good set, and more or less what I was hoping for. Thanks a lot. I assume, obviously, we adjust the add on points at the end the same way (i.e.50 extra points at each tier). And yeah, assuming I ever get to start this thing (looks like the middle of July as I'm busy with projects now), I will definitely report! Assuming I remember.
  4. So, I've finally started my great M-Space/Pirates of Drinax experiment. In preparation, I'm messing around with the Companion, and trying out the Origins tables. In terms of skill points, M-Space says: So, I'm wondering, is there somewhere that says how many points a character should get if they're NOT "novice"? If not, is there some best practice that others have regarding point totals and the like? I ask because, in the game I'm going to run, the PCs will be "important," that is, leaders of larger military units and/or government offices. I expect them to hobnob with high level ministers, politicos, and such not. Are there any guidelines for different "levels" in M-Space (either base rules, or in the Companion)? For example, Mythras does so by age - you roll/pick a certain age, and then gain extra skill points by upping that age in increments of 10 years (with the implications that Old Age happens at 40, IIRC). M-Space doesn't touch age (is that because myths Imperative doesn't? I've never read it). So...how many points for, say, a Seasoned character? Or a Veteran?
  5. An excellent review! So excellent I bought the print book on Drivethru and am looking through the PDF now. Great so far! Also, I think this has finally pushed me to get off my rump and get an M-Space game going (as I am thinking of already). Nice stuff!
  6. That's great stuff! Bravo! Maybe you could include something like this in the Companion? Because you've already got a customer for it in me; I'd love something like this there. Thanks a lot! And to answer you earlier - no, I haven't used any of the rules yet; this will be the first time running Mythras, or M-Space for that matter.
  7. So, as part of my home project of maybe using M-Space for Pirates of Drinax, I've got this notion to use Extended Conflicts for Mass Combat (to be honest, the Extended Conflict rules remind me of Mouse Guard or Torchbearer, which is when the light went off in my head). Has anyone done it (or even just used them for the super-simplified combat; I'm eyeing that too)? What skills would you use for it? Thoughts?
  8. I see. Hmm. Then I'll give it a stare. As said, I tend to run "political" games, so, I need things like that. It's why I'm still grappling with my choice.
  9. I read that. Just seems a bit...bare, I guess. I felt the one in BRP was a bit more understandable;e, or robust (I mean, not by much, but still). I'll have to reread it then.
  10. So, I'm thinking of running Pirates of Drinax in M-Space, though my emphasis tends to be on the politics and what not (so, I'll be using the background and ideas from PoD, but not the actual adventures except where they intersect with politics). With that in mind, I'd like to sudan abstract wealth system (this is one of the main reasons I'm looking more at Savage Worlds - the current edition has such a system, and a supplement written for it expands those rules). Still, M-Space is BUILT for this, but...Mythras no has such rules. Except in Rome. I have that supplement, and looking at the wealth system, I realize there IS no wealth system, or at least, I can't find it. In the BGB for BRP, I can use the Status/Wealth mechanics there (and at least gives me an idea of how much things "cost" within that system), but I'd rather use something made for Mythras. So, am I crazy and there is no explanation of the wealth rules in Rome? Also, side question- are there any decent mass combat rules for Mythras? It seems a lot of setting could have wars, but there don't seem to be rules for battles. I've looked at Mythic Britain, but those rules are only for, it feels, Bronze or Age fights; could they be used for more modern/futuristic battles?
  11. That review is one of the things that got me to buy the game in the first place mate...
  12. Well, I may have to just try it then. I don’t know what gets me (what I’m trying to figure out here). I’ve run Burning Wheel and GURPS on the regular, so it isn’t complexity at all. Just...I don’t know. So, just running the darn thing may do it. Maybe.
  13. A simple question with probably a non-simple answer - for those that have been exposed to both, why do you prefer BRP to Mythras? I ask because, while I own several Mythras books, for real, I can’t get myself to run the things. I’m trying to suss out why. I’m not a fan of hit locations for sure (though M-Space helps mitigate some of that). I’m actively intimidated by the combat special effects (it isn’t the complexity; I’ve run Torchbearer and Burning Wheel with no issue). I’m okay with splitting skills into Professional and Standard. I sort of get the idea behind why combat styles. But on the whole...something’s off. So, please help me figure it out. What’s holding me back? Why do I find the BGB a better read (despite the fact the book is literally all over the place)? I can say one thing: I MUCH prefer Wealth Levels and Status rolls to actually coin; if I ever run Mythras that’s getting ported right in. Folks?
  14. The particular player only went for a little power; makes me almost not want to bother...
  15. Maybe! Except I would have to own it...
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