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  1. On page 257 of RQG there are the list of Spirit Magic spells. Listed there is the spell name, the magic points, and cost. What is cost? A one time fee for the fetish’s for the spell? A cost you must pay (for materials) every time you cast the spell? Or what? I can’t seem to find a reference for what it is in the Magic chapter or anywhere else. Or I’ve just super missed it (which means page references are appreciated!).
  2. StanTheMan

    [RQG] How do you do mass battles?

    This is all really great, thanks for this. Running it as scenes this way might do it. Though I'm wondering if, as the skill says, letting numbers and training/eliteness modify the role, or simply make it Difficult or what. Thanks!
  3. StanTheMan

    [RQG] How do you do mass battles?

    Eh? Soon to be published? When! That would be perfect...
  4. StanTheMan

    [RQG] How do you do mass battles?

    What I mean, obviously, is, as a GM, how do you run those times where your PCs are involved in a mass battle where there are hundreds or thousands and of people? I have a case where, in a session or two, my group will probably end up in the Battle of Auroch Hills. One PC is the chief of his clan, so he’ll definitely be leading his people in the fight. The two other PC was participate as sub leaders or magical support. How would you run that so it’s fun? I know in RQG we have the Battle skill; I guess the intention is PCs do things to Augment their roll, or Augment the General’s roll? How does it work really? I also know there’s the Ships and Shieldwalls supplement from Mythras; that’d work too, no? Thoughts folks? I want to run an intesting battle, not necessarily getting bogged down in detail, but enough detail so the players feel they matter to the outcome.
  5. Little explanation what I mean. Basically, I ran two sessions of HQG and the system got to me. Hand wavy in places I don’t like to wave my hands. Don’t want to dig too deep but I wanted something more “grounded”, as much as an RPG can be anyway, So, remade some characters today as an exercise (though my group might wish to remake their own; I’ve asked what they prefer). Think I get things, and I’m reading thing now (especially the Shaman rules, Rune Magic, and Combat). What do I need to look out for as a GM of RQG? What are some pitfalls? What are the weird “break points”? Keep in mind, I’ve run quite a bit of BRP in general, but not this specific iteration.
  6. StanTheMan

    [Runequest Glorantha] Rune Points? Magic Points? Eh?

    Ah yes, adding points to overcome defensive magic. Forgot about that (and just read it like last night). So, my understanding is coming along and the boards are helping a lot. Thanks for that!
  7. StanTheMan

    [Runequest Glorantha] Rune Points? Magic Points? Eh?

    As I've now figured out on a different thread on a different board: Essentially, MP is used for doing magical things (usually spells), including Rune Magic. Rune Points, however, are ONLY used for Rune Magic, and can only be replenished through Worship activities. To do Rune Magic, you need Rune Points. Without them, you can't do Rune Magic. Which means RPs are a limiter for Rune Magic, since it's harder to get them back. MP is a limiter too, but less of one, since it's easy (natural or quick) to get them back. Do I have it, finally?
  8. StanTheMan

    [Runequest Glorantha] Rune Points? Magic Points? Eh?

    Ah, I see. So, MP isn't used for Rune Magic at all then? Only sacrificed POW (in the form of Rune Points)? So, only RPs for Rune Magic? If that's so, it solves everything! And makes sense with the intent of the rules (i.e., a devotee of a god/goddess must give up something to gain the god's ability/favor/whatever).
  9. As it says, I'm really stuck on what the difference is, and how to use (or not use?) Rune Points. I've read the relevant magic sections on RQG, and I get shaman magic just fine. Rune Magic is throwing me for a loop however, as it seems (or doesn't seem?) that both Magic Points and Rune Points are used for...something? And that Rune Points represent POW sacrificed to the god/goddess to join the cult, and can be replenished from Worship for the god/goddess, but...when and why are Rune Points depleted at all? Where does it say in the book how they get used or made at character creation or, well, anything? I feel like I'm missing something easy and fundamental but its slipping by me.I've played LOTS of BRP type games, and own Mythras and Magic World. The magic systems in those are pretty straightforward, no huhu. But the one in RQG is driving me nuts. Please help!
  10. Ah, I see! That's good to know, ex cathedra. So, I'll run it that way, and let my group know of the change (there's one guy that likes having "rules mastery", so to speak, though he never min-maxes). Anyway, yeah, that'll make things easier I think. Will be running in two weeks, so, we'll see!
  11. The quick answer: pretty well! Glorantha was VERY well received by the group, and everyone delved into the lore a touch (even one guy who is strongly inclined against reading such). So, that part was a success. A touch of a mixed bag on mechanics, though everyone agreed to play again next session and keep the same rules; I'm running a short story arc anyway, so, it'll be 3-5 more sessions and then we'll evaluate. One person doesn't like non-die pool systems or ones that depends on one die (she says it's too "swingy"; for the record, she has the same complaint about D&D). One guy liked being able to make his own abilities, but is still iffy on the masteries thing. One guy seemed okay with everything, but wants, sometimes, a touch more detail (since the rules are loose, then the details about rolls can be a touch loose too). Everyone liked that combat was fast, even when controlling a small army in a battle (yes, that was the session ender!). On my side, I mostly liked it. Again, Glorantha is awesome after having played Runequest 2nd a trillion years ago, and the slightly more recent KoDP and the very recent SA. What a great setting! And the stuff in HQG for it are great; the info was well laid out and easy to point folks to for reading before the game. As a GM, I found myself getting a headache after running it. I THINK this is because, since the system is full of player-defined abilities, and how those abilities intersect or effect each other is somewhat vague (as is what constitutes. Stretch or someone having a more specific skill that someone else). I'm not used to making those sorts of decisions, so, in a weird way, I felt a touch stressed because of it (and I think that's the source of the headache). As said, we'll be running it again next month, and I'll see how I feel GMing it. I'm still a little iffy on the shaman rules (one person is a shaman), and I'm having a little tug of war on a shaman's role in the clan's society, but overall, I'm happy. I will also say folks took a while to get used to, in general, a roll covering a scene, rather than something blow by blow. That took a bit of getting used to. And no explicit wealth mechanic too (there is, but only if you bother to make such an ability, which no one did). Anyway, we had fun, and everyone, as said, wants to do it again, so, looks like a success.
  12. By a series of interesting chances, I'm going to end up running HQG for three people new to Glorantha this coming Sunday. I've given them some background to read and such not, and everyone seems pretty excited. They want to do a clan based political game, so, looks like they want to be the Clan Ring itself. I'm basing them in Sartar, right as the Lunars invade from the north. So there'll be ominous signs and such not, and then blame, invaders stepping all over your tula. Anything I should worry about or do special? It'll be the first time for me running it, though I'm not to worried, just a shift a bit in my mind towards these rules, but I've been reading them for a while now, and like what I've been seeing. Anything to be wary of? How much fun are we gonna have?
  13. StanTheMan

    Calling All Heroes!

    Very intrigued. I'm iffy on the superpowers in BRP anyway; how do these compare? Obviously, without the rules in front of me, the write-ups can't make too much sense (though a little; looks like some base ability, plus being about the spend PP to do extra stuff?).
  14. StanTheMan

    New HQ products?

    For me, Glorantha is neither here nor there. I’m much more interested in non-Glorantha HQ2 books. Genre guides would be great (how to run sci-fi, Napoleonic Wars, or my eternal love, Republican Rome). I’d buy any of those in a heartbeat.
  15. StanTheMan

    BRP - How good for "newbies"?

    Interesting! As I said, I'm really looking hard at BRP for my next campaign. Still trying to decide between it, Fate, and GURPS. I know, all over the place, but each has their issues. BRP might be the best "compromise", especially for the almost total newbie in our group.