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  1. Greetings Mine was waiting for me today when I arrived back in the UK from a business trip to New York. I've got the pdf but having the real thing is really nice. Regards Edward
  2. Greetings My children knew from a young age that their father played wierd games but telling them fantasy stories led to an interest in roleplaying (our son was also getting into Warhammer). We started with D&D for ease of getting into but they've been playing a variety of RPGs for a few years. Our son is 17 now and three of his friends play too - in fact he is running a D20 Star Wars game later this evening (a combat heavy clone wars commando game as his sister is away ). We've also played a tweaked MRQ and they like D100 as a style to play but I think I'm the only one who would run it. Some of my university friends have certainly had some success getting their own children to play but I think it has all been 'at home' with friends rather than in a game store environment. Regards Edward
  3. Greetings While I am still waiting for Amazon UK I bought the pdf from Chaosium a little while ago so I have looked at bits - it's not as easy on-screen though it will be really useful as a tool. Regards Edward
  4. Greetings This looks very valuable - I've applied to join the yahoo group. I'd like to have a better fit of the MRQ spells to Third Age as I may well go back to using some of the old RQ supplements with a BRP engine (I'm using a house ruled MRQ for an occasional non Glorantha campaign). Regards Edward
  5. Greetings I decided I couldn't wait for the hardcopy from Amazon so I ordered the pdf (I'll get the hardcopy too especially now I've seen BRP) and Ashes to Ashes. The Chaosium site worked fine - it's possible they have tweaked it as it was fine - get to the end of the order process, see the pdfs on screen, hit download. Congratulations to Jason BTW. Regards Edward
  6. Greetings I just picked up the pdf and from a brief scan through on the screen it looks good. I look forward to trying it out on some unsuspecting players (probably not my teenagers and their friends though as some of them aren't yet subtle enough). Regards Edward
  7. Greetings From a personal perspective I think the casual approach has a lot of merit - you can use it to reflect cult and/or cultural biases without overloading everything. Regards Edward
  8. Greetings With BRP based games I view 100% as equivalent to a high level of mastery - any normal application of the skill will be successful. Ratings above 100% in effect represent bonuses to offset difficulty penalties. I've never used >150% as far as I can recall - and they were NPCs. I prefer lower level play anyway. Regards Edward
  9. Greetings I've started to read it but given its length it might be a few days before I come up with a coherent comment. Regards Edward
  10. Greetings Wizards are entitled to claim what they want - the chance of 'supplanting entirely' the persona led element across the industry is, I believe, non-existent given the large number of other products out there. I think the two-year jump in story line is probably for Forgotten Realms. Wizards can do what they like with their own setting. Given we are all aiming to support BRP, I am not sure what this thread is actually adding - decrying a Wizards product that has not been released is a little pointless in the context of this forum isn't it? Regards Edward
  11. Greetings All I have gleaned about 4e is from the available articles on the Wizards site. I know 3.5E reasonably well as I have run it and my son currently runs it. Played as drafted 3.5E created a structured hierachical approach to roleplaying that is not my favourite. I prefer PCs to retain intimations of their vulnerability to comparatively minor threats however experienced they may become i.e. know that it is possible to die in a melee from a knife thrust from some street thug (unlikely but possible). From what I can see of 4E it appears that more emphasis is being given to structured progression from level to level e.g. making sure that gold piece acquisition is even in order to allow characters to have the right level of equipment for their level. As someone who routinely reduces cash and magical resources to their PCs and in D&D made even a +1 sword a signfiicant benefit for any character this is not an approach I prefer. Also the change to 'squares' does imply a more map based approach to combat. I've run 3.5E and lots of other RPGs without a grid - miniatures/markers make life easier but are not essential. Does 4E seem to focus more on the powers available to characters rather than on their personalities? Possibly from what I can see, however the influence of personalities on a game is usually the effect of the GM not the rules - rules always emphasise mechanisms over roleplay - the GM infuses the game with the cultures, the personalities and the environment which create roleplaying. Is 4E still a roleplaying game? From what I can see it is. Is it the type of roleplay I want to play/run - probably not. Regards Edward
  12. Greetings Do we know when it is likely to be despatched to stockists? Regards Edward
  13. Greetings My son and his friends are unlikely to go down the 4e route - they play d20 stuff mainly (when they play - they're 17 so there are other interests) but aren't going to pay out UKP50 or so for 4e. I have run both 3.5e (to get them into RPGing some years ago) and d100. They like both but all think that d100 feels scarier because of the uncertainty. To them that's a good thing. So I am sure I'll get them to play BRP. Regards Edward
  14. I've held off edition 0 as well because, presupposing BRP is arriving some time in the summer I don't really have a need for it yet. But I am looking forward to it and will buy it. I am heartened by the apparent impact that feedback has had. Regards Edward
  15. Greetings I've got a campaign where the setting is fairly developed - at least where the PCs are - and the original idea was to have relatively self contained sessions against an evolving background of rising tension, incipient war and the re-emergence of legendary 'fairy tale' beings. My expanded group (son, daughter and three of my son's friends) were tasked by the local lord to persuade a scholar in seclusion in the hills to return with them so he could advise on the deteriorating events. The players arrived to find the scholar babbling (as they thought) until they realised he was trying to see a 'lord' from the folk under the hills. Three of the players then decided - some pursuing ambition - they wanted to enter through the portal to the halls beneath. I knew a bit about the Fae and their preoccupations but little was written down - however rather than turn the scenario back to where I expected I decided that the Aelfar Earl would not look a gift horse in the mouth of some humans he could manipulate to his own ends. There ensued about three hours of roleplaying where there was no combat but only elliptical conversations, persuasion and - at the end - a party deciding to do something completely different for diverse personal (character) reasons. The players apparently loved it - I found it exhausting but rewarding. If I'd stuck to the planned course of events it would have been a lot more mundane and wouldn't have got the 'spooky' feeling. Regards Edward
  16. Greetings - Continuing to develop my xRQ based campaign and thinking about how I may be able to use large chunks of BRP for it. - Working on a 1933 background and plot which may eventually require a system to run it (not CoC as such as no supernaturals). Regards Edward
  17. Greetings My name is Edward, based in the UK but travelling quite a bit for work. I have played a number of BRP systems in the past (RQ2, RQ3, Stormbringer, CoC in various incarnations) and have a heavily houseruled non-Glorantha campaign based on MRQ running intermittently at present. I've been gaming for about 30 years and now play mainly with my son, daughter and my son's friends, though I still play with a number of my college friends a few times a year. Regards Edward
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